The Rain and The Sun Chapter One

Why do they hate me? It's not like I did anything. They chase me threw the streets every night. Of course I don't know how I usually manage to get away. I guess some one is ordered to stop them by jiji. I guess that would be it but if that's the case then how come are they still chasing me I have to do this on my own tonight. THERE! An open sewage drain. I make a break for the sewer knowing it's my only chance. Looking back I can see them gaining on me coming around the corner I'm not going make it to the sewer before they catch me!


"Hey kid you okay?" The little blond boy heard from above him. Looking up he saw a man wearing common ninja attire a flak jacket ninja pants and a headband. The headband was blank which was weird he also had on some dark aviator glasses covering his eyes. "Kid. Hey kid can you hear me?" the blonde boy screamed and curled into fetal position at the mans terrifying disposition. Looking at the little whisker cheeked boy cringe he starts to notice the crowd coming towards him and the small underfed child. "Who are you?" came a voice from the crowd. "Yeah, what are you doing with the demon" confused the purple haired man looked around, wondering what the man had been talking about he asked "Excuse me, but where the hell is a demon? The crowd, now seemingly shaking with annoyance almost all yell in unison " THERE THAT THING RIGHT THERE!" pointing at the small child slowly crawling toward the sewer but now had stopped and turned to look at the mob and the man. Said man look now darkened and he stated lowly to the world " Oh now I see the demon. Well then, it must be eliminated."

The crowd hearing this started yelling things like "Yeah kill the beast!" or "This is for you Yondaime-sama." but that all stopped when the man turned from the boy who was shaking with fear, a scream caught in his throat , to the crowd of rampaging villagers and ninjas now staring at them with what looked like a hateful glare a green light coming from behind his glasses. The villagers were frozen in fear well the ninjas looked reproachful like they were unsure if all of them could take a single man and a small child. The man's hair which usually lay flat on his head down to his shoulders was now raising into the air the wind was ripping around is face like it was forming a small twister. He raised his hand saying "By the storms any who see a harmless child as a demon are the true demons." The crowd who are all now terrified at this man's level of futon manipulation, realising that he was easily an elite jonin maybe even kage level ninja. The man who's hand is now resting at chest level with his body facing sideways.

The wind picked up now sending his hair everywhere he pulled his hand back and as he was about to send it forward an anbu ninja appeared holding his hand the mans wolf mask had two eyes but the right eye had something covering it up underneath the mask. The purple haired man's wind stopped letting his hair fall the wolf masked man said " Thank you for the help sir." Looking around the man saw more masked anbu surrounding the crowd continuing his speech he said " But we'll take it from here" The man obviously slightly annoyed that he hadn't noticed that anbu had arrived in his rage. " Fine but I still say they are the real demons" he stated angrily spitting out to the side. The man in the wolf mask looked at the mob that had planned to kill the child distastefully. "I agree well time for them to die" He said with sounded like a smile. Turning to the crowd he yelled loud enough for them to all hear him " BY ORDER OF THE HOGAKE YOU ARE ALL SENTENCED TO DEATH FOR BREAKING THE LAW PERTAINING TO ONE NARUTO UZUMAKI." the ninjas then all jumped at the crowd slaughtering them with kunai's and a few jutsu well the sound of chirping birds filled the air.

The man looked at the now identified child Naruto Uzumaki. Looking down at him he kneeled down next to him so he could look into his cerulean blue eyes " Now kid I'm going to say this one more time, you okay?" the strange powerful man said with a smile on his face rubbing the now smiling child's hair. " Yeah I'm fine saviour-san, believe it!" Looking at the kid strangely he started laughing " Hahaha I like you kid you got some spunk they said you name was Naruto Uzumaki right?" Naruto now had a giant fox grin on his face. "Hell yeah, believe it!" the man who also had on a giant smile said " Well then little maelstrom my name is Hariken Tatsumaki. So I take it you're an orphan parent's killed in the kyuubi attack right?" The boy instantly sobered up. " Yeah well that's what jiji says any ways." Hariken felt really sorry for the kid but at least he still had his grandfather. "Well come on Naruto let's get you home to your grand father."

