Ninja in a Pokemon World

Naruto began to panic. He was suspended in mid air. He could not controll where he went just what possition he was in. He tried to right himself but, turned too fast and conected his knee to his face, "Oww." The UNKNOWN laughed in a foreign way to his human ears. They circled him and it helped his center of balance. "Hello, UNKNOWN? What is it I need to know before embarking on this new journey?"

The UNKNOWN slowed their dance and the (?) UNKNOWN spoke using Telepathy, "You amuse us human Naruto." The (?) UNKNOWN snickered. "First we will give you these," fifteen round, red and white, objects appeared before (?) UNKNOWN. The (?) UNKNOWN used its psychic abilities to push them towards Naruto, "These are Pokeballs. They will allow you to capture the creatures of the other world." Next appeared a small red object, "This is a Pokedex, it will give you all the information that you will need on your journey." Naruto picked up all the tools and put them in his pack.

"There are many animals that are known as Pokemon. These Pokemon have the ability to manipulate their Aura, or as your people call it, Chakra."

The ring of UNKNOWN spun faster, an image appeared at the center just before Naruto. It was a picture of a small bird, "This is a Pidgy, it is a flying type." The image changed to a red blob, "This is a Slugma, a fire type." It changed again into a crab, "This is a Krabby, a water type." It changed again into a spiky mouse, "This is a Sandshrew, a ground type." Again it changed into a grey creature with human features, "This is a Machop, a fighting type." Next was a rabbit, "This is a Bunery, a normal type." It changed to a floating rock, "This is a Geodude, a rock type." Now it was a Pokemon that had two red horns and a white robe, "This is a Ralts a psychic type." Next it changed into a metal bird, "This is Skymory, a steel type." Next was a yellow mouse, "This is Pikachu, an electric type." Next was a picture of a dog, This is Poochyena a dark type." There was a small dragon, "This is Axew, a dragon type." A green creature appeared, "This is Snivey, a grass type." There was a purple snake next, "This is an Ekans, a poison type." It changed to a large red bug, "This is Venapede, a bug type." Once more into a seal, "This is Dewgong, an ice type." It changed one last time into a ghost, "This is Yahmask, a ghost type."

"Please, (?) UNKNOWN, tell me of this evil that is out of control in this world I am going too," Naruto asked as he stared at the black, seemingly rubber enigma.

The UNKNOWN began to circle faster and images began to appear, people in black suits with red 'R's were testing on the Pokemon. Many of the Pokemon were screaming and many were passed out. Naruto felt anger swell up within himself. The images changed and there were people in white suits with yellow 'E's on them, they had a large net stretched out in a valley, the birds were flying into them and falling into a caged truck. Naruto's anger was balling in his stomach. Next there was two groups fighting in a forest, one were dressed in blue, the other in red. The forest was being destroyed as Pokemon tried to flee the chaos erupting around them. Naruto could feel the anger in his throat. The image changed again and there stood people in exotic outfits with 'G's on them. They were using Pokemon to hurt the people surrounding them. Naruto's anger was changing his face into a demonic form. Lastly the images changed into a group of individuals taking Pokemon away from their people. Naruto was nearly sufficating with rage.

The UNKNOWN widened the circle and sped up in a frenzy, this was too much energy. Naruto noticed this and quelled himself. "I will definitaly help you now UNKNOWN. Pardon my anger." It took a bit for the UNKNOWN to sort the energy released by the boy. "Are you all okay?"

(?) UNKNOWN eye smiled, "Yes," it turned to its fellow UNKNOWN, "Naruto needs to tone down the negative energy."

"Sorry," Naruto appologized, scratching the back of his head sheepishly. He became thoughtful, "(?) UNKNOWN," he began, "How will I know which Pokemon to catch?"

The (?) UNKNOWN eye smiled again, "You will know it when you see it."

Nauto smiled. He relaxed as he saw a whisp of azure ensnare a ribbon of white light, arching it. He was a bit in awe of the display as the colors danced around one another in a show of dominance.

"Naruto must go now," The UNKNOWN began to spin really fast. Naruto felt himself slipping into unconsiousness. He saw everything blur as if falling. He closed his eyes then opened them again. He saw a tree and closed his eyes again. THUNK. PING. SPLISH. Naruto was under water. He struggled to tread but he was too disorentated and slipped under water again. He broke the surface once more and struggled to swim. He caught the air as his life line and begged Kami to help him. He reached out to grab something. Damn! He would grab anything. Even one of Orochimaru's snakes if it ment salvation from the wet violent grave he was struggling to break free of. The cold of the water was stiffining his muscles. He felt himself slipping. He slipped beneath the water again.

"Help" He thought, he felt something bump him underwater. It bumped him again. Then again. He broke the surface! He wasn't evn trying! Then he was thrown out of the water, the last thing he heard was "Magikarp?"

Wow, now wasn't that something?

It's not everyday a Magikarp becomes a hero.


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Anways I hope you liked it.

I know I have some explaining to do about the whole Hinata thing but trust me you will like it.

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