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Chapter 2: Little Steps.

Shuzen Castle, Japan. 1996.

As his back met the stone floor and he allowed the cool sensation of the floor to seep into his tired body, six years old Harry Potter is starting to get frustrated. The day had actually started on good grounds when Harry had found from Akasha-okassan that he would finally learn how to channel his vampire powers at will, since so far he had only done it in a special chamber with the help of meditation and the results had been less than satisfactory.

So at nine in the morning Harry had followed Akasha-okassan to one of the more secluded courtyards and found Kahlua-neesan waiting for them, when he questioned Akasha-okassan about why his nee-san was there, he found out that his partner wouldn't be Akasha but Kahlua.

Kahlua is Moka's older half-sister, despite being eight years old she is the same height as him, her blond hair is shoulder length, wavy with bangs framing her forehead, her eyes are crimson red and her tanned skin gives her an exotic appearance. Harry can't help but think of her as pretty, if it wasn't for her tone of skin she would resemble a porcelain doll. A white one piece dress and an earring in the form of a rosario complement nicely with both her skin and her hair.

Kahlua is also one of the few inhabitants of Shuzen castle that Harry likes. It had been Kahlua that had volunteered to teach Harry how to fight when he had asked at the age of four, and even now she is the one that spends the most time helping him develop his fighting abilities. Harry considers himself to be reasonably good, of course, good in comparison to a normal human practitioner of martial arts because in relation to a vampire he is not even worth of notice.

For him that is irrelevant because unless he could learn to channel the vampire yoki, he will never be able to match a vampire and even when he learns to channel his yoki at will, Akasha-okassan had warned him that he would only be able to do that for brief periods of time. So with that in mind when Akasha-okassan gave a suggestion that could possibly equal the field, he had grabbed it like a life-line.

Her suggestion had been a simple one. "Develop a fight style that makes your opponent dance to your tune." He hadn't understood her words at first, but inspiration came to him in the most unexpected way and after he fully comprehended what he needed, it was a simple matter to convince Kahlua to help him. That was the start of his specialized martial training.

But now nearly six hours of practically nonstop sparing against Kahlua, he realized that learning to channel yoki is going to be harder than he thought. Kahlua had been fighting on the same level as him, which meant, matching his speed and strength, but even like that Harry had been unable to land a hit, – Kahlua is just that good – the silver lining was that he had held his ground fairly well, only losing two of their spars while the others had all ended in a tie. This went on for five hours.

What Harry doesn't know is that Akasha provided all of this with the intention of testing him, she wanted to know just how far above a normal human he stood, frankly she wasn't expecting him to actually channel yoki on the first try, so this was more a test of endurance than anything else, of course, Harry also had no idea that a regular six year old kid couldn't possibly last for five continuous hours of heavy physical activity.

It was as this point that Akasha tells Kahlua to up the ante and predictably he started losing all the matches. It was just after a punch to his sternum that was barely blocked that he found himself short of breath on the floor staring at the blue sky. He must have been like that longer than he tough because suddenly a face appeared right above his, her hair resembling almost pure gold in the way the sun is currently shining shielded him from direct sun light and allowed him to see Kahlua's concerned face.

Before she could ask him anything he got up and once more resumed his stance – feat at the same width as the shoulders with the left foot slightly forward, his arms raised with his hands at the height of his heart. He is still slightly out of breath, his arms hurt from blocking Kahlua's punch and now that he had a slight chance to focus on his body all of the battering he received in the last hours makes itself known by telling him that, yes, his entire body hurts and he won't last much longer. But still he is committed to channel yoki today even if he has to go at it until he can no longer stand.

"Are you ok Harry?" Kahlua sudden question diverts his focus from his thoughts to her and with no small amount of anger and frustration he realizes Kahlua is not even winded, furthermore he is absolutely sure she went easy on him, he doesn't want her pity, he wants her to fight him seriously. An irrational and stupid thought since he would be dead if Kahlua ever fights him seriously.

But by this point anger at her for not taking him seriously, at him for being so weak and an irrational thought that Kahlua is mocking him is growing and his common sense is taking the back seat.

"I am fine nee-chan just a little tired," he says through gritted teeth. He doesn't want her concern and he doesn't want her going easy on him, he is not a weakling and he doesn't need sheltering. Just because he is tired and his body hurts doesn't mean he is going to give up, he can see both in Kahlua and Akasha's face that they don't expect him to achieve the ability to channel yoki today. He is going to prove them wrong.

