"Cedric run!" I heard Harry yell.

"HA!" I heard a deep voice.

I felt my body stiffen. I couldn't move. Soon after that, I passed out.

"I mean you have gotta be kidding me! This cannot be happening."

What the da fu- I thought

"Get me a mirror Pettigrew!"

"Y-y-yes sir"

"Dammit Peter! I have no reflection, what potion where you making?"

"T-t-this one my Lord, the Reviving of the Dead one."

"You bloody nitwit! You dirty unicorn I'm gonna rip your horn off! This spell is to bring someone back as a vampire! First off this one didn't make my skin as soft as a baby's bottom, and now I am terribly thirsty!"

"What about the wizard you traumatized Potter with? You can drink from him and ask him how he keeps his skin so soft, and his complexion so smooth. "

I opened my eyes slightly.

"Yes indeed." Said Voldy,"I wanted to torture him though"

Yikes! I thought. He, who must not be name, now had had fangs!

"COME HERE YOUNG WIZARD" Voldy summoned me.

"Hippogriff urine." I said a in a matter-of-factly tone.

"Excuse moi?" asked Voldemort

"That is why my skin is so soft and my complexion so smooth." I said

"Write that down Peter." Said Voldemort

Peter went off in search of a pen and paper wondering off his back hunched.

"I am sorry I must do this, drinking from such a handsome boy but I am thirst and cannot drink from Peter because I am still in need f him but if you become faithful to me, I will preserve your good looks and just take a small sip of you."

"Okay." I said. I mean come on, eternal good looks? Give me two doses.

What happened next was very gross. I mean think about it. No one's mouth has ever been on my neck except Cho. (I am so glad I don't have to dump her)

"I will send you back in time and you are never to tell anyone about this alright?" said Voldy

"Deal bro." I said. Peter came back with some notes about my beautiful skin and a locket.

"This will take you back in time; you will replace a vampire from that time and I don't know the rest. Well off be you and send me a post card." After that everything was a blur. Until I woke up.

"Edward, you have been watching me for an hour, you can stop now. Nothing is gonna happen." Said a feminine voice.

"Bloody hell! Where am I?" I said startled.

"Eddie, when did you get a British accent? Are you sleep walking or something?" said a pale girl with warm brown eyes.

"What is the year?" I asked.

"2011" replied the girl.

S*** I thought, never trust a man with no nose.

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