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Mori always watched out for Honey. There wasn't a moment he could remember

that they weren't together. They were in the same grade, they shared a room.

Honey even asked him to stay in the bathroom with him sometimes. Not that

Mori would mind. He loved being with the boy.

He loved the boy.

The quiet 3rd year student always kept it to himself, though. He didn't think

anyone would understand his affections. Maybe Honey would, but he never let

him know.

Said boy let out a soft mumble in his sleep. Mori laid a hand on his forehead,

feeling the way Honey's fever made the skin hot. He had been sick for two days

now, only waking to eat and use the bathroom.

He was pale, and his skin was clammy from sweat. Honey's bottom lip quivered

slightly, and he raised his thumb to suck on it. Usa-chan was clutched in the crook

of his elbow.

It broke Mori's heart to see him this way. He couldn't protect the small- and in

his eyes, delicate- boy from a sickness. All he could do was stay with him every

minute and pray he got better soon.

Peering around their room, Mori made sure they were alone. Once that was

confirmed, he got up from his seat and sat on the bed. He crossed his legs and

gently pulled Honey's head into his lap. Stroking the sleeping boy's hair, he wished

so desperately he had the ability to take Honey's pain and carry it himself.

Leaning down, Mori pressed his lips to Honey's forehead.

"I'm sorry I can't help you this time," he murmured against his skin.

Honey stirred slightly, and Mori feared he might wake up. But the sick boy only

smiled a bit and nuzzled into Mori's knee, causing a small grin to threaten his lips

as well.

Slowly, as to not disturb Honey, Mori shifted his position so he was laying down.

He pulled Honey onto his stomach and wrapped his arms around him. Honey

moved again, fisting the front of Mori's shirt and pressing his face into his neck.

Usa-chan fell from his grip and was forgotten on the floor. Honey's soft breath

tickled the skin around Mori's collarbone. Mori kissed his hair and closed his eyes,

letting himself drift off with the comforting fact that Honey was safe in his arms.




As soon as Mori's breathing evened out, signaling he was asleep, Honey opened

his eyes. The smaller boy had actually been awake when his friend was taking care

of him. It took a lot to keep a straight face and not blush when Mori kissed his

forehead. He surprised himself when he realized he liked the feel of Mori's lips on

his skin.

Honey lifted his head slowly, ignoring the pounding headache from his fever. He

saw the sleeping face of his friend, Mori. Usually, Mori had a stony expression; he

didn't like to let people see his emotions. But this time, he looked peaceful, maybe

even happy.

Honey smiled at the thought. Honey was glad Mori was finally getting some well-deserved

sleep. He hated when Mori worried about him. It only served to stress

both of them out.

Wiggling out of Mori's hold, Honey tip-toed to the door and poked his head out.

He asked the nearest maid for a tray of cakes to be delivered to his room. She

nodded and left, and Honey returned to the bed. After giving his friend a quick

kiss on the cheek, he curled up against Mori's sleeping form and closed his eyes.