Ninja in a Pokémon world

She felt empty. She knew now that she would not see her love for a long time. Sadness welled up in the pit of her stomach as she allowed a lone drop fall from her lash and cascade gracefully down her face. Her eyes; puffy and red—her cheeks; pink and wet. She had been crying for a while. She had been trying to work up the nerve to tell Lady Tsunade about Naruto's new and sudden Journey. That woman loved Naruto just about as much as she did. She didn't have the feelings and fantasy's she had for the blond but, instead, she saw him as a little brother. That also meant Shizune and even Tonton were going to feel the same as Tsunade. The Hokage might not even give her the chance to explain herself and she'd just punch her straight through the wall and into a coma. She shuddered at that thought and then drifted back to Naruto again, 'If I were in Naruto's shoes I would be hoping that he would not worry about me, to know that I would be just fine. I would want him to march up to the Hokage and tell it as it is.' She then paused, "She would punch him through the wall and into a coma before he finished too." The girl sighed as she continued walking.

She turned right, then left, straight, right again. She felt lost but her body knew how to get to the Hokage's office without her brain. She sighed, "I'm here."

She walked through the main double doors of the Hokage Tower and into the lobby. There were a few people here and there though she didn't really pay any attention. She walked pass the desk attendants, ignoring their questions of appointment and what not. Concentrating on the fact that she might not be awake until Naruto got back, that made her feel much better. She was still very nervous as she knocked at the Hokage's fine double doors. She fidgeted with the hem of her shirt and bit her lower lip, Naruto always said it was the cutest thing ever. She smiled; her lower lip still between her teeth.

She heard an 'enter' from the other side and straightened herself. She opened one of the doors tentatively and stepped into the large room. It made her feel very small. She sort of felt like she was one of the million sheets of paperwork on the Hokage's desk, waiting nervously to be stamped with 'approve' or 'disapprove.'

The Hokage did not even look up from the paper she had in her hand, "What is it?"

The girl just gulped and began, "Naruto is in another dimension." There, short, sweet, and to the point.

The thought she had earlier of being knocked into a coma wasn't completely washed away. She did not know how to classify this look the Hokage had. She seemed to be confused, scared, angry and soon to be violent.

The Hokage was looking at her in a very strange way, "Care to repeat that Hinata?"

She gulped and said, "Naruto and I were meeting in the field just out side the training grounds and there was this question mark thing—"

"A question mark thing?" Tsunade asked in dubious clarification.

"I know it sounds like ludicrous but it is the truth. This thing called itself an (?) UNKNOWN. It said that Naruto was the savior of both their world, our world, and another world. It did not say when he would be back, but, it did say that the people in the other world weren't ninja so, it was relatively safe."

Tsunade sat back down and put a reign on her rage, "So he is 'relatively' safe?"

Hinata shifted slightly under the Godaime's withering glare, "Y-yes," damn-it she stuttered, "The (?) UNKNOWN said the people fight with animals. it said there wern't ninja."

"I see," Tsunade said as she stroked her imaginary beard, "I want you to listen to me Hinata. No one is to know about this. Not a soul. If anyone asked he is on a s-ranked mission. Understand?"

"Yes My Lady" Hinata bowed.

"Okay, please send for Kakashi and Jiraiya," Tsunade ordered.

"Yes, ma'am" With that Hinata left to find the copy cat ninja and the illustreous toad sage.

"Shizune," Tsunade called through the intercom on her desk, "Come here please."

After a second the reciever on Tsunade's desk buzzed, "Yes Mi Lady."

Tsunade had a lot on her mind and more than enough troubles to deal with. Now she had to deal with the fact that either her little brother has warped himself to another dimension or Hinata just dove off the deep end. Tsunade was wishing the later. She didn't like to think ill on her ninja-often- especially ones that are holding her little brother's heart.

She had to tell Shinzune, her assistant/apprentice. She had to tell Jiraiya, her teammate and Naruto's sensei. Lastly, she had to tell Kakashi, Naruto's true sensei. Kakshi swore on Minato and Kushina's grave that he would protect their son. Oh no.

Shizune, holding Tonton, walked through the door. "What is it Tsunade-sama?"

Tsunade stood and walked over to the picture of Minato, "Shizune, it's important" She then moved the picture to the side and opened the cabinet on the other side. She didn't care if Shizune found her secret sake stash. Shizune might even want some too, after the heavy news of course.

"Tsunade what have I told you about drinking on the job? Drinking will impare your choice making." Shizune scolded Tsunade; a hand on one hip and Tonton on the other. Tonton squeeled his little pig squeele when Shizune swung him wildly to the side.

Tsunade looked up at Shizune and sat down in her chair, "I'll tell you when Jaraiya and Kakashi get here."

All of Shizune's anger disipated in an instant. She heard that tone before, one of defeat. "Tsunade?" She didn't answer.

Tsunade looked at the sake, the clear liquid filled the bottle half way. She would drink this with the others, another bottle before bed. She sighed heavily and felt frustrated. Hinata wasn't a liar but an other dimension? Could she believe that? Tsunade would have to think of a way to verify that was indeed what had happened. Hinata may be a Hyuuga but even they get caught in the most powerful genjutsus.

Tsunade rubbed the worry wrinklle above her brow. If only she could think!

Shizune was bothered by the way her sensei was acting, Tsunade was depressed and frustrated and she hadn't a clue why. She heard the door open behind her and saw Kakashi and Jaraiya stepping into the room. Hinata-fidgiting and terrified- hidding behind Jariaya. Shizune turned back to Tsunade.

