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Chapter 1- Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

The first snowfall of the season arrived early in Domino City. It was only Thanksgiving morning and usually the first snowfall would appear closer to Christmas. Much of Domino was surprised by this sudden weather pattern, especially the weathermen who were constantly reporting on it. This kind of weather sparked Holiday excitement. People were now delighted and eager to await the arrival of Christmas. With Black Friday shopping being tomorrow, people would be exceptionally excited about the Holidays.

Everyone but one lonely soul….

Seto Kaiba sat in his usual spot in his enormous mansion, his office in the west wing. Most people on Thanksgiving morning would be preparing for a large dinner with their families, travelling to visit loved ones, or even deer hunting at dawn. Not Seto Kaiba. He was working briskly as if today was just another normal day in his busy life. Kaiba never enjoyed holidays as much as some people did, like his brother, Mokuba, for example. Mokuba loved practically every holiday. The young teenager had such an authentic spirit about life that made Kaiba slightly envious, wishing he could be more like his brother in that way. Yet, no matter how hard Kaiba had tried he just could not look at life that way. He had been through too much pain in his life that the simple things had become complicated. The fact that Kaiba had no one in his family but Mokuba made Thanksgiving and Christmas difficult holidays to celebrate. They didn't have parents or anyone else to celebrate with. It was a situation that was challenging for both of the Kaiba brothers.

Kaiba preferred to keep the holidays simple, and Thanksgiving was no exception. Thanksgiving for the Kaiba brothers consisted of a meal and that was it. No travelling, no deer hunting, no watching NFL Football, and absolutely no hectic and absurd Black Friday shopping the next morning. Mokuba had pleaded with him multiple times before about making Thanksgiving and Christmas more thrilling, however, Kaiba refused every time his kid brother had asked. Kaiba was sure today would be no different. Mokuba would ask to do something and he would decline. This wasn't because he didn't want to please his brother; it was just because Kaiba didn't have the spirit for it.

Taking his first delicious sips of his morning coffee, Kaiba heard the pitter patter of fast moving feet making their way down the long hallway of the mansion. His mahogany office door burst open and Kaiba's raven-haired little brother made his was up to his elder with an extra large smile slapped onto his innocent face.

"Seto!" Mokuba bellowed, "There's snow outside! Look! Look!"

Smirking at his kid brother's appearance, Kaiba saw that Mokuba's hair was messy and he was still in his bright blue pajamas. The first thing Mokuba must've done was look out his window, open it, and stick his head out. The exhilaration in his pale gray eyes made Kaiba wonder where Mokuba had generated all of his excitement. Kaiba knew it sure wasn't him. Snow, or weather in general, never seemed to rouse the elder Kaiba, however, it thrilled Mokuba for no given reason other than the fact that he was so light-hearted about everything.

"I already saw it when I woke up this morning," Kaiba said, taking another sip of his warm pick-me-up.

"We have to build a snowman, Seto! This is just too awesome to pass up!" Mokuba's smile grew and his eyes seemed to emit eagerness. It was Mokuba's pleading eyes that made it tough for Kaiba not to cave into every one of his younger brother's demands.

Kaiba put up a stern front, "Mokuba, I am very busy."

The raven-haired teen frowned and crossed his arms, "You are always busy. Seto, it's Thanksgiving and there is about 4 inches of snow outside. Today is about being a family, so let's do something fun, like build a snowman! We can even name him after you if you wanted."

There was silence for a few moments before the elder chose to reply, "I'm preparing for tomorrow."

'Urgh, Black Friday is tomorrow….' Mokuba thought, 'Revenues will be through the roof tomorrow morning and the preparation for it can be difficult. No matter what I say he will refuse it.' Regardless of the nagging disappointment that Mokuba felt, he still attempted to talk his brother out of his treacherous and tedious work, "Seto, why don't you just take a break? There is a reason why most workplaces are closed on days like today, so that people get a chance to be with their families. Everyone needs time off, and I know you need it more than anyone. In the end, you'd probably appreciate it."

Kaiba stole another sip from his coffee while he mused over his little brother's viewpoint. It would be a good thing for him to get a break, however, there was just too much to do and Kaiba couldn't afford the time off. The holidays were the busiest time of the year, especially for corporations. Being the CEO of Kaiba Corporation made free time excruciatingly problematic to obtain.

Setting his coffee mug down slowly and taking a deep breath, Kaiba replied in the most caring voice he could muster, "Mokuba, I am just too occupied with work right now. I will see you for our Thanksgiving meal at twelve-thirty, alright?"

Mokuba wanted to scream at his brother. Seto never wanted to do anything with him anymore! It was almost as if he didn't want to be a family anymore... Mokuba would make sure that his brother knew what it felt like to have a loved one gone all of the time.

Taking a few steps back, Mokuba shook his head, his eyes burning with a fiery dissatisfaction, and finally he made his way out of the office, leaving his brother to take a long, burning gulp of his coffee.

The snow looked beautiful as it fell to the ground in dwindling, swirling circles. The white, sparkly fluff swooshed under his black boots, leaving footprints to follow him wherever he went. The wind was slight yet fair enough to hit his bare face in just the right way to make his skin gain goose bumps.