Naruto looked at him curiously then widened his eyes as if he just realised something and said. "Jiji isn't my real grandfather he's just the Hokage." A little surprised that this child referred to the most powerful man in his village as an old man. Moving on he said " Either way let's get you to him, I've got some words for that man." See this as a threat Naruto bursts out now standing up so he's taller than the kneeling man don't get mad at jiji it's not his fault the council is a bunch of jerks!" Not missing a beat Hariken said " Of course not I just have some things I want discuss with the Hokage I'm not mad at him at all he's probably done all he could. Now come little maelstrom." Naruto smiling at the fact that Hariken wasn't mad said " Okay. Come on hurricane-nii, let's go see jiji."

XxXxXxXxXxXxX Time skip XxXxXxXxXxXx

The Hokage sat in his office looking at the massive amount of paper work in front of him. "Dear log is stuff endless?" Well saying this he heard a knock on the door " Log you are a saviour. YOU CAN COME IN" said the stressed old man. When the door opened in came first a beaming Naruto to which the Hokage smiled which soon turned into a frown seeing Hariken coming in to the room. "Hello Naruto, and you are?" The Sandaime said looking at the strange man with purple hair. " Hello Sarutobi-dono, my name is Hariken Tatsumaki. I'm a ronin from the edge of the fire country. I was trained by my father figure in a temple called the House of Elements with my 4 siblings Whose names I will not disclose I am a wind element user at an elite jonin level." The Hokage was impressed by this mans boast and Naruto looking awestruck at this point shouted " WOW, THAT'S AWESOME!" Sarutobi chuckling at Naruto's comment said "Yes, most impressive, but what is exactly the point of this visit and boast of skills." Hariken smiles at this and says " I would like to join Konoha's forces. Also I wish to ask a favour but I request that Naruto leaves the room for it." Sarutobi liking the idea of it said. " Well the idea of you joining the forces is tempting now that I can match you to the ANBU report. It stated that you had an immense killing intent and extreme mastering of futon manipulation. Hmm I'll here your request Naruto please leave the room." Naruto who had been looking in between the two in awe, simply said "Okay." and left the room.

XxXxXxXxXxXx outside the Hokage's office five minutes later XxXxXxXxXxXx

" Oh, what's taking them so long." Naruto said being impatient. Not noticing both men come out of the older man's office jumped when he heard "Naruto." Turning around he saw both men looking down at him smiling. " Hey jiji, hurricane-nii what's up?" At this Sarutobi said "Well in exchange for some amazing info Hariken will be joining our forces of ninjas at a jonin level. He also has been awarded an apartment in the ninja only complex. Oh and he has a surprise for you as well." Now jumping with excitement all but yelled " Really what is , what is, what is it!" Laughing at the boy's enthusiasm Hariken said "I'll tell you when we get there." "YAY!"

XxXxXxXxXxXx Konoha Streets XxXxXxXxXxXx

"So this is your home huh little maelstrom" Naruto looking up at the ratty apartment sadly "Yeah so I guess your going home now. Can you come see me tomorrow please?" At that Hariken burst out laughing saying "I'm sorry Naruto I can't keep it in anymore I'm not letting you stay here. In fact I'm probably going to burn the building down since no one else lives here." Now on the verge of tears Naruto looks at him saying "Why. After all you did for me you're going to burn my house down so I have no home, why would you do that?" Still smiling the purple headed man said "I am not leaving you here and I'm burning it down because this building probably holds bad memories for you" Naruto now had on a blank look not getting what he was saying questioned "If you're not leaving me here and you're still going to burn my house down after I get my stuff then where am I going to stay?" Hariken had on a poker face seeing that the kid was still not getting it. " Little maelstrom, you're coming home with me, I adopted you." Naruto was speechless looking at his now surrogate brother crying tears of joy. Still not knowing what to say he Latched onto him well he cried. Looking at his now little brother he said come on otouto let's go home.

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