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Chapter 1: A Different beginning.

5 of November of 1990.

For most this was an ordinary day, if you could call ordinary the fact that a vast majority of the wizarding population of England was still celebrating the downfall of the one that called himself Lord Voldemort.

But for one Albus Dumbledore this day began as ordinary and would rapidly escalate into surreal. The repercussions this day would bring to not only the Wizarding World but the World at large would not be felt for years.

The events of the fifth day of November had their beginning on November the first when a message was send after a certain event came to pass, that event was none other than the deaths of Lily and James Potter.

The message which had been sent by owl on the early hours of November the first arrived at its destination on the evening of the same day, a considerable feat taking into account that the recipient of said letter was currently in Japan.

To say the recipient of said letter was surprised would be an understatement, but a sense of honor, dread and in no small part pride in the lineage of the sender compelled the recipient – after careful consideration – to travel to England with haste and seek an audience with the one better informed of the situation described on the letter.


Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, headmaster's office.


Albus Dumbledore was a very busy man and even as the magical side of England still celebrated the defeat of Voldemort he knew that the world wouldn't stop spinning and bureaucracy would keep making its way into his office. It was during a break in revising both Hogwarts and Wizengamot related matters, that he allowed his eyes to wander on what for all purposes was his home.

The office had a rectangular appearance, on one of the smallest walls is located the entrance to the headmasters office while in the opposite corner was a sturdy dark wood table in which he was currently sitting, behind him is Fawkes perch and shelf's filled with books , on his left are cabinets filled with various trinkets that he acquired during his lifetime including his pensieve; all around the office high on the walls are the portraits of the past headmasters of Hogwarts doing whatever it is that animated quasi-sentient portraits do.

An alien sound broke the peace in the office making him look in the direction of the object emitting said sound – merely for confirmation since he already knew the meaning of the warning; the silvery object that looks remarkably like a gyroscope resting in his desk alerts him when someone is standing in front of the gargoyle that leads to his office seeking an audience. Quickly waving his wand over the object, produced a grey mist that in seconds cleared to reveal the scene from the point of view of the stone gargoyle. What was revealed by the mist was both expected and unexpected, the expected part was of course one of his staff the half-giant by the name of Rubeus Hagrid the keeper of keys and grounds of Hogwarts, that the gatekeeper was in the presence of someone was not a rare event, sometimes some of his allies came to Hogsmeade on business and made a little detour for pleasant conversation.

No what made this unusual is due to the fact he didn't recognize the young woman with Hagrid, curious he gave the order to allow them into his office bidding them to enter just as Hagrid was about to knock a technique he employed to maintain his aura of the all knowing grandfather, of course this was no special skill but simple timing.

Hagrid entered first, his face showing the surprise that is always on his face when Dumbledore did his little trick. Hagrid was a big man easily twice as big and five times as wide as a grown adult, his hair was a black, long and wild tangled mess and his beard was not that far behind, by contrast with his very intimidating looks his eyes glinted like black beetles showing joy and a childlike curiosity.

His companion was practically the opposite of the large man. She was around 1,60 with a body that would make women scream in envy, she had long pink hair tied by a black ribbon, fair skin and a kind face, her choice of clothes consisted in black jeans and a green woolen shirt that hugged her curves most beautifully, but what made Dumbledore stare isn't her beauty or even the uncommon pink hair, but her aura and her jade green eyes, eyes that he had only seen on two people before, the first was Lily Potter and the second was her son Harry Potter the same Harry Potter that was being hailed as the boy-who-lived, vanquisher of Voldemort.

Still the eyes could be coincidence and warranted only a passing thought, since his instincts, more accurately is battle instincts – the ones that carried him safely trough Grindelwald's war and more recently Voldemort – are practically screaming at him to draw the Elder Wand and curse this woman to oblivion and to not stop until not even the ashes remained. It was only due to his immense mental fortitude that the only visible sign was the tightening of his eyes and an almost imperceptible shift into a position that would allow him to draw his wand and start casting in the same movement while still seated. The slight smile that blossomed on her lips told him that she had noticed and considered not only his actions amusing but futile. The fact that her aura didn't change in the slightest calmed him down enough to restart his brain in diplomat mode, because obviously the woman – if he could call her that or even human for that matter – was simply here to talk, but caution was required.

