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Ginny slammed the door to the Potions classroom, entering with a scowl on her face. She stormed to her seat at the back of the room and threw her bag to the floor.

"Twenty points from Gryffindor." Snape's dry voice filled the spacious, dark room. The few Gryffindor students in the lesson groaned and sent Ginny sympathetic looks. Snape was in a foul mood.

"What? I wasn't even late!"

"Your excessive door slamming irritated me, you have no tie and I don't like you. Ten more points from Gryffindor. And don't even think about opening your mouth to question me."

Ginny closed her gaping jaw. She slouched in her seat at the back of the room and prepared for the lesson ahead, setting out her quill, ink and parchment neatly on the scratched, wooden table.

Five minutes into Snape's lecture on the Polyjuice potion's effects, the door flew open again. Draco stood in the entrance, pushing back his hair. He sent a brief nod to the Professor, looked around and spotted Ginny. The smirk that was constantly present on his face only grew.

He seated himself next to her, ignoring the questioning glances sent his way. He casually shrugged his bag off his shoulder onto the floor and leant back into his chair, relaxing.

Half the lesson passed without any interruption, Ginny taking notes on the long-winded, sarcastic talk from Snape.

"The long-term effects of excessive use is exaggerated hair growth, drying out of the skin and…" There was a hand on her leg. A hand belonging to Draco Malfoy. A hand that shouldn't be on her leg.

Ginny slapped the hand off her leg. She was still annoyed at him for quite literally, dropping her at the last minute.

"…If the Lacewings are not crushed to a fine enough powder, the potion will not have the desired qualities of Polyjuice Potion, but instead of…" The hand was back. Higher on her thigh.

Ginny shifted in her seat, beginning to become aroused. Draco chuckled under his breath, knowing her secret. His hand gradually edged further and further up, brushing her skirt aside as he delved beneath the fabric. He was now touching the skin just below her knickers line.

He began to rub tiny circles into her smooth skin. Ginny gasped loudly and the students sitting in front of her spun around. Luckily they were Gryffindors.

"Are you okay? Is Malfoy harassing you?"

Draco squeezed her thigh in warning.

"No, I… I just remembered I hadn't locked Pig in his cage."

The Gryffindor sent her a very strange look and glared at Draco. Draco smirked and tickled Ginny's inner thigh. She squirmed violently in her seat and pinched his arm.

Draco sent a frown her way, and rubbed his arm, taking his hand off her thigh. Ginny sighed in relief.

"The potion needs to be brewed for a month, else it will end up as a completely different potion. Potentially dangerous, an under brewed Polyjuice potion can cause high levels of lust, jealousy and quick mood changes due to the properties of flaxweed…"

Draco's foot curled around Ginny's ankle and pulled it closer to his leg. His fingers ghosted up her left leg, skated along her upper thigh, around her hip and wrapped around her waist.

Ginny could feel his heat burning into her skin, regardless of the voluminous robes blocking their skin from touching. The pressure of his arm made her arch her back in an attempt to get away from the Slytherin. He yanked Ginny closer to him, the chair scraping the stone floor loudly. The sound echoed in the cold, dank room.

Snape's head snapped around. His eyes focused on the red head at the back of the room.

"Twenty points from Gryffindor."

Ginny stood up, eyes flashing with anger.


"Sit down, Miss Weasley. You are disrupting the lesson."

Ginny thumped back into her seat, fuming. Draco smirked at her. His arm, which had fallen off when Ginny had stood, was now on the back of her chair.

Finally, after another ten minutes of Snape's monotone lecture, the lecture was over. Thankfully, Draco had tried anything else with her. Ginny was so furious at the two Slytherins, Snape and Draco, that she might have torn his arm off.

"I bet he wouldn't get all the girls he does now without his right arm." Ginny thought viciously.

Whoa, where did that come from? Ginny shook her head hard in an attempt to jolt it out of her mind. She didn't want to start getting jealous of Draco, she didn't even care about him. Stupid idiot.

Ginny stormed out of the classroom, her bag hitting the door as she passed it. She didn't even think of where she was going, she knew she had Transfiguration next so her feet automatically took her along the winding corridors that led to McGonagall's classroom.

Suddenly she was pulled into an alcove and a pair of strong arms pushed her against the wall. A hard body was pressed against her, and there were lips and teeth grazing her neck.

"I need you." His rough voice sent shivers down Ginny's spine. She ran her fingers down his shoulders and wrapped his tie around her hand, pulling him closer.

"Why did you drop me on the floor? That hurt, you bastard."

"Shut up."

His hand grabbed her waist and squeezed it roughly.

"No. My arse is bruised, and it hurts to sit down. That is all your fault, you little prick."

Draco drew back, mouth turned up in a genuine smile.

"Your arse is bruised? Can I see it?" Draco winked at Ginny, something that sent butterflies fluttering around her stomach. She held her resolve.

Slipping out from underneath his arm, Ginny ran her hands down her uniform, smoothing it. Without looking back, she walked away from the platinum blonde still leaning against the wall, his arms supporting him.

She didn't see him bashing his head lightly against the stone in frustration.

Ginny lay back on the Gryffindor common room's sofa, and blew out a deep breath. She coughed a couple of times, still trying to get Trelawney's smoke out of her lungs.

Someone sat on Ginny's legs.

"Ow! What the hell?"

Hermione leant over, her face dangling over her friends.

"How's your romance with Malfoy going?"

"Shush!" Ginny sat up, head whipping around the room to find any eavesdroppers. "Nothing is happening with him! The little bastard started making out with me this morning and then literally dropped me on my arse when Parkinson started calling to him in her whiny, stupid voice. Prick. And then, he has the presumption to sexually harass me in class and pull me into an alcove to kiss me, whilst telling me to shut up."

"Are you now sexually frustrated?"

Ginny pushed Hermione off the sofa, giggling. "No! I just want to publicly humiliate his skinny little ass. Badly."

"Ooo! That sounds like fun! When will this delightful activity take place?"

"Whenever I think of it. It's got to be big, he's really pissed me off."

Ginny went to bed satisfied.

She was going to irritate Draco to hell and back.

Just as soon as she thought of how to do it.

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