Mokuba had walked from the Kaiba mansion all the way to Domino City's downtown park. The park sparkled with life. Children were running around, throwing snowballs at each other, couples were holding hands and taking a stroll, people were out walking their dogs, and families were spending time with each other. Happiness emitted from the park, and it made Mokuba gloomy and furious. Why couldn't his ignorant brother realize that life wasn't just work!? Life was spending time with your family, and in Seto's case, his only family. Mokuba would never understand why Seto decided to tie himself down to Kaiba Corp. all of the time. It was a life that Mokuba would never choose in a million years….

Crouching over, Mokuba gathered a small chunk of snow in his hands and formed it into a ball. Swinging his arm back, Mokuba took aim at a nearby tree and threw the snowball as hard and as fast as he could. The snowball hit the tree and stuck to it perfectly. 'That felt good,' He thought, getting the bottled up anger out of his system. Picking up more snow from the frosty ground, Mokuba bunched it and took aim once again, chucking the snowball with all of his might. The snowball made contact perfectly, except…


….it hit the wrong target.

"Oh my gosh!" Mokuba shrieked, "I'm so sorry!" He ran over to the woman who was the unfortunate receiver of his anger-driven snowball. She was kneeling on the cold ground, holding her left cheek with shaky hands. Her hair was the color of the freshly fallen snow and was a mess from the snowball that had just made contact.

Mokuba kneeled down next to her, "I'm so terribly sorry, miss, I didn't mean to hit you!"

She was shaking and quite.

Mokuba asked, "Are you alright?"

Her soft blue eyes looked up at him and she smiled slightly and sweetly, "I'm alright. I didn't mean to cross your snowball path, it's my fault."

"No, no, you didn't know! I shouldn't have been throwing snowball's in a park packed with people in the first place," Mokuba enlightened, "how is your cheek?"

She slowly let her thin hands fall from her face. Her pale facial features were all red on the left side of her face, "How does it look?"

Mokuba frowned, "It's pretty red…. I'm so sorry…."

She smiled again, "Don't you worry about it."

The young Kaiba stood up and offered out his hand, "Let me help you up."

She took his offer and thanked him, brushing the snow out of her frazzled hair and off of her tattered clothing as she stood.

Mokuba took in the sight of her. She was wearing an old, patched up brown jacket, a pair of ripped up and scrubby blue jeans, and shoes that were not fit for the snow at all, they contained various holes and Mokuba could see her discolored socks underneath. The strangest thing to Mokuba was the dirty, off-color cloth that was wrapped tightly around the palms of her hands and down her wrists.

"I'm Mokuba," he let out his hand for her to shake.

She took his hand once again and shook it meekly, "Kisara."

The young boy smiled brightly, "That's a nice name! It's nice to meet you, Kisara."

"You too, Mokuba."

"Sorry again for hitting you, I truly did not mean to."

Kisara let out a soft giggle, "Seriously, Mokuba, don't worry about it one bit, I'm fine." She smiled to give Mokuba a little reassurance, "Honestly, it's just nice to have somebody to talk to."

Mokuba cocked his head to the side in confusion, "What do you mean?"

Kisara laughed, "No one wants to talk to a homeless person, Mokuba, except you…."

Mokuba was still confused, sure the clothes explained her situation but the fact that no one would want to talk to her was beyond him. Kisara seemed so nice. A person would be a fool not to chat with her, "Why don't they want to talk to you?"

Kisara was silent for a few moments before replying flatly, "I'm homeless. People don't care about me."

"Not even other homeless people?"

Kisara frowned slightly and shook her head, "Not even them. Most homeless keep to themselves, or at least the ones that I've met."

"Where is your family?" The curious boy asked.

Kisara's frown deepened, "Now, that's a story for a different time…."

Mokuba still wanted to know, "Do you have a family?"

The white-haired woman simply shook her head; "I haven't seen my family in a while."

Mokuba's gray eyes fell to the snow-covered ground, "Oh, I'm sorry…."

Kisara decided to ask the questions this time, "Where is your family, Mokuba?"

The young teen looked into her deep blue eyes, they reminded him of the only family member he had. That only family member didn't even want to spend time with his brother on Thanksgiving. Kisara lacked a family and would probably be joyous to just have one person to call family. Seto had that and didn't even want to enjoy it. Mokuba shook his head to keep himself from getting angry and sad once again, "My family doesn't really want to spend any time with me today…."

"Not even on Thanksgiving?"

The raven-haired teenager shook his head and dropped his gaze to the frosty ground once again.

Kisara felt sympathy towards the young man and placed a thin hand on his shoulder, with her other hand she tilted his head up so he was looking her in the eyes. "It'll all be okay, Mokuba, I promise."

Her blue eyes were extremely promising and Mokuba's face lightened up, "Are you sure about that, Kisara?"

She smiled, "Yes, I am. We can never lose hope. Things will get better." She let go of his face and shoulder and gently patted him on the back.

A few moments passed without either one of them saying anything. Mokuba decided to ask Kisara another question, "What're you doing for Thanksgiving, Kisara?"

"Nothing," she said flatly, as if it should've been an obvious fact.

Mokuba quickly grabbed her arm and looped theirs together, "Want to come have Thanksgiving with me? We can be family!"

Family? Was Mokuba being serious? Meeting a random stranger and asking them to come and have Thanksgiving with him, was he crazy? He even asked a homeless person nonetheless! Was he losing his mind?

"Uh…. Are you sure about this, Mokuba?" Kisara asked.

Mokuba smiled and nodded at her, "Of course I am!" He began walking her back towards the Kaiba mansion.

The biggest smile formed across Kisara's soft face. She had just found hope.

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