"Headmaster," started Hagrid slightly uncomfortably. "Miss Akasha requested an audience."

So her name was Akasha, strangely the name ringed something in his mind but he couldn't say what, deciding to put the matter for another time he decided to address the moment.

"Thank you Hagrid you may leave." And with a bow he watched Hagrid leave the office and close the door leaving him alone with the puzzle that is the woman.

"Miss Akasha please take a seat," he indicated one of the two chairs in front of his desk to which the woman complied sitting in a way that would make most pure-bloods cry with envy at her elegance proving that she was of noble descent. 'Interesting'. "Lemon drop?" pointing at the basin of sweets he decided to start the conversation with is usual ice-breaker.

"No thank you," she declined with a small shake of her right hand. "If you don't mind Headmaster I would like to get down to the reason that brought me here since my time is regretfully on the short side." She reinforced her statement by adopting a more serious façade.

Dumbledore didn't react to her rejection of his favorite candies, truth be told he was used to it since few are the ones that actually accept. "Tea?" It was both a delaying as it was a genuine offer of courtesy. "Yes, I that would be much appreciated." And with that answer he proceeded to one of his cabinets were he kept all the utensils required to brew good old English tea. Fortunately the teapot was enchanted and it only took a few seconds for the water to boil, pouring two cups and placing one in front of his guest he started the meeting.

"Very well Miss Akasha, so what exactly brings someone," And he decided to tackle the bull by the horns so to speak, he would later attribute this slip as being unnerved by her aura. "Who is not a common magic user, or dare I say not human to my humble abode?"

To the information that she was not human, her reaction was to simply smile once more. "Your reputation is well deserved Mister Dumbledore, few would be able to realize that in such a short time," To this he only gave a smile, his mind awhirl with thoughts trying to decipher her intentions, his musing were interrupted by her words. "What brings me here is one Harry James Potter."

"I beg your pardon!" He exclaimed in a tone of voice that clearly showed he had not been expecting this topic.

"Mister Dumbledore I received a letter on the first of November of your time from someone who had no reason to contact me, imagine my surprise when I gazed at the contents of said letter, and for reasons I can and will explain, I decided to accede the request outlined in the letter," when she finished her explanation Dumbledore's thoughts were in two things only. The contents of said letter, and the person who sent a letter with information about Harry Potter.

"May I examine the letter Miss Akasha?"

Silently she rummaged in one of her pockets and handled a slightly crumpled letter to which he proceeded to read.

Lady Bloodriver

My name is Lily Potter, as you could have deduced by the sender in the envelope, what is not so easily deduced is that my maiden name is Evans. Yes, that Evans. My grandmother used to tell me stories of you, the times when she served the house of Bloodriver, and the connection between your house and my family.

I wish this letter would by a happy thing perhaps a thank you letter for all you did for my family but unfortunately it's not.

I don't know if you are aware of the troubles in the magical community of Great Britain, but to make a long story short a dark lord named Voldemort is terrorizing Wizarding Britain, he and his followers who name themselves Death Eaters are creating chaos and due to the fact that Death Eaters are purebloods and magical Britain is ruled by purebloods, well you can see the problem.

The reason I'm writing this letter is due to the recent Intel acquired by Albus Dumbledore, which revealed that Voldemort is targeting my son. Why? I don't know but my husband, myself and my son Harry have gone into hiding.

If you are reading this letter than I am most likely dead.

But my son should be alive, I am going to do something to make certain that he survives. I am going to force the Evans lineage to awaken with the event of my dead.

I ask of you Lady Bloodriver that you take Harry under your protection at the very least until he turns eleven, which is the age were wizards start attending Hogwarts.

If you accept my plea, go to Gringotts in Diagon Alley and they should provide you with a key to Harry's vault, use that money to pay for his expenses.


Lily Potter nee Evans.