It was at this point that a switch went off in his head and all rational though left wile only a single thing occupied his mind.


Everything changed without warning. One moment Kahlua is watching Harry taking deep breaths with his head lowered and the next all her instincts are warning her to dodge. She jumps backwards but the reprieve is small because almost instantly she raises her arms to block a blow to her mid-section that projects her backward, she's surprised with the strength behind the punch since her forearms are shaking with the effort of blocking it.

Of course, she is still a vampire and as she bleeds away the force of the blow she instantly retaliates, it's an instinctive response and one she is certain will hit, so when her blow is deflected she has less than a second to feel surprise – something that she seems to be feeling a lot in this fight – not at the fact that she missed, but at the look on her opponent face, or more accurate the lack of one.

There is not a single emotion visible in Harry's face, even the eyes are strangely blank but even that is not the most alien change in Harry, the two thing that capture Kahlua's attention are the fact that both his hands are changed into claws, a bit like what she does when she uses the Wealth of Power, and the second and perhaps the most scary is that she can't feel his yoki.

It's not a well known fact but vampires excel at yoki detection, they are actually so good at yoki detection that it even grants them a form of foresight due to the fact that they can not only feel their opponents energy but also their intentions. So it's no wonder that when Kahlua found that she couldn't even feel his energy that she would hesitate, a move that could have been fatal or at the least very painful, but at the very moment Harry's strike is going to connect with her chest Akasha appeared behind him and with a blow to the back of his head put him to sleep.

Kahlua came out of her stupor just in time to catch him before he hit the ground; it is at this point that she notices the slight pain in her abdomen. Looking down the first thing she notices is her torn dress, the second is the blood and the third are the claw marks in her belly that are a match to the claws that Harry's hands had turned into.

She removes her eyes from her wound and focuses on the boy sleeping in her harms, his face had lost that artificial look he had when he attached her just moments ago, and once more she could sense the weak yoki that courses through his body. And as everything that happened catches up to her she couldn't help but whisper.

"Good Job."


White walls slightly dirty but otherwise in good estate, a wooden floor and sconces in the walls with candles burning casted shadows all over the corridor.

Kids passed him by, their faces barely recognizable, sometimes a facial feature like an eye, a hair color, or a mouth moving as it spewed silent words are sometimes recognizable, but normally all he could see of them is a blur. A blur seems to be prevalent in their entire bodies creating a sort of drag or afterimage almost as if they are moving faster than he is. Unfortunately this is not the case and he knows that. He knows what this is, he has seen this place countless times, and all of those times it starts just like this with him right in this place.

He turns his head to the left and right and as expected there is no change. So he does what he always does and starts forward passing through the sea of shapes, never touching and never being touched. Eventually he comes across him.

He doesn't know his name only that he is male and slightly older. His features, just like those around him are blurred but even like that there are a few things he noticed about him, first is the black hair, and the second is the dark eyes. Not black but dark as the deepest night. Suddenly, like all the other times he starts to talk, the mouth moving but the sound coming seemingly from all around him.

"Nothing. In a sense we were all nothing. We had nothing. Nothing to really call ours, except for the things we held inside."

"Joy. Pain. Hatred. Confusion. Despair. Love. Fear. I could name others but it's irrelevant because the one we understood the most was Loneliness."

"Even surrounded by others just like you, loneliness covered you like a blanket and walked with you wherever you were. No comprehension for why you simply allowed yourself to drown in it. Even those who expressed the most joy and happiness, you could see in the deepest parts of their eyes that they were just like you. Alone in the world."

The other started to walk and he followed, the sea of shapes parting in front and closing in their back like a protective bubble.

A flicker of red draws is attention to the mass of blurs. A girl, with silver-white hair and blood red slitted eyes stops his forward momentum so fast that he nearly stumbles and by the time he recovers she is already long gone. For the first time he makes to dive into the blurred forms leaving the safety bubble only to be stopped by an arm grabbing his.

The other simply shakes his head and releasing his arm starts to walk again, he stays, staring at the spot she disappeared but as the end of the bubble comes ever closer he turns and follows the other one.

