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Pitch turned and ran.

Snow had just began to fall from the sky, gently drifting from the clouds and stinging his cheeks. His breaths came in short gasps. Behind him, he could hear the soft footsteps of the Winter Spirit bounding through the trees as gracefully as the wind itself. Time was running out; of that, Pitch was certain. In that instant he let the tidal wave of black sand, the sand that hung above Burgess as if it had been frozen in time, fall. A sly smile curled on Pitch's gray lips - this would be his last stand.

And he would make it count.


Jamie's eyes widened as the tsunami of black began to fall. It started out slow, a mere creak and groan, before whatever strings held the sand in place snapped. It was like a fragment of midnight broke apart from the rest of the night sky and decided to fall down on top of him. Beside him, he could hear the Tooth Fairy gasp and whisper a no, could hear the Easter Bunny shout something that had something to do with running.

But what's the point? Jamie wondered, eyes locked with the falling sky. Where would we go? The sand was falling too fast... they would all drown. Jamie shuddered; Drown and die.

Then he remembered. He remembered Jack, the magical guy that flew out of the wall, promising that everything would be okay. He promised, Jamie remembered, and magical people never break their promise.

"We'll be okay," he said, turning to Cupcake with a smile. She tore her gaze from the sky, watching him with her big scared eyes. "I promise." She blinked, surprised; her surprise increased when Jamie linked his hand through hers. She squeezed, and then Jamie turned to the Tooth Fairy standing to his left. He held out his hand; the Tooth Fairy blinked her violet eyes before smiling.

"Of course we'll be okay," she said, linking her hand through Jamie's with a smile. Jamie smiled back as the chain continued; even the Easter Bunny with his tiny stature was included by hoping on one of Jamie's friend's shoulder.

The sand continued to fall.

Jamie took a deep breath and closed his eyes. Jack promised that everything we'll be okay, he repeated in his head. His brown eyes snapped open and he glared defiantly at the falling tsunami of black sand. And I'll believe in Jack. No - that wasn't right. I'll believe in everyone.

Suddenly there was an explosion of golden sand, like a tornado, twisting and turning in front of them. Another blast and the golden sand formed a barrier, blocking the black sand and sucking it in. The horse Fearlings nearby, the stragglers from before, whinnied at the sudden blast and charged forward. Jamie spun just in time to see a Fearling jumping towards him - the Tooth Fairy jumped to stand in front of Jamie, to protect him, but suddenly there was a blur of silver and the Fearling vanished.

"Why you start this party without me?!" came a shout. Jamie wasn't familiar with foreign accents, but he thought it sounded Russian. He glanced at the Tooth Fairy, meaning to ask her, but his eyes widened when he saw the tears in her violet eyes.

Suddenly she smiled, and the tears fell. "North... Sandy."

The Easter Bunny hopped to the ground, cotton-ball tail twitching in excitement. "Well," he growled, "it's about bloody time!"


Jack couldn't suppress the smile as he weaved through the frosty trees. He wasn't cold anymore, his legs and arms didn't hurt, his wounds didn't sting. He kicked the stupid shoes off somewhere; hopefully North wouldn't mind.


Instantly his mood soured and he sped through the trees all the faster. He would make Pitch pay for what he did, because if Pitch could take his friends - no, the member's of his family - away, then he was going to bring them all back.

His staff pulsed cheerfully in his hand as he hooked the curved tip around a branch and swung. Pitch was staggering through the snow as fast as he could, with his black cape trailing behind, but he wasn't fast enough.

Without a sound Jack landed directly in front of the Spirit of Fear, white hair blowing in his face and blue eyes icier than the surrounding landscape. With a cry of surprise Pitch fell backward heavily onto the snow.

Jack casually swung his staff over his shoulder and took a step forward. "Game over, Pitch," he said, voice laced with ice. Pitch's yellow eyes widened as the Guardian took a step closer to him, and his hands curled up into fists at his side.



"North!" Tooth's cry cut through the night as she launched herself forward, small feathered arms wrapping out North's large neck. "You're okay, you're okay, you're okay...!"

He laughed, patting her back but minding the wings. "I wouldn't go down so easy, no?"

Bunnymund hopped towards them, though he barely made it up to North's ankle. "I have to admit," he said, voice slightly on the teasing side, "you had me worried, big man."

"Did I?" North said, then laughed as if that was the most amusing thing in the world.

Suddenly a small tinkling was heard and Sandy floated towards them, small gestures of fireworks over his head. "And Sandy!" Tooth cried out, wrapping her arms around the chubby little Spirit. "You're okay too! Oh, I was so worried, so worried...!"

Sandy wrapped his small arms around her, a small dancer of sand leaping over his head.