P.S. Headmaster Albus Dumbledore should know where Harry is and how to go about receiving guardianship.

He finished reading the letter and then reread it one more time to be certain he caught everything, his thoughts are predictably a mess, and he hasn't felt this out of his dept since Grindelwald started his conquest of Europe during the second muggle world war.

But what really caught his attention was that: a) The Evans family was connected in some part with the magical world long before Lily started at Hogwarts and, b) Lily had described how she had protected young Harry.

And despite how fascinating it was he had no idea what the Evans lineage implied and that troubled him. Oh, he didn't claimed to know everything despite how the majority of the Wizarding World thought just that of him, but he had known Lily both before and after her marriage and if he was frank there was nothing that suggested a magical lineage, well with the exception of her eyes. Eyes, that Lily shared with this woman. 'Most intriguing.'

"Bloodriver is your family name I presume Miss Akasha?" Removing his eyes from the letter and focusing them on the woman in front of him he inquired.

"Yes that is correct. Although I didn't thought that would be your first question." she inclined her head to the right and a small amused smile appeared on her lips.

Nodding his head he decided to also offer a small smile and proceeded to ask what he really wanted. "The Evans lineage what is it, what is your connection with the Evans and how could Lily Potter grandmother have known you?" He made certain the last question received an emphasis.

Adopting a more relaxed position on the chair the woman started the story of why the Evans had a connection with the Bloodrivers and what a story it was.

"First Mister Dumbledore may I call you Albus?" He nodded at this and she continued. "Then, please call me Akasha. To answer your last question first, yes I did knew Lily's grandmother and the reason for that is, I am a Shinso."

He was certain his eyes should be comically open. He of course knows what a Shinso is, also known as the True Ancestors. They are the pinnacle of vampires the purebloods of the vampire world, the ones all the lesser vampires originated. No one knows for certain their origin but their power is all too real and that probably explained why he sees this woman as a treat. Suddenly he realized why this woman's name was familiar. Akasha Bloodriver the Shinso, and one of the Three Dark Lords of the Yōkai world. This was a sobering thought.

"I can see by the look in your eyes that you recognized me. Be assured Albus I mean no harm unless you force me to. But let's not get off topic." taking a sip of her tea which remarkably was still hot she continued in a tone that told him she was remembering the distant past.

"It was around 400 years ago when Angelica was born in what was at the time Transylvania, now known as Romania. Angelica was born the third daughter of a farmer, being a girl she was expected to marry a nice man have children and raise them, this was blown to pieces when the young lord of the barony to which the village belonged took advantage of Angelica and left her pregnant, her father to get rid of the shame kicked her out of the house. Sounds cruel but those were the times.

I came across Angelica when by chance I decided to go for a walk around the extensive property of my family, noticing that she was pregnant and looked like she had been living on the streets I took her with me, she had a fever and most likely would have died, I decided to give her some of my blood. This had consequences, not for her but for her baby.

When she woke, and realized her situation she was predictably frightened but the concern for her unborn child won and she decided to work for me as a sort of maid. When her daughter Camellia was born it was clear that she was not truly human, she was what you would call a Dhampir. A hybrid, half-human and half-vampire. And since I was effectively her master I retained her loyalty. That was basically the beginning of the Evans lineage."

Dumbledore spend a few seconds simply staring at the woman since the end of her tale, he could admit to himself that he had not seen this one coming. Dhampirs…

There are two kinds, the ones who are born from a vampire-human relation and the ones who receive the blood of the master vampire and become for lack of better term servants, many will eventually change into vampires themselves if they receive constant injections of blood from their master, but a great majority serve the master vampire until their death, it was said they didn't fall sick and their bodies were graced with toughness, augmented strength and capable of moving faster than normal humans, there was also the rumor of the Dhampirs capacity during a short amount of time to replicate the power of their master.

"So, this Angelica became your maid and changed her name last name to Evans correct?" At her nod he continued. "Her daughter and the future Evans all served your family, until I suppose Lily's mother was born, why did the tradition stop?"

