The bunker

"Oh no..." Jane said quietly, Darcy glanced to the crappy T.V screen that illuminated the room with an artificial light. The scream bared images of New York up in flames and aliens that looked like something from Men in Black running around. "What the hell happened?" Darcy asked shell-shocked, glancing at the T.V from where she sat on the couch. All she knew is that S.H.E.I.L.D came knocking on her and Jane's apartment door and offered to talk her to England on some research program. Jane being Jane, accepted, now they where in a 10 by 8 room. Watching New York go up in flames, "I don't know." Jane said quietly, her face was drained of all colour. There was a brisk knock on the door, "Miss. Foster, Miss. Lewis, please open the door." A voice said with great urgency, Darcy looked at Jane, Jane nodded. Darcy got up from the couch she sat on tazer in hand, and strode to the door.

Slowly she opened the door. It was the man that came to Jane's lab and took all Jane's research equipment, and her IPod. If the current situation had been different, Darcy would have bombarded the man with questions of what happened to her IPod, but she had a feeling she was never going to get it back. His face wore a serious look, Darcy gave him a quick once over, he was wearing a black suit, and there was a giant rip in the chest area. Blood was smeared over the suit, and he was holding a gun. "Your not going to kill us are you?" Darcy asked nervously, "Darcy!" Jane called from the couch; she got up and came to the door to. Darcy put the tazer in her sweater pocket. "Phil, what the hell is going on!" Jane nearly screamed in Darcy's ear. Darcy winced, and looked at Jane's face. She had never seen Jane so worried; her hair was going to be gray by the end of the day. Darcy thought concerned, "I am afraid that the world is under siege, I am here to take you to a safe location." Phil said emotionlessly, his voice sounding almost robotic. Now it was Darcy's turn to speak, "Safe place? What in the world is happening?" Darcy said boldly, "I will tell you everything once we get to the bunker. Come we don't have much time." Jane's hands where shacking, "I'll go get our things." Darcy started to trail off, "No, we need to go now." Phil said calmly, coming out of his emotionless robotic state. "Okay." Janes said, her voice was barely above a whisper.

Phil and Jane walked briskly down the halls, Darcy trailed behind them. Phil lead them to a black SUV parked carelessly on the sidewalk, okay braking the law apparently didn't apply to this dude, Darcy thought. Jane sat in the passenger's seat, forcing Darcy to sit in the back. Darcy was confused, and Jane was in a better word, an emotional wreak. Phil was driving like a mad man, Darcy glanced at the speedometer, Phil was pushing 150 mph. It felt like she was in some speed chase, like in the fast and the furious. Then she glanced at Jane, she was clutching on to the armrest, her knuckles where white. The tires let off a horrifying screech, and the SUV came to a sudden halt. Darcy was pushed forward, but was saved by her seat belt. She let off a gawking noise as she slumped back into her seat. "Where here." Phil said solemnly. They got out of the SUV and walked into this weird building, it was small "Where are we?" Jane asked Phil slowly, "We are in S.H.E.I.L.D's England bunker." Phil said sternly, he led them in to an elevator.

"Why are we in an bunker?" Darcy asked, Phi didn't answer him. Trying to get an answer from this man was like her trying to open a jar of pickles, she just couldn't do it! Darcy's ears started to pop as they went further down into this bunker. Are we going into the center of the Earth? Darcy thought with a smile, Darcy left her thoughts though when the elevator went Bing! And they came to a halt, the doors opened very slowly, like in a suspense movie. Darcy was greeted to the sight of people walking around chatter filling the room. All these people wore black uniforms, and they also wore a very scared look on their face. "Phil, what is happening, and dam it I want to know this second!" Jane said sternly. "My apologise Miss. Foster, and Miss. Lewis." Said a voice, it sounded very calm and collected. Darcy searched to find the face to the voice. Her eyes came to a stop at a tall black man, he wore a black trench coat and a black turtleneck. There was an black eye patch on his right eye, "Who are you?" Jane asked curiously, "I am Nick Fury, director of S.H.E.I.L.D." "Ya okay that's nice Thomas Anderson, but why are we here?" Darcy asked annoyed, she was tired of all this mysterious crap. "Well Miss. Lewis, it seems that our world has been taken over by Loki and his Chitauri soldiers. Jane let out a gasp, Darcy and Nick turned to her, "You mean Thor's younger brother?" "Yes, Miss. Foster."

Darcy eyes widened, "So our world is under the rule of a God?" "Yes." Nick said impatiently, "So how the hell do we stop him?" Darcy said, as she waved her hands around animatedly, "The Avengers tried to stop him, but his forces where too strong." Phil butted into the conversation, "I see, but why are me and Jane here?" Darcy said, emphasizing the here part. "Miss. Foster relation to Thor could have possibly made her a target to Loki." Jane sucked her breath in, but didn't say anything. "I see that is a very good point, but why am I here, then?" "Well Miss. Lewis, you do know Thor so that also makes you a target, you see we have collected all the Avenger's loved one and brought them to a secure S.H.E.I.L.D bunker." "Sir!" A woman with brown hair, tied up in a bun, called out. Fury turned around and looked at the agent approaching. "Yes, agent Hill?" "We have just received word that Loki's army has concurred North America, and is starting to invade England and Northern Europe." "Excuse me, Miss. Lewis, I will have an agent bring you to your room. Miss. Foster can you please come with me? Coulson, we are going to need you to." "Yes sir." Phil said, as he walked down towards the thing Darcy thought would be the central control station, Jane trailed behind him.

