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Chapter 2-


"You okay Mr. Stark?" Tony whirled around in his chair, injured finger in his mouth.

"Fine, just burnt my finger." He turned back around picking up the soldering iron.

"What are you doing this time?"

"Tweaking the purplosion canons on the suits right arm. They flaked out on me yesterday."

"'Flaked out on you'? Or are you just bored?"

"You're too clever for your own good Pepper."

"Ha! Clever? No. You just mope around here like a little boy when you run out of toys to play with. " Pepper snorted and sat on the edge of the table next to Tony, watching his deft hands work their way around the advanced circuitry with no problem.

"Boys need their toys Pepper, and I am in desperate need of toys! A challenge, a new invention, anything!" Tony threw the soldering iron down and gripped the sides of his head, fisting his hair a look of frustration on his face. He's gonna pull out his hair... Pepper thought calmly. "It's just so boring. Whatever happened to the idiot criminals who were gluttons for punishment and couldn't figure out that they'd never beat me?" He shouted, shoving his chair back before pacing the room.

"Obviously they figured it out."

"Or any villains for that matter? The ones that were enough to challenge the Avengers?" Tony continued as though Pepper hadn't said anything. "The Skrull are gone, H.A.M.M.E.R. is done, there's nothing to do!"

"Maybe you could take a shower?" He definitely needed one, there's a thin layer of grime covering his face, oil on his hands, Tony's hair was a greasy mess and there was definitely something far past five o'clock shadow.

"Whatever happened to the need of my intelligence, my genius?" Okay, now she was definitely being ignored. If it were anyone else, it might have actually been painful to see Tony Stark in such a pathetic state, though for Pepper there was a small part of her that felt it was fitting- a bit of payback, justice. Not that she didn't feel bad for him, because of course she did, she was too nice of a person not too.

"Maybe the world has just had enough Tony Stark for a bit." Pepper whispered quietly, but of course Tony heard that.

"Enough? Enough Tony Stark? That's impossible! I could do so much more! This is just going to waste!" Tony tapped his temple for emphasis.

"Tony you need to relax, maybe take a vacation, get out of this...this...lair..."

"It's not a lair, it's a lab." Tony arched an eyebrow, a small smirk playing across his lips.

"Whatever. Point is you're getting cabin fever, it's time to take a break." Tony opened his mouth to reply but got caught off by an alarm. He jogged over to a tiled table, a 3D map of New York City popping up with red blips in the Northeast corner.

"Sorry Pepper, gotta armor up."

"You remember what I said?" She asked as Tony messed around on the hologram.

"Yeah, I'll think about it." Tony closed his eyes, arms out to his sides as he concentrated, calling the extremis suit into existence and having the plated armor encompass his body, gold and hotrod red glinting brightly.

"You'll do more than think about it." Pepper said sternly, almost scalding- like a mother. Which when it came to Tony Stark, that's kinda what she was; mother, assistant, friend, voice of reason, common sense and occasional lover; though that last part had ended a while ago.

"I'll think about it."
Tony shot her a winning grin and a wink before the front of the helmet snapped close. Then the propulsion boots were on and he was flying out of the lair through the wall exit in less than 5 seconds, humph, a new record. Pepper thought, checking her watch. "I might as well get some lunch."

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