"She, like us is also in here. That should not surprise you, for we are you and you are us, but you (we) just found her. In time she will walk like we."

Once more the other falls silent and he can only follow, he still doesn't understand but he will. Understanding will come in time, in time she will came to him and then he will be complete… maybe.

He feels as if someone is missing.

The blurred figures continue to walk all around them and several times a flicker in a blurred face prompts recognition and sometimes even a name that vanishes just as fast as the face it belongs to. The names mean nothing to him so they can only be from the others, but just like always the other simply keeps on walking as if nothing is different.

Eventually they pass a door, despite the fact that it looks just like all the others in this seemingly endless corridor he knows it's the same door that leads to the Room. He stops but the other continues, this is normal, after all the other is simply a guide.

He enters the Room without knocking and gazes around; the Room contains the same iron bedstead, old wardrobe and hard wooden chair that he has seen in all of the previous visits. His gaze than focuses on the two figures in the room, the first is standing near the window and looks remarkably like the one who brought him here, the other is a woman sleeping on the bed with her back turned to him, he never saw her features for her red hair practically covers her entire body. He only knows it's a woman because the other told him such.

There is another oddity in the scene and that is the chains. Seven Chains of white go from the woman to the boy by the window, one red chain connects the woman to him, a green chain binds him to the boy and a silver chain starts in him and leaves the room to something else. So far he hasn't figured out what, or who, is at the end of that chain, but he has a guess.

"Loneliness we all shared, but from loneliness a purpose was born," he is startled as the boy starts to speak, his voice soft, melodious and older than he looks. "To give away loneliness. And a light shone in our way, but the others betrayed that purpose and shrouded themselves in more loneliness and in time they forgot that light and embraced the shadows. I tried but by that time it was too late, my voice could no longer reach them. In the end I could only try for an illusion, for they no longer remembered reality."

Suddenly the other is right in front of him as if the intervening space between them didn't exist. But he felt no fear for he is him and he can't hurt itself. "Then an opportunity came, a choice for something new, to cast away illusion and make reality. I accepted."

"Don't lose your light, cast away the shadows, reject the illusion, embrace reality and you will win. But if you don't…" The boy placed his index finger over his scar just as the last words left his mouth and disjointed images assaulted his brain.

A green light.

A cold, inhuman laugh.

A wanting for revenge.


And pain, indescribable pain.


His eyes snapped open to the sight of a very familiar ceiling bathed in games of shadows as the light from the pale moon penetrated the room from the windows creating shadow of grey on the walls.

He had lost count of the times he had this weird dream, but this time it was very different. Normally the other would talk about thing he didn't completely comprehend, and every time he tried to ask something or get his attention the other would either not react or present him with a smile and carry on as if nothing had happened.

But this dream had been the weirdest and he could admit scarier of all, especially the end. No, it's better not to think of that and besides he had something to confirm.

Slowly turning his head he focuses on the person sitting in a chair next to his bed with her head resting in her arms that are placed on his bed, her silver hair is messy from her sleeping posture, a lock of hair fell on her face and a frown mares her face. Slowly he reaches out and brushes the lock of hair out of her face deliberately brushing his hand on her cheek.

The frown leaves her face as if it was never there and a contented smile appears in its place. The fear that had griped his heart since the end of the dream and his return to consciousness left him as a sense of contentment replaced it.

He remained like that for a few minutes and at last he lets his hand fall placing it on top of one of hers, he is tired and it was just a dream, nothing is going to happen to Moka because Akasha-okaasan will not allow it and one day he will be strong enough to protect her too, with this last though oblivion claims him once more.


The only word Harry had to describe Shuzen castle is, huge.

The castle is enormous, it had more rooms than Harry had fingers on his hands and feet's, very long corridors, lots and lots of windows, a few towers and countless decorations raging from tapestries, old looking vases, enormous chandeliers and hanging on the walls several weapons raging from swords, to axes, spears and shields.

He had gotten lost more than once in the castle, fortunately he had found the way back, but that had not deterred him and he is determined to explore the entire castle. Well except for the parts he is not allowed to go and Akasha-okaasan has made it very clear that he is not supposed to explore those places.

Three days had passed since he, for the first time channeled yoki without conscious control and the result – two days he had spent sleeping and the third day spent recuperating energy.

