Some Harreh Potahh, I'm so sad it's all over

So here it is: Summer at Weasley's
Author: MissHathaway

''Ron, watch it! You can hurt somebody,'' Hermione warned.

''Don't be silly, Hermione. It's only a spray,'' Ron replied with an eye roll.

Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny and twins George and Fred were camping in front of Weasley's house. In the hot summer air a light cold wind was flying around making easier to live and breathe. The tent was small and made for camping but with a little magic added it was huge on the inside. Pretty much the same one from quidditch game Harry went on with his friends.

It has three bedrooms with a bathroom, living room and dining room connected to kitchen.

''I'm serious, Ron Weasley!'' Hermione's voice was strong and powerful. ''This is not a thing made for playing around. You can accidently spray someone in the eye or hurt them with a can!''

But Ron wasn't listening to her. Instead he kept playing with fire.

''I will not hurt anybody,'' he assured her.

''You just might,'' she replied dryly. ''hey, stop it!'' Ron was spraying all around her and she was screaming in horror. ''Stop it!''

''You two act like a married couple,'' Harry said eyes on the wizard news in newspaper.

''We do not!'' they said at the same time.

Hermione said snootily: ''Tell him that he will hurt somebody with this silly can.''

''I will not hurt anybo- wow I'm sorry! Ginny, I'm so sorry!'' While spaying all around he didn't notice his little sister behind him and accidently sprayed her with a spray for mosquitoes. In the eye.

He grabbed water from the table beside him and handled it to Ginny. ''Here, take this. Go wash it out of your eyes.''

''This hurts!'' she screamed. ''I will so get you back for this. What is wrong with you! You are stupid!'' she screamed, turned around and walked away with a bottle of water in hands.

''Ron is afraid of mosquitoes,'' twins said and laughed.

''I'm not!''

Fred, his older brother, looked at him. ''Please. You screamed like a girl when you saw one flying around.''

Ron didn't deny it the fact that he indeed did scream like a little girl. But, hey, no one likes to be bitten by a mosquito. It itches then. He turned around and was greeted by Hermione's smug look.

''Don't even dare to say I told you so.''

She smirked and said it much to his dislike. ''I told you so.''

''I told you so,'' Ron mimicked her in high pitch voice.

''I do NOT talk like this!''

''I do not talk like this,'' he repeated jokingly. She only glared back at the boy and stomped off to her room.

''You are so made for each other,'' Harry commented their behaviour.

''Say this one more time and I will spray you in the eye!'' Ron threatened holding up an almost empty bottle of anti-mosquito spray. Harry only smirked and winked back at him.

''Don't deny Ronnie-poo,'' the twins laughed.

''Ugh! Don't call me that!'' Ron screamed. Ronnie-poo was the nickname they gave him back in the time and he hated it since.

''You scream like a girl!'' Ginny yelled from inside bathroom where she was cleaning her poor eye.

''I don't!''

''What is it with you and denying?'' Harry asked jokingly.

''I don't!''

''Mhm,'' they all rolled their eyes.

''It's not true! Come on guys, it's not,'' he denied again. Damn it, he thought to himself. ''Well then, I'm going to bed, bye.''

''Wrong bedroom,'' Harry smirked when he realized the bedroom he went to. Girls' bedroom.

''Um, oh yeah, wopps,'' Ron blushed and hurried to the other way.

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