When Mitsukuni Haninozuka is done being sick...


The high-pitched tone of Honey's voice resonated throughout music room #3. All

other sounds stopped as the little host sniffled and bit back tears. All eyes were

on him. One of his guests for the day leaned forward.

"Honey-sempai, are you alright?"

In answer, Honey held up his thumb, which was covered in a few drops of blood.

The girls gasped.

"Oh, Honey, how did you do that?"

"You poor thing!"

"Look! He cut his finger on a rose thorn!"

"Want me to kiss it for you, Sempai?"

Honey only whimpered and kept his eyes on the cut in his skin. The next thing

anyone saw was Honey being swept up by a tall figure and sat on a nearby couch.

It was Mori. He had come to the rescue of his friend, and now the smaller host

was sitting on the other's lap.

Worried faces from the guests soon turned to blushes and smiles. The girls

clasped their hands together and shushed each other. This was a rare sight. But

they didn't know it was all staged.

"T-Takashi?" Honey sniffled. His big brown eyes glistened with fresh tears.

"Mitsukuni," Mori said, "let me see."

Honey held up his hand, and Mori took it gently. His normally impassive face

leaked concern... and something else. Honey looked up into his eyes and

whispered his name again, only loud enough for him to hear.


Mori met his eyes and raised Honey's hand to his mouth. Gently, he began to

suck on the blood, cleaning it away.

The sound of fainting girls was ignored by the two. Mori's excessive tenderness

didn't escape Honey. He blushed slightly, hoping his friend wouldn't take notice.

Once Mori was done sucking on his wound, he pulled Honey's thumb out of his

mouth. All that was left was a tiny mark.

Mori reached into his pocket and revealed a bandage. He wrapped up his cut and

stood, placing his friend on his feet. For the remainder of their time at the club,

Mori and Honey hung by each other's sides at all times.

Back at home, Honey sat on Mori's bed. The latter was in the bathroom, and

Honey was waiting for him to return.

Honey liked Mori's bed. It was old-fashioned, one with four tall posters hung with

dark drapes. Currently, the curtains were all drawn, closing Honey in a tiny world

that consisted of sheets, pillows, and the scent of his Takashi.

The light haired boy didn't hear as his roommate opened the bathroom door and

walked across the room. Mori pulled back the drapes, seeing Honey sitting cross-legged

looking at his wrapped up thumb.

Mori stayed silent as usual, but Honey sighed and glanced up. Mori had just gotten

out of the shower and was wearing just his pajama pants. A few drops of water

slipped from his hair and landed on his toned shoulders.

"I don't like putting on acts," he said quietly. Mori sat beside him and nodded his


"Maybe Renge is right, and pretending to do these things brings in guests, but..."

Honey trailed off. Mori noticed the way his tone changed, making him sound his

age, when he was sad.

"Did it hurt you, purposefully cutting yourself on the rose?" Mori asked. He

moved closer to the smaller boy and put a hand on his back, tracing circles in it


Honey sucked in his breath at the contact. Mori's hand was warm, but his touch

sent chills down his spine. Suddenly he wanted Mori to never take his hand away.

He felt so safe with him here. Funny, he hadn't ever noticed feeling this way


"No..." Honey finally answered, shaking his head. "I just don't like lying to them."

Mori simply nodded again and slid his hand up to Honey's shoulder, massaging it


"But there is a good thing that comes from this," Honey said, his familiar,

charming, childlike voice coming back with a giggle. "I got to be closer to you."

The taller boy smiled and pulled Honey into his lap. He wrapped his arms around

his small frame. Honey was surprised; he didn't get hugs from Mori very often. He

felt warm breath at is ear, and he blushed. Was Mori about to tell him something?

"You need to take your bath now, Mitsukuni."