"That is simple. Because the blood went dormant, and the original contract with Angelica was for her family to serve mine for as long as the blood was active." Her response answered the question of why Lily decided to awake the dormant Evans blood in Harry, and he supposed that could only be achieved by a blood sacrifice. Blood for blood, it was a sobering revelation.

Of course, these insights shed light on a particular problem, that problem being that the blood protections he had erected in the Dursley household were vanishing. They had been strong in the beginning but they were fading and for the life of him he could not comprehend why, now the answer was obvious. The blood that ran in young Harry's veins was not the same that ran in his aunt's. If Lily had not awoken the Evans blood than the blood protections would work without complications, but now…

'And he will have power the dark lord knows not.'

Could this be it, could the fact that Harry was for all intents and purposes a Dhampir be the power he knows not. He looked at the letter written by Lily still on his desk and came to a decision, plans would have to be modified but in the end it was for the greater good, and he could not deceive himself because he knows Tom will be back and Harry will be the one to stop him.

Still should he allow Harry, someone very important to the British wizarding community to effectively be raised by what was considered a dark creature, what consequences would this bring. Perhaps he allowed his conflict to show on his face for at this moment the woman in front of him decided to intrude upon his thoughts and remove the decision from him effectively leaving him with no choice.

"Albus there is another reason for why I decided to respond to Lily's request," her voice was pondered almost as if she was considering very carefully how to present the next item, she also became less relaxed. Whatever this was, it was a serious matter so he decided to voice a little encouragement. Perhaps this would present the answers to certain holes in her explanation. "Please, do go on Miss Akasha." His grandfatherly smile in full force.

"What Lily Potter did was a huge gamble which could have resulted in something completely different from the current situation," she once more took a sip of tea before continuing. "The most likely result would have been the death of little Harry, but since that didn't happened he is now in a transitional phase, meaning that the blood, my blood, is completely active inside him.

If he was a normal human he would either be dead or turn into a ghoul, which is a mindless beast that attacks everything in range until it is burned by its own power. But due to the fact that Harry is a wizard, I suspect his magic is most likely fighting the intruding power. Harry's magic will eventually be overrun and he will become a ghoul. Which whatever the outcome is, will still result in his dead."

"What exactly can be done?" this was completely out of his area of expertise, since what was happening to Harry was in the complete domain of vampiric knowledge. And the death of Harry Potter is an outcome to be avoided at any cost.

"There are ways of binding the power of the blood, and that is something I can do in sort notice but it will be only temporary. A more permanent solution is possible but also requires that he learns how to harness and use that power so that it won't consume him."

Yes, he could see how this would be a very convenient reason for Akasha raising Harry, and it would be easy to keep it a secret. He would basically only say that Harry is being raised in seclusion receiving special training, while not the complete truth it wouldn't be a lie per se either. And he rationalized this would meet the expectations of the wizarding population especially the young ones that will grow with his fame.

Still, certain conditions had to be presented. "Miss Akasha I will entrust Harry to your care and I will also work on a public story, of course the fact that Harry is being raised by a clan of vampires will be conveniently left out." he chuckled at this to which Akasha presented her own smile.

"But I have several conditions," he waited for her nod to continue. "First I want regular updates on Harry's well being and general condition. Second Harry will attend Hogwarts, this one is non negotiable, as much as it pains me, Harry will be famous and certain expectations will be required of him, attending Hogwarts being the most important." Left out but implied and understood by both occupants of the room was the implication of what it meant if Harry Potter the boy-who-lived didn't attend the premier British magical school.

"I see no problem in those two conditions and if you so desire Albus you may visit him on occasion, I only ask that you give a warning in case it's a bad time for outsiders to visit." this was better than he was expecting especially the possibility of visiting to assure himself that everything was fine with Harry.

Raising himself from his very comfortable chair he addressed the woman in front of him. "That is too kind and I will endeavor not to abuse your hospitality, but I believe it's time to retrieve little Harry from his aunt. Traveling is on me. "

Seeing Akasha raise herself he retrieved his wand and pointing at the cup of tea he had used during this meeting intoned "Portus," to which the cup proceeded to glow in blue and tremble briefly before it returned to its normal appearance. Turning and noticing his companion raised eyebrow he proceeded to explain how they will be traveling. "When we touch the cup, we will be transported by magical means to the vicinity of Petunia's house; the transport will take a few second and can be a bit disorienting the first time."

