Charming and Jill walked through the door seeing Snow reading a magazine on the couch.

"How was your talk?" Snow asked more than ready to finally get to talk to Jill more.

"Good I am going to go change really quick." Jill said running up into Emma's room to change into her shorts and a T-shirt.

"How did it really go?" Snow asked seeing the pain on Charming's face. He sighed and rubbed his temple.

"When we got coco she didn't get cinnamon. I asked why and she said one of her foster parents made her eat spoonfuls of it as a punishment and it was to much for her lungs to handle. She almost died." Charming said as tears filled his eye having to re think the terrible tale. Snow held her breath as they heard Jill coming back down the stairs.

"Okay now..." Jill started but could see the shock and pain on Snow's face and knew what had happened. Snow let tears fall seeing her youngest child in front of her knowing all the terrible things she has been through broke her own heart.

"It wasn't that bad I was young I don't remember that much." She said trying to make Snow feel better. Snow nodded knowing that she didn't need to breakdown even before they got to talk.


"Cora raised you?" Snow asked sitting across from Jill who was in a chair across from Charming and Snow who were on the couch.

"Yes." Jill said trying her hardest not to make eye contact with either of her parents. Charming sighed not knowing where to start.

"Did she teach you magic?" He asked trying to get to the question Jill knew they both wanted to know.

"I refused to take a heart if that is what you mean and Cora wasn't happy..." Jill said looking at her hands.

"What did she do?" Snow asked scared to actually know the answer. Jill sighed knowing she couldn't bare to tell her parents of the curse that was upon her.

"Sent me to this world she must have thought a land without magic was terrible so she made me come here right were Emma was." Jill said trying to avoid the subject as much as possible. Luckily her parents believed her.

"What about your foster homes?" Charming asked curious with how many times she had been close to death. Jill sighed and moved her hair away from her face.

"Umm.. Those are long stories..." She said biting her lip like she always did when she was nervous.

"Please sweetie we have to know!" Snow said and Jill could tell her heart was practically broken.

"Just a lot of bad homes that I don't think I am ready to talk about yet... Did Emma tell you about hers?" Jill asked kinda hoping Emma did so she could see if her parents still loved Emma the same as they did before they knew.

"She did princess are you asking because you think we will love you less if you tell us?" Charming said Jill stood and rubbed her temples knowing tears were about to fall.

"I'm just not as strong as a princess should be." Jill said walking over to the kitchen trying to avoid the staring eyes. Snow got up and walked to where Jill had sat on a barstool.

"Sweetie you are strong! You are our daughter and you are perfect to us!" Jill looked away and sighed.

"You don't get it all those times that I got hurt in foster care I could have fought back. The worst was with Paul if I were stronger maybe he wouldn't have raped me!" Jill said as tears finally fell from her eyes. Snow stood in shock and Charming had a face full of rage. He couldn't help but be angry at this man for causing Jill so much pain.

"No.. Jill sweetie you can't blame yourself!" Snow said grabbing her daughter's hand making Jill look at her. Snow felt her heart break seeing the pain in her eyes.

"I'm not like you mommy.. I'm weak and since I am it gave him the chance to do what he did." Snow felt her heart burst hearing her daughter call her mommy with so much pain in her voice.

"You are so strong Jill! You were only ten!That Paul guy is a piece of shit that I will never let hurt you again!" Charming said the anger and pain evident in his voice.

"I wasn't ten yesterday! Before Emma came I saw her right after it happened and I am sixteen I should be strong enough! If I were a good princess I would be better!" Jill said pulling away and walking to the other side of the island rubbing her head.

"He did it yesterday?" Charming questioned clearly shocked. Jill nodded seeing the pain in her parents eyes knowing that she said to much.

"When he finally let me go I saw Emma it was exactly what I needed then...I can't talk about this anymore." Jill said as she let out a sob. Snow ran to her and pulled her into a hug hearing her daughter sob. Jill tried to hold herself together but completely broke down feeling her mother's warmth around her.

"I'm so sorry I am a failure mommy!" She sobbed as all Snow could do was rub her daughter's back to try and help make the terrible pain go away.