Kakashi raised a brow and Jaraiya looked a bit worried, he hadn't seen Tsunade like this since she lost her brother and fiance.

"Thank you all for coming in," Tsunade said pulling out three wine glasses, "You all may want to sit down for this" She then poured the clear liquid into the tall glasses. At half way full she stopped, shrugged her shoulders and filled the glass to the brim.

Everyone took a seat, besides Hinata. Tsunade passed around the sake to the legal adults in the room. "It's Naruto" There was a collective gasp; it must be bad.

"You see," Tsunade began, "Hinata came in and told me Naruto... was in another dimension." Everyone's eybrow rose.

"Are you sure?" Kakashi asked a bit sceptical.

"Is it possible that Hinata was under a genjutsu?" Jaraiya asked.

Shizune was silent. Tonton snorted. Hinata poked her fingers together, looking at the floor.

"How do we find out if it's a true memory?" Shizune asked.

"Inochi Yamanaka," Kakashi said.

Tsunade smirked, "Yes, I suppose."

"What will he do?" Hinata asked nervously.

"Inochi is the head of the Yamanaka clan. His clan are experts with all that pertain to the mind," Jaraiya explained, "If he used his mind walking exersise he could watch your memories to verify your claim. If it were a genjutsu he would know."

Hinata blushed, "But, um, there are some... things I would rather not let a stranger see."

"Really? What sort of things?" Kakashi asked, lecherous grin on underneath his mask. Jaraiya had the same face out in the open.

Tsunade almost poped a vein, "You morons! She's twelve!" Tsunade then knocked both of their heads. Kakashi was fortunate and went flying into a wall completely dazed. Jaraiya went flying through the window and into the side of a cliff, knocked out.

"Hinata," Tsunade addressed the withering girl, "Do not worry Inochi has a little girl so he isn't a pervert like those two dunder heads." Hinata relaxed and sat in the seat formerly occupied by Kakashi.


"Yes Sensei?"

Tsunade turned to her student, "Go to the Yamanaka Estate, send for Inochi and tell him it is urgent. That is all the information I want out in the open." Shizune bowed to the Hokage and left with Tonton ever present in her arms, "Now we wait."

Later at the Hyuga Estate Hinata was getting ready for a shower in her private bathroom of purple walls and soap. She turned the water to hot and stood in front of the mirror. She dropped her towel and looked at herself; the white of her eyes seemed to be dull today. She looked down to her throat and studdied the scar left by Neji during the preliminary exams. The tip was at her cavicle and the end was at her left areola. It was made by a deadly Junken strike to the heart. Naruto had told her it made her more sexy, more dangerous. Hinata held a weak smile at her lips, thinking about Naruto, hoping he was okay wherever he was.

Hinata wipped some steam from the mirror and looked one last time at her reflection then turned to the shower door and pulled it open. She was greeted by a steeming warmth that emveloped her body and made the hair on her neck rise. She embraced her self when she stepped under the wet heat. It trailed the length of her face, down her stomach, tangled in her dark curls and finished at the end of two shaply legs. She sighed and turned to face the water. She began to think about her time spent in the office. She was happy it was Jaraiya in the coma and not her.

Inochi had arrived and was explained of what was happening, along with an unsigned death certificate and a will outline, curtious of Lady Tsunade if he were to tell anyone. Inochi agreed-who in their right minds would deny Princess Tsunade?-and probed Hinata's mind. She was relieved that Inochi found the memory quickly and didn't see the time she and Naruto had the night before in the cabin in the woods. That would have been ugly. Not just the situation but her face too.

Hinata turned in the water and leaned against the wall. She remembered what Naruto asked and how the (?) UNKNOWN had answered.

"How long would I be gone?" (?) UNKNOWN replied, "It would depend on how badly you would want to return to your world, your life, your female."

Hinata slid down the shower wall- the water mixing with her tears-he's gone. Kami only knew when he would return. She wanted to see him again. She knew it wasn't possible, he had a job to do. She would have to suck it up and put her best foot forward until he came back. However long that may be.

She stood and turned off the water. Stepping out into the cold air; the hairs on her pale body stood erect. A towel was draped around her as she left the bathroom. She walked to her dresser mirror and sat down. She picked up a worn comb and fingered the design and smiled. It had belonged to her mother. She combed her hair and sighed with a small smile. She opened her dresser drawr and took out a white, silk night gown and dressed.

Hinata stood up, content, and turned off the lamp on the night stand. Just as she was climbing into her bed there was a knock ather door. Sighing in irritation she grabbed her robe. She was supprised to see Neji on the other side. He wasn't wearing the 'I'm an asshole' look he usually showered her with. Instead it was one of understanding. "Yes, Neji-nee-san?" Hinata asked as a chill ran up her spine, something was off.

Neji looked hesitant, "I am sorry Lady Hinata, I want you to know I am against this," Neji's statement scared Hinata. She bit her bottom lip, afraid to ask him what he looked to the right then back at her, "Please, follow me." Neji began to walk in a very familiar direction.

Hinata followed in a sort of comatose state. She saw Neji stop and waited behind him. He seemed to be debating what he should say or if he should say anything at all. He finally opened his mouth, "You are being married off to Sugimori."

Hinata gasped. No this could not be happening. She was not going to be married off to anyone. No one will have her but Naruto. She slammed open the door to her father's office. She began the intenseand destructive night at everyone's throats.

Whoa. I bet ya'll didn't see that coming did ya?

Well neither did I until I got to the part about Neji.

It sorta came to me.

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