He watched as Akasha touched the cup with genuine curiosity in her features, after which she looked at him waiting, not to disappoint he touched the cup which activated the Portkey spell transporting them through what looked like a spiraling kaleidoscope.


A moment later the Portkey arrived at her destination depositing the two of them in front of a large and square house right in the middle of the grass in the front garden. He gave a few moments so that Akasha could recover from her first Portkey journey – he heard a mumble from her "Felt like a carousel but worse." but decided to present no outward indication that he had heard her say anything.

Moving to the door he knocked three times before lowering his arm and simply waiting. He didn't had to wait long for only a few seconds later a woman answered the door. She is a tall thin blond with a long neck and angular face that reminded him of a horse.

"Yes, who is…it…," the way her words faltered and the widening of her eyes told him she recognized him and so he put his most genial smile and prepared to greet her. This was not to be unfortunately. "You," and the word reeked malice as if he is but a bug she wanted to crush under her heel. "What are you doing here, just a few days ago you left her boy on our door step, and now you come here as if it is the most normal thing in the world. I sincerely hope you came to retrieve the boy."

He was not expecting this, at all, he knew there was bad blood between Lily and Petunia, he hadn't expect her to feel the same antipathy for Harry but apparently he was wrong. Still he supposed she will be surprised when he reveals the purpose of this visit. He took a fleeting glance at his companion and noted that despite her calm exterior there is a hard look in her eyes. Better make this visit short.

"Actually we did come here to retrieve little Harry," disbelief is clearly in her face, it seemed his reasoning was solid. "May we come inside, I don't believe we should call attention to ourselves." Seeing Petunia almost jump at the reminder that they were standing outside her house was enough to convince the horse faced woman to invite them inside. To which she promptly took them to the living room, indicating they should seat themselves. This amount of courtesy showed him that Petunia was still processing her shock.

The living room of number four, Privet Drive just left of the front door is a square room, on the right is a sofa, a coffee table and an armchair that seemed a bit oversized probably for Vernon – he heard from Minerva that Vernon Dursley was a portly man. Directly left of the entrance to the living room is a sideboard with ornaments with a second armchair next to it, practically filing the entire left wall is a bay window that offered a nice view of the front garden. On the wall opposite the entrance is situated a weird fireplace with a mantelpiece, the fireplace looked ornamental but at the same time well used. Several pictures adorned the mantelpiece, petunia and a portly man that must be Vernon are the majority, the others he doesn't recognize probably Vernon family. There is in the left upper corner a television; he didn't have the necessary knowledge to know if the television is a new model but tanks to Nicolas he at least could pronounce the word television correctly.

Deciding to keep this meeting brief he nonetheless is curious about something. "Miss Dursley is your husband not at home?" He watched as Petunia seemed to focus on the present again and processed his question. "No. He will be arriving a little late today, due to a large and urgent request Vernon is putting extra hours at Grunnings, and it is actually for the best he is not here since like this our business will be easier to conduct."

"If you came for Harry he is upstairs first room on the left. Take him, leave and don't come back." Her words were harsh, and the feeling present since he had arrived at this house intensified itself – Petunia referred to Harry as if he was a piece of furniture, there was no aunty love for Harry. This left him sad, but nonetheless he had a job to do.

"Miss Akasha if you would be so kind as to retrieve little Harry I just have a few words to say to Petunia and then we can leave."

"Of course, it is no problem," although her word conveyed one thing he could easily perceive that she is angry at Petunia, but like Petunia she also just wanted this to be over. "Thank you, this will only take a minute." Receiving a nod he watched as Akasha climbed the stairs, waited for her to vanish and turned to Petunia.