Jamie couldn't believe it. "Woaaaah..." he murmured, trying to absorb exactly what he was seeing. Santa Claus came, like, out of nowhere, and the Sandman was here too. Jamie's lips twitched into a smile. "Awesome," and without warning he shouted, "I knew you guys were real!" He immediately turned to all of his friends, grabbing the nearest shoulders and lightly shaking the dorky kid. "I told you! I told you so!"

Suddenly a whinny snapped him back to the present. "Looks like we're not out of the woods yet, mate," the Easter Bunny said, leaping over to them. Suddenly there was a flash of light, and the Easter Bunny was no longer a little bunny.

"Easter kangaroo!" Jamie shrieked, pointing at the pooka. "No way! I thought you were supposed to be a rabbit!"

At that the Easter Bunny leaned in close. "I'm a bunny," he said in a low voice.

"Ahhh..." Jamie's mouth quirked into a smile. "My mistake." Bunnymund only rolled his eyes; this kid was like Jack in way too many ways...


"Come'on guys," he said, turning to the rest of the Guardians. Belief had brought them back together again, and Tooth happily hovered in the air. "Let's get this over with and nab Frostbite back."

"You got it," Tooth said, then dashed to the nearest Fearling and ripped it apart with her wings. The children oohed and awwed delight; who knew the Tooth Fairy was such a boss?

The fight was over in a blink of the eye. No longer were the Guardian's a weak, ragtag group. Pitch has seasoned them, the fights had brought them all together like a knitted fabric. Sandy had his golden whips in hand, North cut through the few Fearlings with his sword. Bunnymund threw his boomerang, taking a few out, and Tooth took care of the rest. One Fearling had gotten too close to Jamie, but he took care of it by simply tapping it on the nose. Within moments it had turned into a golden, gorgeous, prancing horse, and soon the children joined in the fight too.

The moon, bright and silver, seemed to be smiling down at them. The endless night of Pitch Black was coming to an end.


The rising sun stained the sky pink and purple s Pitch crawled backward, trying to get as far away from Jack Frost as possible. "You don't want to do this," he hissed.

Jack's blue eyes narrowed and, in a blur, his staff was inches away from Pitch's face. "Tell me one good reason," he said between clenched teeth, "why I shouldn't." The staff pulsed with frost, pulsed with a cold Pitch's fear could never accomplished.

Pitch swallowed, then said, "I can help you."

"Be destroying my friends?" Jack replied, voice hard and cold. "By hurting thousands?" Now the staff was only millimeters from Pitch's face, glowing a icy blue. Frost gathered on Pitch's forehead; not enough to freeze over, but just enough to remind Pitch of the predicament he was actually in.

But Pitch didn't care. "People will believe in us!" he breathed. "You and I, together, ruling as one. We won't have to be alone anymore!"

Jack's eyes narrowed. Alone. He knew that word, hated that word. How many nights had he spent in the early morning frost, lonely as can be, with only the tees to talk to? How many times had we watched parents walking down a sidewalk, with a little kid holding their hands and swinging in between them? How many times had he wanted a family so bad, to feel wanted and loved and missed when he was gone, that it hurt?

"But if I join you," Jack said in a voice so low it was barely a whisper, "people would fear me. And I don't want to be feared. I just want to be remembered." Pitch's yellow eyes narrowed. "I just want to be known."


Tooth watched the moon set and the sun rise, staining the sky pink and red and purple. Worry settled in her stomach like a plague, eating her up from the inside.

"I'm sure he's fine," Bunnymund said, sitting down on the roof beside her. Tooth wanly smiled and turned back to the brightening sky.

"I know," she whispered, then sniffed. "I'm sure he is."

Jamie and his friends had been sent back to their homes, and with a little magic Sandy had them all dreaming in no time. After all, if their parents woke up and saw their children weren't at home, that would cause even more problems. Jamie was especially unhappy about it, but Sandy took care of that without a problem.

Tooth sighed and rested her head in her hands. North wordlessly joined them on the frosted roof, and soon even Sandman was hovering with them. His face was uncharacteristically worried as he watched the reddening sky.

Suddenly Tooth perked up. "My babies," she whispered, then turned to the rest of the Guardian's. "They've been set free."

"By who?" North asked.

"I-I don't know," she mumbled, turning her head away. "They're all so happy I can't get a clear picture..." Suddenly her face broke into a smile, and her head snapped back to the Guardians. "Do you think it's...?!" Snow began to gently fall from the sky.

"Maybe," Bunnymund said, getting to his feet with a shiver. He hated this cold. He refused to get his hopes up, because he knew that if he did, he probably wouldn't make it if he was wrong.

Tooth turned her head back towards the sky, still smiling, but her eyes were rapidly filling with tears. "I hope it's Jack," she whispered, but she had no way of knowing. All she could do was wait.


Jack flew on the wind, the familiar wind he loved. It wrapped around him, carrying him as if he was a child, making sure that he wouldn't be hurt. He missed the wind more than he realized.

