"Darcy, Darcy! Get up, get up, get up now!"

Mia screamed in Darcy's ear, Darcy's eyes shot open

"Don't shoot! I don't have the crown!"

Darcy screamed, wide-eyed, looking around.


Darcy trailed off, feeling a blush creep up on her cheeks; Mia went into a fit off giggles on the floor.

"What are you doing you silly Billy, you shouldn't wake a sleeping bear like that!"

Darcy said, crouching on they floor where Mia lay, picking her up in her arms. "Airplane!"

Mia squealed, Darcy laughed,

"If you say so Mia!"

Darcy lifted her into the air, walking around lifting Mia up and down. Mia made airplane noises,

"Darcy! Mia! Come get breakfast!"

Their mother called, Darcy placed Mia down, and watched her as she ran down the stairs.

Thinking back to the dream she had, Darcy shuttered. It wasn't real Darcy, your just going nuts! She said to herself,


Her mother called softly,

"If you don't come now you oatmeal is going to get cold."

Darcy groaned, if there was one thing she hated other than sappy romance novels, and Loki for that matter it was oatmeal. It was a weird colour, not quiet gray, not quiet peach either. It tasted like cardboard, over all she hated it. Walking down the stairs, she was welcomed to the sight of her mother, and Mia sitting at the crappy Ikea table. The table was unlevelled, so everything slanted to the right, and the chipped bowl full of none other than oatmeal.

"How was your sleep Darcy?"

Her mother asked cheerfully, like the past day was nothing.

"It was good",

Darcy lied, her back was sore and stiff, and the dream was un-nerving.

" Mommy, when are we going to decorate the tree?"

Mia asked, stirring her spoon in her oatmeal carelessly. Oh crap! Darcy thought, it was three days to Christmas.

"Well Mia, when you and Darcy finish your oatmeal, we can get started."

Their mother said with a smile,

"But mommy, this oatmeal is revolting!"

Mia whined,

"Mia, I have seen you eat it before."

She said knowingly, Mia let off a groan. Darcy looked down at her oatmeal; slowly she finished off her oatmeal.

"Mia go downstairs and get the tree decorations."

"Okay mommy!"

Mia chimed, running off into the basement.

"Darcy, how are you. What happened tell me everything?"

She said, her eyes piercing Darcy's.

"Nothing bad mom, he just kidnapped me, brought me to New York, the here."

Darcy said plainly, not really knowing what else to say to her.

"Oh thank goodness, he didn't rape you did he?"

Darcy's eyes widened,

"No mom, he did."

Darcy said quickly, her mom features relaxed.


Mia called, Darcy got up and walked into the small living room. The Christmas tree was a small tree; Darcy was a head taller than it.

"Okay girls lets started!"

Darcy's mother said happily, they began to decorate the tree. It reminded Darcy of Charlie brown's Christmas tree, by the time they where done is was 11 o'clock.

"Darcy why don't you and Mia go out for a walk, and I'll wrap the presents."

Darcy nodded,

"Come on Mia, lets go get changed."

Darcy went back into her room, Darcy rummaged through her closet. Finally she settled on a black shirt, and a pair of dark blue skinny jeans. Darcy walked to the cracked mirror, looking into the mirror Darcy gasped. Her clothes hung baggily on her body. Darcy knew she lost weight ever since the world take over, but she didn't realize she lost this much! Well Darcy surviving on soup and water isn't that much, she thought. Brushing in off, she put on some make-up, then she heard Mia knocking on her door.

"Darcy come on!"

Mia whined,

"I want to go!"

Darcy rolled her eyes typical kid,

"I am coming."

Darcy walked out of her room, she smiled warmly at Mia. They put on their jackets and walked out the door.

The snow fell aimlessly from the dull gray lifeless sky, Darcy let out a breath.

"Darcy I missed you so much!"

Mia said happily, skipping around,

"I am in grade one and my teacher's name is Miss. Honey!"

Mia said excitedly, that is a typical grade one teacher's name. Darcy thought, remembering Mr. Sparks. Her grade one teacher,

"She is really nice, and she has a pet duck named Ducky."

It took Darcy's will power not to roll her eyes at that name.

"Darcy how long are you going to stay here?"

Mia said looking into Darcy's eyes, hoping. Darcy's gut lurched,

"I don't know Mia, I don't know."

"Is that scary man going to talk you away?"

Mia said angrily, Darcy could feel her animosity towards Loki. Darcy's words were stuck in her throat,

"I don't know, Mia."

Darcy said quietly, there was a long pregnant pause,

"I hope he never comes back."

Mia said fiercely,

"Me to Mia, me to."

Darcy knew that, that wouldn't happen though, like he said she would be seeing him eventually.

"Darcy can we go to the candy shop?"

Mia pleaded, Darcy smiled,

"I think we should, we have time to kill."

They turned the street and headed into the city area, the shops where open, and people where hustling around.

"Come on Mia, it is this way."

Darcy gently grabbed her hand, and led her into the candy shop. The shop was brightly lite and rows upon rows of candy lined the aisles, it had been forever and a day since Darcy had been in this store.
"Oh Darcy look at the candy canes."

Mia chirped, the candy canes where hanging on the ceiling. It reminded Darcy of Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. Mh Darcy you taste as sweet as candy, a voice purred in her ear. Darcy looked around; no one was there, her nerves where already on the fray.

"Mia what do you want."

Darcy said happily, brushing off the voice she heard.

"I want Skittles!"

Mia chirped, Darcy got a small bag and spooned skittles. Tying the bag up with a twist tie, Darcy handed the bag to the cashier. The man smiled,

"That will be 3.42, please."

The man said kindly, Darcy pulled out her wallet and handed him a five-dollar bill, collecting her change. They walked out of the shop; they walked along the sidewalk quietly. Mia munched on her Skittles, when they reached the house an odd feeling clutched Darcy's heart.

"Darcy, Mia! Come quick!"

Their mother hissed, they ran inside. Their mother locked the door frantically, the T.V was on, and the Burlington news station was on.

"And we go live to our reporter Kim in New York City."

"Thank you Mike, I am here with all these people who are watching the President Obama sign over the United States of America."

Darcy let out a gasp, as her mother had tears swelling up in the corner of her eyes. Mia hissed,

"It is him, Darcy!"

"Today on Friday, December 21, 2012, I president Barak Obama sign over the United States of America to Loki, of Asgard."

Obama said boldly, Darcy felt her body shaking,

"The USA is the third country to sign over to Loki of Asgard, our new King."

Kim said laconically, then the camera zoomed on to Loki's pale face, he was smiling happily.

"Kneel before your new king."

Loki boomed, the crowed of people and the ex-president kneeled without hesitation,

"As my first order, all S.H.E.I.L.D. personnel must and will be executed, I will not have any revolts on this pathetic planet."

Loki sneered, looking at the crowed of people.

"Till then."

Loki said with a mischievous smile, looking dead into the camera, directly into Darcy's eyes. She could feel them peering into her soul, she couldn't take her eyes off the T.V screen. Until her mother turned off the T.V, this is very bad Darcy thought.

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