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Ninja in a Pokémon World

Black. Violet. Crimson. Azure. These colors swam through the air freely. They flow unbound from one unending point to the next and so on. These colors exist in a silent realm of peace and mystery. The only noise is the occasional passing of symbolic creatures circling an unseen force in a cosmic dance; the clicking and repeating of their names— UNKNOWN.

Theses beings have appeared in many dimensions, always leaving behind the beginnings of a form of verbal and written communication for humans. There shapes resembled numbers, letters and grammar marks. Well rather, our written language resembles them.

These creatures—the UNKNOWN— are said to live in the first dimension ever created by the legends of time and space, Palkia and Dialga. They bridge the worlds together. This place was what kept the paralleled worlds from colliding. However, this dimension was about to collapse in on itself.

The UNKNOWN Dimension was created to filter the Aura or Chakra let out by active individuals; be it human or not (usually the former). There was an increase in crime in a particular dimension. There was a constant malevolence in the Aura and a constant misery in others. Rarely there was a truly pure aura in that world. There were a few that could help and their will was strong enough. They just weren't physically strong enough or were they mentally wise enough.

The UNKNOWN turned to the other dimension and searched. There was almost equal pain and crime in the Chakra of this world as well. It was still strong enough to wait. They once again searched and searched. They could not find a pure and strong signature. They were about to change when they locked onto one— a single person—a strong and powerful young male; not just physically, but mentally and spiritually as well.

Yes. They had found their champion, their savior.

The UNKNOWN began to rejoice, circling faster in their motions. They had to send one of their own to its world to communicate. Though they did not speak the language this male spoke, they knew TELEPATHY and they could give this ability to this human. One UNKNOWN beeped and clicked then said its name. The UNKNOWN took on the shape of a question mark.

"I will go to this human" The (?) UNKNOWN told the others as it broke away from the circle. Another promptly took its place. The (?) UNKNOWN drifted into the center and it opened a portal. On the other side there was a male in a standard ANBU uniform; he was jumping from tree to tree. The (?) UNKNOWN's singular eye blinked as it began to hum. The portal's image began to distort and sway to the right, then the left. The (?) UNKNOWN swiveled its body to look at all the UNKNOWN behind it. The (?) UNKNOWN beeped and clicked then said its name and went through the portal.

The world (?) UNKNOWN came into was vastly different from its own. Trees sprouted up from the ground, untouched for hundreds of years. Grass grew in lush, empty fields. Large cliff sides rose with cascading water tipping off its edges pooling below into wading lakes. These pristine lakes calmly flowed into rivers that lead peacefully into the vast oceans.

(?) UNKNOWN levitated through the air, fazing through the surrounding trees. It had to catch up to this human. It knew the direction. It also knew that this male was very fast and agile. The (?) UNKNOWN had to move swiftly.

(?) UNKNOWN felt the human's presence and changed direction to the right. It kept moving and came to a clearing. (?) UNKNOWN quickly hid itself using a camouflage technique. The (?) UNKNOWN focused through the foliage in the clearing and saw the male human with a female human. Her presence was pure and her will was strong but it wasn't strong enough to save them. The (?) UNKNOWN shifted its attention back to the male human and saw something interesting. There was a change in the color of its Aura. There was a slight pink shade indicating love. (?) UNKNOWN didn't know what to do but to watch, this was a very rare sight. It looked once more towards the female human and saw her Aura had also changed from the blue to blue with a tint of pink.

The UNKNOWN Dimension's champion was in love. (?) UNKNOWN could not help but feel bad for its intrusion and peeped to itself. It finally steeled itself, became visible and levitated over to the humans. (?) UNKNOWN expected the defensiveness and the wariness. It even expected an attack. It braced itself and closed its sole eye. The attack wasn't forthcoming. It opened its eye, looked at the humans and saw them still in defensive stances, sharp kunai held horizontally in front of them. (?) UNKNOWN listened and heard the humans talk to one another.

"Do you know what that thing is?" The female asked.

The male glanced at her, "No clue."