A male agent came and led Darcy to a room. "You will have everything you need inside the room." The male agent said to Darcy, she smiled at him, and went inside the room. Once inside the room Darcy let off a sigh, for the first time the good guys lost. How would you tall the little children that? It just doesn't happen. Darcy let off a loud groan, all she wanted to do now is go and see her family, to make sure they where all right. Plopping down on the very uncomfortable bed, she closed her eyes; she heard footsteps walking up and down the hallways. She had a feeling in her gut she was going to be here for a while.

Darcy had been in the S.H.E.I.L.D bunker for over two weeks now, north and South America, Europe, and Central Africa, have surrendered to Loki. England was still fighting. Fury wanted her to learn self defence, and how to take up a firearm in case of an attack, other than that the past two weeks had been pretty boring. Darcy was walking back from the training room, where she learned how to take down a man with her legs; she smiled to her self, when she saw the look and Jane's face, and the male agents when she took her opponent down. Darcy turned to the hallway where her room was located when she heard a boom, and then she felt a rumble. This isn't good, Darcy thought to herself. Her suspicion was confirmed when there was another boom, followed by a more violent rumble. The speakers came on, "Attention all S.H.E.I.L.D personal, we are under attack, I repeat we are under attack." The voice said, Oh crap! Darcy screamed. She ran to her room, and grabbed the gun that S.H.E.I.L.D had given her, from her bedside table. Rifling through her sweater pile she also found here tazer. This was just like The Expendables, or so action movie, Darcy had watched. Seeping the gun close to her she carefully tiptoed through the halls, she was attempting to make her was to Jane's room, but as fate would have it, her room was all the way on the other side of the bunker. She would have to cross the central station to get to her room. Darcy thought about how each scenario would play out, she goes to Jane's room, Jane's not there. Gets killed, goes to the room, finds Jane, then what. She was snapped out of her thoughts when there was another load boom, followed by footsteps. The speaker came on again,

"All S.H.E.I.L.D personal, retreat fire, and evacuate, I repeat retreat fire, and evacuate!" Then there was a gunshot and the line went dead. Darcy heart fluttered, she would have to the latter all the way up to the surface, because the elevator would be down. That was long way up, would she make it? Darcy tried not to think about it, she ran towards the exit. That's when the speaker came on, "This is Director Fury, don't trust any agent with a blue gl-" The line went dead again, Darcy heart was beating like a drum, she was at least 40 meters from the exit. Rounding the bend, she aw Phil. "Phil!" Darcy called out nervously, "What is happening?" Phil looked at her, his face was as blank like the day she first met him. "Miss. Lewis, come with me." His voice told Darcy it wasn't an option, it was a demand. Darcy nodded slowly, something felt wrong, but she trusted him. His strides where fast, Darcy had to jog to keep up with him. When they came to a split in the hallway, Phil went left instead of going right. "Hey Phil, the exit is right…" Darcy trailed off, in an nervous voice "Oh is that so." Phil said with mischief in his voice, and an evil smile on his face. Darcy raised her gun, but Phil knocked it out of her hand and it flew across the hallway. He pined her arm behind her back, Darcy let off a scream. "Shut up and keep walking." Darcy nodded, tears starting to form in the eyes.

The kept walking until they came to the command center. In the center stood a tall, thin man with black hair. He was wearing a green, and leather outfit with a golden horned helmet. Darcy only assumed that it was Loki, beside him was a man that Darcy didn't recognize. He had short brown hair, and his arms where muscular. He carried a bow, and some arrows. Darcy started to squirm; Phil threw her onto the ground. Darcy landed on her hands and knees; she let off a groan of pain. "Sir, I found her." Darcy staggered to her feet, only to be greeted with the sight of Loki. "You did good, agent Coulson." "Thank you, sir." Phil said in an emotionless voice. That made Darcy shutter a little. "Miss. Lewis, I am asking you nicely please come with me, I am not afraid to use force." Darcy looked at Loki, searching his emerald green eyes. She found nothing, but mischief. "Go to hell." Darcy hissed in a low voice. She grabbed her tazer and pressed the button. It bounced off the God like it was a fly. Darcy's face visibly paled. "OH, you humour me, Miss. Lewis." Loki said in a mock voice. "This is going to hurt a little." "What?" Darcy said, as she watched as Loki placed his hand on her neck. A sharp pain erupted through her body; she let out a scream, and began to struggle. Eventually Darcy's squirming stopped, her eyes closed, and her knees gave in. "Barton, round up the men, I got what I wanted." Loki said with an evil smile. He looked down at the unconscious Darcy. Picking her up bridal style, he brought her to the waiting ship.

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