"Miss Dursley as I said Harry will be raised somewhere else, I know you will not have any contact with him for at least a long time, and I hope that if he ever wishes to contact the his family on his mother side that he will be well received," suddenly he found himself cut off by Petunia. "I don't care what will become of him and if he ever comes here the only thing he will receive is a door to the face, I don't care for him and I don't care for your kind you bunch of freaks. If you are done leave my house and don't come back."

Yes, it was as he feared, and once more he felt certain that he had made the right decision of allowing Akasha to raise Harry. No more words where needed and hearing Akasha come down the stairs he got up and trailed behind by petunia moved to the foot of the stairs to wait for Akasha.

"Farewell Petunia Dursley, may life be kind to you and to yours. The protections I erected around your house will be gone in a day or two." He then opened the front door and indicated for Akasha to precede him, exiting and closing the door he directed himself to the hedge of the property. Pausing after crossing the garden wall he turned to his companion.

"I take that everything is fine with little Harry?" he waited for her nod and then continued. "Were to now?"

"London. I'm currently in a hotel in central London close to Leicester Square. If you could bring me and Harry to the Leaky Cauldron it will be more than enough."

Nodding he once more took out the tea cup and his wand and cast the Portus spell, this time the destination was the Portkey reserved area in the Leaky Cauldron.

"This Portkey will deposit you at the Leaky Cauldron it is better if we are not together, it's less suspicious. Good luck, and take good care of Harry." Goodbyes are in order and it would be a while until he could see Harry again.

"Of course, do not concern yourself Albus, Harry will be well take care of you have my word," extending her hand to the cup she offered some last words. "Farewell Albus Dumbledore you made the right decision." And with that she took hold of the Portkey. He stood watching as Akasha disappeared in a burst of kaleidoscopic light.

He stood there for a few second more staring at the place where Akasha had vanished, and them with a sigh he apparated to the gates of Hogwarts, he had a lot to think about and plans to make, not to mention the cover story for Harry. It was going to be a long night indeed.


Akasha Bloodriver flexed her knees as the Portkey finished its arrival, therefore maintaining her balance. Portkey travel was, she mused very disconcerting since you lost all sense of direction, compounded with the spinning – at least she thought she was spinning – made for an uncomfortable journey.

Looking down she confirmed that little Harry is still asleep and with the air of someone who belonged she exited the Leaky Cauldron barely noticing – and being noticed – both the dark and shabby look of the place and the celebrations of the downfall of Voldemort that are still in force.

Outside after situating herself, she maintained a steady pace – so not to draw unwanted attention – for Leicester Square, the journey was brief for the Leaky Cauldron is only a few minutes on foot. Once at her destination she directed herself for the Radisson Blu Edwardian in the Theatreland. The Radisson hotel could be described as a hotel for the rich and because of that they would ask few questions, of course the fact that her daughter had checked-in with her would raise even fewer questions when she entered the hotel with a toddler in her arms.

Passing the reception with a nod she directed herself towards the elevators, pressing the button to call for the nearest one. When the elevator arrived she got inside and pressed the button for the floor her room is situated. Exiting the elevator she crossed the hallway and retrieving her room key she entered closing the door afterwards.

"Did everything go alright Akasha-sama?" Akasha turned to focus on who had spoken, seeing her handmaiden with Moka in her arms she smiled. "Yes, Seras everything went pretty much as predicted, Harry Potter is with us now all that is left is the blood binding ritual." Seras was her faithful handmaiden with roughly the same height as her, dirty blond hair and a permanent serious expression that no matter what didn't seem to want to go away.

"Shall I contact the headmaster of Yōkai Academy?" Seras asked as she placed the sleeping Moka in the crib the hotel had provided. Akasha moved to check on her daughter and after confirming everything is fine she places Harry beside her daughter. In part because there is only one crib and second because for the binding ritual proximity between the bonded pair was essential, of course, concern assaulted her once more for it had never been attempted a blood bonding between to so young before.

She could bind Harry to herself but if what she was suspecting could come to happen – and she hoped her suspicions were never realized – this binding would provide an additional protection, and she would make sure that in the event of her demise Harry would be able to protect Moka and god forbid prevent His rebirth.