They all sized each other up and the male finally lowered its weapon. (?) UNKNOWN felt a rush of relief. It glimpsed at the female and saw her mimic the male. It then levitated over to the male and beeped and clicked then said its name.

The male looked at (?) UNKNOWN and introduced it's self as Naruto and the female as The Princess. (?) UNKNOWN then decided it was the right time to use TELEPATHY and began to speak to them both, "Human by the name of Naruto, my race is in dire need of your help. I speak on behalf of my entire species that only you can restore balance to your world and ours. You are young of twelve years, that which is true. Yet, you have a pure and strong Aura not just physically, but mentally and spiritually. You are the hope of all the dimensions. Will you help protect my world, the world of another and your own?"

(?) UNKNOWN knew this would shock the humans, not only the words, but the fact that this creature was speaking with its mind and not its mouth. They looked at (?) UNKNOWN like it grew a second eye. The female then looked at the male and smiled. Her Aura became pinker, "I knew you were even more special then you are already: Being a Jinchuuriki, the fourths son, and the heir of Uzu." The female giggled and held the males' hand. "You are a hero, Naruto-kun."

The male glanced back at the female then back at the (?) UNKNOWN. It seemed the human was unable to conjure up words. The male then smirked and looked at (?) UNKNOWN and said, "Are you sure it's me you want?"

The (?) UNKNOWN beeped and clicked then said its name, "Yes."It then had shown white as a sphere appeared in front of its form. (?) UNKNOWN then shot the shining mass towards the male. It made contact and the light engulfed the male. (?) UNKNOWN saw the shock on the face of the female. She was looking on in disbelief. The male was ablaze with brightness. The light faded as quickly as it had come and the male was still standing there, abet slightly stunned.

"I have no idea what just happened, Princess" the male had managed to say while looking at his hands. The intensity of his gaze seemed to throw the female off. He looked at his hands as if he had just realized he had hands.

(?) UNKNOWN looked on waiting for the female to catch up; It did not have to wait long.

"Wait I didn't say anything Naruto-kun. I thought those words. How did you know what I was thinking?" The female was confused.

The male paused, "It must have been the light I was hit with," The male looked up at (?) UNKNOWN "Is that what it was?"

(?) UNKNOWN looked back and eye smiled, "Yes it was. I gave you the gift of TELEPATHY."It then glided around in the air.

The male looked towards the female and smiled then back at (?) UNKNOWN, "How would I help you?"

(?) UNKNOWN impeded its movements, "You would be transported to the other world and bring to an end the six major crime organizations. There are too many intense emotions there and my kind cannot filter them all. You do not have to wipe out petty crime, just the major ones. For you it would be simple. The other world does not have ninja. The people do not fight themselves but they use animal type partners to help them."

The male thought over these things and looked back at (?) UNKNOWN, "How long would I be gone?"

(?) UNKNOWN came up closer to the human, "It would depend on how badly you would want to return to your world, your life, your female"It knew its point was clear, "If someone doesn't do something soon my world will collapse and your world and the opposing world will collide and destroy one another."

The male looked towards the female and grabbed its hand, "I love you, but I can't let this happen if I can do something about it. I—"

"I understand Naruto-kun, I will wait for you." The female smiled. She then kissed the male's cheek.

The male's Aura went ablaze with pink. "You will explain to the Godaime Hokage?"

"Yes. Lady Tsunade will understand when explained the repercussions," The female kissed the male's hand.

"Okay" the male turned to (?) UNKNOWN, "What do I do?"

(?) UNKNOWN was overjoyed and opened a small portal to the UNKNOWN Dimension. The humans looked on in awe. The other side is where the black, violet, crimson and azure colors danced. (?) UNKNOWN's kin circled and danced. The noise was a silent one filled with harmonic humming. "This is the way"(?) UNKNOWN went through the portal.

The male hesitated. It turned to the female. "Will you tell the others good bye and not to miss me too much?"

The female stepped closer to the male and had a gentle smile, "Of course," It kissed the male, "Be safe."

"You too," The human kissed the other. The female then pushed the male into the portal.

"I love you" was the last words Naruto heard from his world, his home, his love. He turned and faced the UNKNOWN and braced himself for his future in an unknown world.

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