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A/N: So who doesn't like childhood fun? When things were simpler? Simply a look into some weird universe where Tig and Chibs are little boys and best friends playing in the snow. Tig is about 3 years old, lives with his parents and until stated Chibs is some kinda nomadic 6 year old….or something. The series is so rough and serious, I needed some fluff.

Thanks to Evil Cosmis Triplets, who through conversation inspired me to do this. :)

Going to turn into a series.

Prompt: Snow


Warning: Slight mention of child abuse for like 2 seconds. Other than that total G, good clean fun.

"Eh," Alex felt a light tug on his ear but shook it off. "Come on." Another tug, this one harder.

"Go 'way." He whined, a hand reaching up to swat the other boy's away from his ear.

"Aw, come on." He reaches out again, and yanks down on Alex's ear, trying to get the curly haired boy to look at him.

"Ow! S'op!" Alex kicks out at the boy in front if him, who just grabs his legs and holds them in place, Alex struggling against his grip.

"What's the matter with you?"

"Nothun' go 'way."

"Its not nothun', what 'appened to yer face?" Alex flicked his gaze up a moment, staring Filip right in the eye before shaking his head, his hand ghosting the swollen side of his jaw. "They did this didn't they?"

"Fo'get it, its no big deal." Alex replied, flinching away from the hand Filip had tracing the cut on his forehead. Filip frowned, watching Alex's downcast eyes. But a grin spread across his face again as he remembers why he came here.

"Come on." He pulls on Alex's ears again and the boy glares at him, his blue eyes dark. "I gots something ta show ya." He holds his hand out to Tig and the boy watches him warily before slipping his hand in the other boy's and allowing himself to be dragged out the room.

Filip pulled on Alex's arm lightly, stopping him as he came to the stairs. He squatted below the top of the banister, pulling Alex down with him. He peered through the bars at the sleeping figure in the armchair, snores echoing off the walls. Filip's eyes narrowed in anger, he hated the man in the chair with all his heart, if it wasn't for Alex who put his hand hesitantly on the boy's shoulder, Filip probably would have attacked the man.

Filip let his anger go and turned to Alex, placing a finger in front of his mouth. He grabbed Alex's hand and they descended the stairs quickly and quietly stopping at the bottom for a moment. Filip glanced back at Alex, the boy's eyes had a hint of mischief.
They moved across the house to the back door and Filip made Alex stop before they left the house. "'ere put dis on." Alex gave him a wary look.


"Cause I want ta surprise ya, jus' put it on." Alex stood still as Filip wrapped a blindfold over his eyes, his hands twitching nervously as he reached a finger up to push the fabric up only to have Filip slap his hand away. "Stay 'ere." Filip whispered.

A moment later he came back with a jacket for him and Alex and helped the younger boy put his on. "I can do it m'self."

"Aw shut it." Chibs grinned, pulling on Alex's ear again. He grabbed Alex's hand and led him outside. It was cold out, much colder than usual as they were entering the late winter months. Filip grinned as he turned back to Alex, removing the blindfold slowly. "Surprise!" he grinned.

Alex's mouth dropped open, there was white stuff everywhere. Falling from the sky and landing on him but when he tried to touch the white stuff it disappeared. He watched them float down into Filip's long hair, the boy grinning with sparkling eyes. "Wha is dis stuff?" He reached up a hand trying to catch the falling stuff, he yanked back his hand with thought success, opening it to find it empty, and a small drop of water in his hand.

"It's called snow." Filip grinned, he pulled on one of Alex's curls, snow coming off and clumping together on his gloved hand. He held it out to Alex, his blue eyes glowing with wonder.

"Sno'..." He repeated quietly, touching the white on Filip's glove. "No! Wha did I do?" Alex cried when the snow disappeared under his touch, his face was drawn into a frown and his eyes were wide and scared, you'd think he just watched some horror movie.

Filip laughed at Alex's horrified face, catching a few more flakes on his glove. "'Dese are called snowflakes, they melt when ya touch 'em. Cause they're cold and yer hand is warm. So they dis'pear." Filip took off a glove and gave it to Alex. "Watch. I show ya how ta catch 'em." He glanced back to make sure Alex was watching and then held his hand up, stretching up towards the sky like that would make him reach more flakes. He then grabbed a strand of his hair, the snowflakes attaching to his glove. "See? Ya can catch 'em wif the glove."