"There," he said, pointing down to the small town of Burgess. He noticed that the shadows were gone and the place seemed warm and light and cheerful again. Early morning frost coated the rooftops, and spur-of-the-moment and with a flick of his staff, snow began to fall.

Jack grinned; he missed doing that.

Then suddenly he saw them, the Guardians, sitting on top of a roof. "Hey!" he shouted, wilding waving his arms. His grinned widened when he saw Tooth's green head snap up, and before he knew it she was flying up to him at a million miles per hour. He barely even had time to brace himself before Tooth barreled into him, hands wrapped around his neck in a vice-like hug.

"Oh Jack," she sputtered out, crying. "You're okay, you're alright, and..." She pulled away, still sniffling, then wailed, "and you're back to normal...!" This brought on a fresh wave of tears and Tooth clung to Jack, refusing to let go.

"Ah... yeah..." Jack mumbled. His face burned, but no one could tell because he was now permanently pale. He was a tad grateful for that. "H-how are you feeling?"

"Better!" she squealed, then grabbed Jack's hand and dragged him down to the other Guardians. "Someone released all of my baby teeth sprites, and the Fearlings are gone, and..." her voice drifted off as Jack grinned at the mention of the baby teeth and Baby Tooth jumped out of his hoodie, chirping happily.

"Baby Tooth!" Tooth squealed, holding her tooth sprite close. Jack smiled as he watched them reunite, then suddenly big arms wrapped around him in a death-grip.

"You're... crushing... me...!" Jack gasped out. Whoever was holding him laughed and squeezed all the harder. I know that laugh. Jack's eyes widened and he glanced up to meet North's grinning face. "North!" he cried out, stunned and smiling. "You're alive!"

"Of course I'm alive," North grinned. "Guardian's are immortal!"

"A-and Sandy too!" Jack added, turning to the Sandman. Sandy waved and a multitude of images popped on his head, most of which Jack didn't understand, but it didn't matter.

"You, Frostbite," Bunnymund said, patting Jack's back, "had us worried for a sec."

"If you were worried," Jack grinned, "then I was in worse shape than I thought." But he wasn't thinking about that; the mere fact that someone cared about what happened to him consumed his thoughts and made his eyes water. For the first time in 300 years, he felt wanted. Cared about. Like I belong in a real family. Jack grinned, tears burning his sapphire eyes, not trusting his voice enough to speak. But he didn't have to; they all sat on the roof together, watching the sun rise, without speaking a word. Like a real family.

And, Guardian or human, that was all Jack Frost really wanted.


A couple days later

Jamie blinked open his eyes. It was a snow day today, like yesterday, and the day before yesterday too. He grinned and jumped out of bed, then ran to the window to see just how much snow had fallen.

What he saw was immensely satisfying; white covered the world in a single perfect sheet. Jamie whooped, quickly got dressed, grabbed his battered sled, and darted outside. "I'll be back soon!" he called over his shoulder.

"Be safe!" his mom replied, and Jamie darted out the door. The snow glistened in the morning sunrise, turning the ground into a thousand glittering diamonds. He took a deep breath, grinning as the chilled air filled his lungs.

This will probably be the last snow day, he thought, running up the hill. It was sad, but at the same time, Jamie was itching to see the green grass again.

Suddenly he stopped. There was some kid, a teenager, leaning against the statue. He was wearing a blue hoodie, and his hands was a long staff that reminded Jamie of the shepherds in his picture books. It reminded Jamie of the boy that flew from the wall, but this guy had white hair instead of brown.

"Um, hey," Jamie said tentatively.

The kid turned to Jamie, eyes impossibly blue, and smiled. "Hey, Jamie."

Jamie's face broke out into a grin. The voice was the same, and the smile was too. Maybe magical people could change their hair color whenever they felt like it but, in the end, it didn't change who they were inside. "Jack!" Jamie grinned, barreling into Jack laughing.

Jack laughed, then his lips twitched into a mischievous grin. "Want to go sledding?" he asked casually, but Jamie could hear the grin underneath.

"Yeah," Jamie breathed, then clambered onto the sled and hung on tight.

Ice crept along the ground, freezing the snow over, and suddenly Jamie was flying down the hill. Jack was flying right next to him, grinning the biggest grin Jamie had ever seen. "Hang on!" he shouted as they slid into the street. Jamie whooped in delight as they weaved past cars and pedestrians alike; a few told him to slow down, but Jamie didn't want to.

"Faster!" he shouted with a laugh.

Jack's grin broadened. "Okay, but you have to hang on!" he replied. Soon they were a blur down the street, but Jamie wasn't scared. After all, Jack was with him, and Jack would keep him safe. Jamie grinned.

Because, no matter what, magical people always kept their promises.


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