"Yes if you would," she heard Seras move to the phone and distantly she heard Seras talking but her sole focus is riveted on the two babies sleeping with happy expressions on their faces, she couldn't help but remember Moka's birth and the fact the she almost lost her little baby so soon.

The sound of Seras calling her name brought her back to the here and now. "…said he will be here tomorrow morning to pick us up," Even if she didn't caught the entirety of the message the most important part was clear, the bus driver will be here tomorrow. Good. "Seras, order room service we will dine and then go to sleep for tomorrow will be a very busy day." Akasha saw Seras bow and once more use the phone, but her attention is once more on the two babies. Yes tomorrow would be a very busy and nerve wrecking day.


The Sixth of November dawned with a grey sky and dark clouds, it had rained during the night and threatened to rain again, not that it mattered for they will be long gone when that happens. Akasha awoke to the crying of two infants both clearly hungry. She proceeded to breastfeed Moka and watched as Seras produced a bottle of formula and fed Harry the artificial milk, she could of course provide for the two but Harry was in a delicate state and who knows what her breast milk could do. It's an interesting thing that baby vampires consume their mother's milk until their second anniversary, after which they start consuming blood. In the end the formula for the moment would be better since she didn't had any baby food.

The Bus Driver was already waiting for them by the time they checked-out of the hotel, to Akasha he always looks the same, dressed in an impeccable suit smoking a cigar and with those glowing eyes that always give the feeling of seeing more than they should.

She gives him a nod which is returned, and quickly embarks the grey bus, and after a moment they are on their way. A few minutes later the bus enters a tunnel and she feels the shift for the entrance to Yōkai Academy were her old companion and friend Tenmei Mikogami the headmaster of Yōkai Academy is waiting.

Mikogami and ten of his men in black are waiting for her and her charges when they arrive at the bus stop. Yōkai Academy is a boarding school created with the purpose of educating the various species of monsters to blend in the human world.

"Akasha it is good to see you again, and I must say this are some very interesting circumstances," Mikogami stated with that cheerfulness in his voice that she recognized well, it was the one that said – Interesting times are ahead.

Mikogami was milking his title of The Exorcist to the max it would seem, dressed in those white robes he looked like a man of the cloth that you could see in a church if it wasn't for his glowing eyes. "It is good to see you again old friend, allow me to introduce my handmaiden Seras," she watched as Seras executed a bow at her mention. "My daughter Moka and Harry Potter son of Lily Evans."

"Ah yes, Moka looks as lovely as her mother, and little Harry," Akasha waited as Mikogami inspected Harry and she was not disappointed. "It seems she did what we suspected, well it will be a little trickier but perfectly safe, the problem will be preventing the other piece from interfering."

"The presence in the scar right," it was a rhetorical question but Mikogami nodded anyway. And that was enough to know her senses had been correct, there was something, no someone else inside Harry.

"Well, let's start the binding ritual, there's no point in just staling here." she said with determination.

"Yes, let as adjourn to the ritual chamber." And taking Mikogami's indication she started walking in the direction of the Headmaster's residence.

The Headmaster's residence was located after the Academy itself. The main building of Yōkai Academy looked a cross between a cathedral and a dilapidated mansion, it was a wood building with lots of windows to let in sunlight for the classes, a bell tower and a flat roof that the students could use, there are also stone gargoyles in the corners of the roofs, walls and parapets, the entire building was painted in a dark tone of blue the blended with the creepy atmosphere of the entire place.

The Headmaster's residence is also a mansion in the same format as the main building of the Academy but instead of the dark blue of the school building it was dirt white, of course, the interior was completely different. The lush carpets the well kept paintings and the marble columns produced a feeling of power.

Akasha, Mikogami, Seras and the two babies descended to the basement where the controls and power source for the grand barrier that separated Yōkai Academy from the rest of the world are located, still following Mikogami she arrived at a side chamber were two stone beds stood ready for the ritual, intricate runes and other carving decorated the walls, floor and ceiling of the ritual chamber.