Alex watched Filip intently, his pale blue eyes memorizing every move he made. "You try." Filip gave him a smile and Tig grinned back, he mimicked Filip's moves exactly, standing on the tips of his toes and almost falling over. He marveled at the little white crystals on his gloved hand like they were the most extraordinary thing. "You can catch 'em in your mouf too." Filip demonstrated by opening his mouth and sticking his tongue out, the white flakes resting on his tongue for a moment before disintegrating.

Tig laughed and scooped up snow from the ground, an idea entering his head. He packed the snow tightly into a ball, patting it on all sides. He glanced at Filip who was staring straight up at the sky. He waited until Filip closed his mouth and looked straight at him before launching the tightly packed snowball. It hit Filip square in the face and the boy fell back on his rear, snow clumps falling off his skin.

Filip's brown eyes glared at Alex, and the boy almost thought Filip's was mad at him until his face split in a grin. Filip stood up, shaking out his long hair like a dog does its fur. Snow flew everywhere making Alex start to giggle.

While Alex was distracted, Filip made his own snowballs, one in each hand. He ran up to Alex and smashed the snow onto each side of the younger boys head. Alex eyes going wide at the cold as it fell into his shirt, and froze against his skin. He began to jump around like a monkey, shaking out his clothes, Filip doubled over with laughter.
Alex narrowed his eyes, vengeance already taking form in his mind. He gathered up more snow from the ground, making more than one ball at a time with it. He stood there loaded with snowballs, some falling from his arms.

Filip looked up, a smile on his face as he looked at the little boy, barely visible over the mountain of snowballs. That's when one ball flew by his ear. Filip turned on his heels and ran, giggles slipping from his mouth. Alex stumbled after him throwing some more snow and dropping just as many.

Eventually the flow of snow slowed and Filip popped up from a snow bank, one that he deemed the perfect place to set up a fort.

He launched a snowball at Alex the little boy easily knocked off his feet. He sat up, brow creased in confusion as Filip began to launch snow at him. The ice spheres crashing down around him making him yank his feet out the way. He scrambled back looking for somewhere to take cover as more snowballs targeted him, seemingly following him everywhere he went. One hit the side of his wave, a wave of cold making his ears freeze. Filip came from behind the protection of the snow bank, slowly approaching Alex's dazed form as he shook the snow off.

Alex turned to see Filip approaching him, a snowball ready in hand. He pulled his arm back winding up for a throw, Alex ran trying to zigzag to safety. He should've known he'd never escape. He ran up a hill, sliding down occasionally as the snow crumbled beneath his weight, Filip pelting his backside.

Alex suddenly fell face first into the snow with a yelp, mouth filling with shaved ice, Filip's weight on his back. He couldn't see or hear but he struggled beneath Filip, the longer the older boy sat on him the farther into the snow he was pushed.

Finally Filip got up, the laughter in his throat at the way Alex yelped dying down. As soon as he was free Alex took off and Filip tried to catch him but missed, Alex

disappearing over the hill. A few moments later Filip heard a scream, a small frightened one that shut his mouth immediately. "Alex?" He called uncertainly, the younger boy was gone, and Filip couldn't see any sign of him from his place at the top of the hill. "Alex this isn't funny." He was seriously hoping it was a joke, but the longer the silence continued the more he was afraid.

"Alex? Where are ya?" He heard a muffled cry this time. His head swiveled in the direction and he saw a small pale hand sticking out of the ground, white fingers clawing at soft snow. He rushed over., falling to his knees and digging at the snow with his hands, he grabbed Alex's showing hand and pulled, and scooching his feet back. First came raven curls, then Alex's head- gasping for breath, with a few more pulls Filip wrapped his arms around the shaking smaller boy and yanked him fully out of the hole.

"Jeezes Alex! Ya a'ight?"

Alex nodded his head, teeth chattering. "C-c-c-cold." Alex rubbed his hands up and down his arms, bringing all limbs in. Filip laughed.

"How'd ya get stuck in dere?"

"Dunno, its li-like wicksand." Filip giggled again, Alex glaring at him.

"You mean quicksand."

"Whaever." He pulled away from Filip standing up, shaking off the snow, hands stuffed under his arms. His liquid eyes darted around, watching the falling snowflakes.

"Come on, lets go inside. Before we freeze." Alex stiffly nodded, still shaking.

Filip came up behind Alex and yanked down on his ears, the younger boy jumping and whipping around. "S'op it!" Hands flailing out at Filip.

"Wanna get some hot chocolate?" Filip asked, giving Alex's ears another tug.
Alex narrowed his eyes, but his face split in a grin, nodding enthusiastically, "Kay."

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