A/N: Going back to my comic roots, here's a bit of a Marvel/DC crossover. The main characters will be Batman and Ironman. It's gonna be an AU fic of course since none of this stuff ever happened. There will be lots of twists and turns and this chapter is a prologue, mainly here to just wet your lips and pique interests. This focuses on Eternity and Infinity causes a bit of trouble, if you don''t know who they are well basically Eternity controls space and Infinity time. If you want to know more- google.

Warnings: Occasional made up word, not beta'd, and whatever mischief two playboy billionaire philanthropists can cause. Useless/pointless reviews offering no critique or support will be used by Tony and Bruce in a spit ball war in a future kid!fic. ;)

Prologue: Eternity & Infinity

It's a wonder he is still alive.

You shouldn't want this brother!

Why not! Look at the destruction he alone causes. Why the other heroes let him live I will never understand.

He is one of them. We have no right to interfere.

No right!? Sister, we control time and space. We can save Earth from what happens to it. We can-

You know that is not allowed! Mess with the fabric of the universe and you could destroy everything!

This will have benefits that outweigh the good.

Maybe, but are such benefits worth risking everything?

Eternity narrowed his eyes, how could his sister not understand? He was doing this for Earth not against them. He is trying to help. Yes. If it stops the civil war from ever coming to existence, if it keeps H.A.M.M.E.R. from coming to form, from Ares dying- if it prevents the mutant genocide! Then yes. It is worth it.

How does killing him solve any of that brother?

I never said we'd kill him.

We? There is no we! This is your decision. Your mistake.

Infinity! I need you for this. Please. We must use space and time to remove him from the universe. We could save this one. Don't you understand? Removing him could stop Namor's anger, ease the tensions of the Illuminati, prevent the humans from looking down on mutants because they believe the Hulk to be one. This could stop Stark's disasturous decision of sending Hulk into space. That is why we both need to do this, just time or space won't hold him. You and I, sister this is what we are for. To use our powers to preserve. If Earth continues on its current path, it could end this universe and all with it. We can stop that.

Are you sure about this brother?


Fine. But there is still a chance the risks could create too much for us to offbalance.


No you will listen. There needs to be a contingency plan. Leave something in place for Stark.

Stark? But why?

His genius and connection to the extremis suit will allow for storage of memory from this timeline and this universe. If things don't go as planned, we may cease to exist brother. Eternity, we need someone else who could repair what damage we may cause.


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