At Mikogami's orders she placed the two babies on the stone beds. The stone beds are connected by a platform also of stone and once more at Mikogami's prodding Harry's left arm and Moka's right arm are placed in the connecting platform – Moka's hand facing up with Harry's hand on top facing down. She then proceeded to the top of the beds and once there she placed a hand on top of each child's head.

Proceeding to stay still she watched as Mikogami produced the Rosary of Judgment and started to intone in various languages raging from Latin to Greek, Sumerian, Egyptian and several others she had no idea of the origin. Runes all around the room came to life bating it in a kaleidoscope of color, even the stone beds were filled with runes with the largest concentration in the platform that housed the two children's hands.

Mikogami continued to chant without stopping and the runes in response glowed brighter, or dimmed their intensity in accordance with the different changes in the chant, Mikogami looked almost like a maestro directing an orchestra. Almost to contradict the general flow the runes near the child's hands maintained their intensity and actually started moving not only on the table but also to the children's bodies, some even disappeared up the children's clothes and some reappeared on their hands, faces and necks the only places on their bodies not covered by clothes, and trough all this Moka and Harry slept without a single sign of discomfort or pain, this Akasha thought is a good sign.

Suddenly Mikogami's chant changed, it acquired a slow, patient, almost prodding tone and four tiny runes circled Harry's scar and after glowing a bright white disappeared leaving his forehead and the lightning bolt scar as if nothing had happened. After that, Mikogami's chant changed once more to a crescendo and as quickly as it started it came to an end, the runes simply losing their glow and returning to noting more than drawings on the walls.

"It is done, the binding is complete and the being in the scar is also sealed, the rest is up to you." although his voice retained its joviality she could detect an undertone of fatigue, the ritual had clearly been more tiring then it should.

"Thank you old friend for this," she stated with a small inclination of her head. "Think nothing of it, being able to conduct the ritual is a reward in and of itself."

"Then I will be leaving, there are still a few thing I need to do before settling," Shopping for Harry is essential. "He will be waiting at the bus stop to take you where you wish to for the day." Mikogami stated as he started walking out of the chamber and she followed him, Seras was waiting just outside leaning on the wall.

"I take everything went all right?" her question was more of a statement since everything seemed to be in order and Akasha merely nodded.

At the entrance to Mikogami's residence Akasha said her goodbyes and together with Seras and the two babies they walked to the bus stop on which the bus is indeed waiting, answering the unspoken question of the Bus Drive – if everything had gone well – with a nod she settled on a seat and couldn't help but turn to baby Harry and smile.

"Welcome Harry to your new home and new life."

Author's Note (part two):

And the prologue is over, I must say this is the first fanfiction I write in English, and since the English style of writing is different from the one of my country I apologize for any mistakes since I don't have a beta.

I am also a very slow writer so the updates will take a while, but rest assured if you liked I have a lot planed.

Now for this fic related things: As you guessed this is an AU were Harry Potter was born in 1989, the reason for this is so I can maintain the Rosario Vampire timeline which started its publication in 2004 with Moka being 15 at the time. That means she was born on 29 of November of 1989 – simple math.

So in the Halloween of 1990 were Harry's parents are killed, Harry is one year and 3 months old while Moka is eleven months old. This puts them near the same age.

For you shipping maniacs Harry and Moka relationship will be purely brother-sister. I don't have a definitive pairing for Harry (he is only one year old – pervs) but I have a few ideas that will determine the course of this fic, it is unlikely Harry will have a harem but if he does get one it will be probably no more than two girls.

The Dumbledore in my fic will be the good Dumbledore. Oh make no mistake he will be a manipulative man (he is a politician after all), but he will not be evil, on the contrary I want to make him a sort of mentor for Harry and… well you will see

If certain things in the canon of the Rosario+Vampire universe seem off remember that Dumbledore doesn't know everything and his conjectures are based on what he does know. Likewise the conversation between Akasha and Mikogami seems disjointed the fact is that both know what they were expecting and there is no need to explain thing between them, don't worry they will be explained later, including what Harry now really is.

This author's notes are long so let me just finish with.

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