This is if Emma and Snow didn't go through the portal, but they stayed and they find out a secret about their family they never knew.

Narrator's POV

"Mom?" Henry said walking to Emma who was sitting on the couch reading his book. A smile formed on her lips hearing that three letter word that never got old.

"Yeah kid?" She said looking up at him smiling.

"You know the dreams?" Emma froze when he said that. Henry has been having dreams that her own mother said she had after her sleeping curse. Henry would wake with burns and terrible news to bare. Last time he awoke with a burn down his arm, that Gold healed, and he said that Cora was trying to come here to get back at Regina. Emma isn't very fond of Regina but the horror stories of how she was so terrible she made her daughter who she is today stung a little.

"What is it sweetie?" Emma says with pure fear stained on her face.

"There is something that Aurora said that I didn't tell you. When I talked about Cora mo.. I mean Regina and grandma got so scarred I couldn't say it in front of them." Emma stands and grabs Henry's hands.

"What didn't you tell us Henry?" Henry sighed looked away from Emma's grasp as Snow and Charming came into the apartment laughing.

"How did it go?" Henry said walking over to the clearly avoiding the subject. Snow caught then look in Emma's eyes and could immediately tell something was wrong.

"Fine kid! We finally got a chance to relax since Regina and Mr. Gold are trying to handle Cora." Charming said not noticing the tension in the room.

"Henry! Tell me what you didn't tell us." Emma said knowing that he would avoid it later on. Charming and Snow froze seeing the worry on Emma's face.

"Aurora. She said that like you breaking the curse only one person can kill Cora." Snow grabbed Henry's shoulders.

" Why didn't you tell us sooner?" Snow said looking into his huge eyes.

"Because you guys were so worried before I didn't want to add to the stress." Henry said looking down.

"Ohh Henry sweetie! You could've told us." Snow said making Emma smile she loved how good her mother was with Henry and making him feel better.

"Wait who is this man?" Charming asked still slightly confused. Emma and her mother eyed him for thinking it was a male who was destined to kill Cora.

"Actually I don't know who SHE is! I only know one thing." Henry said looking at his feet.

"And what would that be?" Emma questioned going closer to Henry. Henry looked into his mother's eyes.

"Your twin sister."


"Thats impossible!" Charming said as the four of them walked to Mr. Gold's shop.

"Henry was it in your book?" Emma questioned her heart pounding. She has handled so much lately finding out she had a sister just made it a whole lot more stressful.

"No that is why I am confused! Aurora said she heard Cora talking about her when she was locked in the dungeon!" Henry said. Snow stopped and looked at Henry. She hasn't said a word since she found out.

"What else did she say Henry?" Snow asked looked at him with tears in her eyes.

"Wait she said something about raising her but she was to much like her parents so she sent her to where Emma was!" Snow looked at Charming then quickened her pace until she got into Gold's shop.

"Well well well the family is back so soon!" Mr Gold said looking up from Cora's spell book that Regina brought in.

"We want answers Gold!" Snow said clearly mad as hell.

"Well someone is not in a happy mood." Gold said walking to her from behind the counter.

"There is a girl destined to kill Cora! Do you know who she is!" Gold's eyes widened and he sighed.

"How did you find out?" He questioned.

"Aurora told Henry after overhearing Cora talking about it." Emma said stepping up in front of her mother.

"There is someone destined to kill her!" Regina said making herself known to everyone in the room. Mr. Gold sighed.

"So I guess you know she is your twin sister." Mr. Gold said seeing the anger on Emma's face and knowing that he had no way out of it.

"Lets have a chat."


"Cora knew about her and knew she had to do something to the child so she wouldn't kill her." Mr Gold said sitting across from Snow, Charming and Emma who were sitting on the couch. Regina had taken Henry to get something from Granny's so they could all talk.

"But I never had another child!" Snow said as tears streamed down her face being so confused by how all of this could have happened. Emma grabbed her mother's hand and sighed.

"You didn't. Cora gave me a special dark magic that removed the child from the womb before she could be born. When you visited me in the cell I did what was in the deal!" He said this made Charming's face turn bright red.

"So you stole our other daughter!" He practically screamed and Emma grabbed his hand to calm him also.

"Look I didn't know Cora would hurt her the way she did!" He said seeing his temper getting out of control.

"Cora hurt my little sister!" Emma said before anyone could say a word. Mr Gold merely smiled at her protection of the sister she never knew.

"How do we find her?" Snow interrupted wanting to hold the daughter she never knew in her arms.

"You don't but Emma does!" They all looked at him in shock.

"Why me?" Emma stuttered feeling a brick fall on her chest.

"Well first you are the only one who can cross the line. Second you already know her." Emma stared at him and leaned forward.

"Who is she?" Emma said in a harsh tone.

"Jill. Jill Harthy" Emma leaned back covering her mouth in pure shock.

"Emma who is Jill?" Snow said feeling worry come over her.

"No not little Jill." Emma said as tears fell from her eyes. Snow felt panic overcome her.

"Emma who is Jill?" She said sternly.

"She is only sixteen Gold!" Emma spat ignoring her mother's question.

"Well dearie when Cora couldn't make her do magic when she was twelve in the enchanted forest she turned her into an infant and sent her here. She has no memory of it what so ever that is until she crossed the line into Storybrooke." Emma put her face into her hands as sobs escaped her lips.

"Emma sweetie who is Jill?" Charming asked seeing that Snow was too distraught to ask.

"A girl I saved when she was ten. She was..." Emma stopped and hung her head low sobbing once more.

"She was what sweetie? Please tell momma." Snow said feeling worry come over her.

"She was raped by her foster father that tried to rape me but I ran away when I saw him with her I followed them but I was to late. He left her in the woods. I saved her but he took her innocence. I went to see her everyday.. Until"

"Henry came to find you!" Charming finished seeing Emma becoming overwhelmed. She nodded as she began to sob. Snow looked at Charming with pain in her eyes.

"I couldn't save her! She was in so much pain! I always felt something with her but I didn't know that she could have been." Emma said and her father shushed her and pulled her and Snow into a hug. Emma pulled away and looked to Gold.

"How do I get my little sister back!"