Meaning, he stuffed himself until he couldn't eat anymore.

As he and Akasha-okassan retired to the meditation chamber, a ritual they did every night after dinner since he was four years old, he allowed his mind to wander and remember tonight's dinner.

It had been a quiet affair; he had been ravenous and was more preoccupied with eating than paying attention to the interaction of the other occupants of the table.

Harry, Moka, Kahlua and Kokoa usually had dinner in a room converted for that purpose in what is normally called the children's wing of Shuzen Castle. The children's wing is a section of the castle located on the east wing where their rooms are located, besides them only servants and Akasha spent time in there, so basically they had the entire wing all to themselves.

Even concerned as he was with stuffing his face, he still took the time to watch the others at the table, it is mostly an unconscious reaction born from the fact that he had learnt that even if other vampires that inhabit the castle wouldn't normally interact with him – or even notice him for that matter – that he should know when it is safe to cross their path, or wait in the shadows.

Kokoa was also stuffing her face; she appeared to be silently competing with him and had no intentions of losing. Moka by contrast was eating slowly; to an outsider she appeared to be the perfect lady; taking small bits of food at a time and chewing slowly. But to him she was clearly concerned, most likely about him, if the surreptitious looks sent his way from time to time when she thought he wasn't looking were any indication. Kahlua wasn't present since she had left two days ago, before he had awoken, with her mother and hadn't returned yet.

He is awaked from his musings by the sound of a door opening; he had been so deep in thoughts that the arrival at the meditation chamber had gone unnoticed.

The meditation chamber is a round room with only one entrance, no windows or other miscellaneous objects adorned the walls. On the floor a complex sigil is inscribed, composed of curves, strait lines and strange scribbles. The form is too complex for his mind and the only thing he is sure is that it has a circular shape and there are two small circles in opposing sides of the large sigil. Bared of symbols they are just large enough for a person to be standing or seated.

Moving to the left circle he seats in the lotus position and watches as Akasha-okaasan does the same on the right circle. Without prompt he immediately starts the breathing exercises to enter the meditative state, it was this way that he learned to channel his yoki. But this is just a crutch, a beginner's guide to yoki channeling and three days ago he gave the first step into the intermediary state, not that he remembers exactly what happened. Now all that's left is to develop the ability to do it as if it's second nature.

"Now that you channeled yoki for the first time without the aid of this chamber you should notice that some abilities granted to you by your vampire blood have been heightened," Akasha remarked in a soft voice, her eyes are closed and her body is both relaxed and tense. "Especially your yoki detection has been greatly enhanced and because of that there is something you have to learn, something only those like you can do."

He wants to ask what that is, but he has learned that Akasha-okassan will eventually disclose the information at her own rhythm. As he waits he decides to see, or better said, feel if his yoki detection ability is actually better.

Reaching with his senses he suddenly notices Akasha yoki just in front of him. This startles him a bit because previously he had only been marginally successful and now it's as easy as breathing.

Still there is something strange, this chamber is isolated from the rest of the castle meaning that no other yoki could be felt while inside the chamber and none outside could feel what is happening inside the chamber.

But he could feel another yoki in the chamber, no not in the chamber but outside of it and what really startled him is not the fact he could feel a presence outside when it should be impossible, he could feel something from that source of yoki almost as if he could feel concern and worry, suddenly and without warning a surge of indistinct images assaulted his mind nearly overwhelming him.

This sudden rush of images startled him and on instinct he stopped his yoki detection killing the strange connection, but the indistinct images still remained on his head and as he is trying to make sense of them a call shifts his attention to the person in front of him.

"What you have just experienced is called Synchronicity," Akasha said this in a lecturing tone. "The one you just felt is Moka, this is due to the fact she is for all intents and purposes your "liege lady"."

"From now on whenever you use yoki detection you will always be able to tell where Moka is, furthermore whenever the two of you are inside a certain range, her feelings and if you probe deep enough even what she is seeing at the moment will be available to you."

"Of course, that doesn't mean you will always understand or comprehend the information provided," Akasha added with a tone of warning. He understood the implied message – use only when in dire need. "For the next few days I want you to practice trying to separate feeling Moka and Synchronizing with her yoki."

Harry had a feeling it is going to take more than a few days.


Unplottable location. South of France.

A whooshing sound broke the quiet atmosphere in the yard of a two story house, that said sound is accompanied by a burst of flame isn't that unusual, since fire can do that sound when it expands quickly, the unusual is the presence of an old men with a massive white beard and dressed in a purple robe adorned with moons and stars carrying a red bird perched on his arm in the place where the flames appeared.

As if appearing in the middle of a fire is something rather common the old man than proceeded to travel the stone path up the front of the house. Knocking on the front door the old man waited until the owner of the house answered, he didn't had to wait long for not even seconds had passed the door is opening revealing a man in his fifties with brown hair and blue eyes dressed in a white t-shirt and blue jeans, a smile is present on his face showing that he knew the old man and is happy to see him.

"Albus, you old dog it's good to see you come in, Perenelle is just making tea," The man had a jovial but cultured voice, and he opened the door fully inviting his guest into his house. "Thank you Nicolas, it's a pleasure to see you again and I would be delighted to have some tea." Accepting the invitation Albus Dumbledore entered the house, and followed Nicolas Flamel to the living room where he proceeded to seat in a comfortable armchair.

The living room of the Flamel's is simple but practical, located just left of the entrance it's a square shape room with windows on the left and upper walls of the room, a large sofa is located closer to the left window directed at the right wall that sports a huge set of shelves filed with books and a television. Between the sofa and the cabinet lays a small table with two armchair located in opposing sides of the table. There is also a door in the upper right corner next to the set of shelves that goes to the dining room.

Albus proceeded to engage his old friend and mentor in small talk while both waited for Nicolas wife.

A few minutes later when both men are engrossed in a discussion of whether or not the Chudley Cannons actually had a chance to win this season Perenelle Flamel entered the room caring a tray with three tea cups, a pot of tea, and small containers for milk and sugar.

Perenelle Flamel is a stunning woman with a gorgeous figure and well developed curves, her fiery red hair that in the light almost seems as if it's actually fire and a pale complexion gives form to a breathtaking woman. But her most striking feature it's her eyes, the red slitted eyes that marks Perenelle Flamel as a vampire.

Perenelle placed the tray on the table, pouring three cups she distributed two of them and with one in hand seated herself on the sofa next to her husband.

"Albus Dumbledore, you finally grace us with your presence. So what brings you to our humble house?" Her words for those not familiar with Perenelle could be considered rude and disrespectful, but Albus knows it's just that Perenelle is a very blunt woman that doesn't believe in mincing words.

"Well, as much as I would like this to be a social visit, I'm afraid my presence is because I seek advice." Albus stated in an apologetic voice.

"Oh, and just what exactly is the matter?" Perenelle asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Well, it all started while I was catching on paperwork, when suddenly a device in one of my cabinets started emitting noises; this was very unusual because I was certain that device was no longer functioning. Summoning said device I proceeded to examine it and let's just say the results were astonishing."

"During the war against Voldemort I acquired a valuable resource; said resource was a spy that managed to infiltrate several key places of Voldemort that he had hidden under something resembling the Fidelius Charm. It was a strange spell, no doubt created by Tom, the spell concealed a location almost as well as the Fidelius, but it had a weakness. Unlike with the Fidelius Charm the location of the concealed place was easily detected but like the Fidelius only the secret-keeper could reveal its location. It also seems to have another weakness."

Albus drank the rest of his tea and refilled the cup, looking at his audience to make sure they had caught everything so far. Content that they had he continued with the tale.

"After the Order found about that charm I directed our spy to place a special monitoring ward directed at the location of the concealed places so that if Tom ever removed the spell the Order could mobilize and investigate. So imagine my surprise when the device connected to one of those monitoring wards was indicating that one of the concealed places is visible again. Quickly Floo-calling Alastor Moody, the two of us Apparated to a location close to the newly-discovered place to prevent an ambush. Finding nothing in our way we quickly arrived at our destination."

"It was an old mansion, probably belonging to an old pure-blood family; the mansion had seen better days but was still in good condition. Scanning for wards and enchantments and finding nothing we entered the mansion. The interior was in better shape than the outside but showed signs of having been abandoned for years. We searched the ground and first floor finding nothing more than old furniture and a few infestations, nothing major."

Albus prided himself on being able to weave a good story, and as the climax approached both members of the audience knew this. Nicolas had a serious face and Perenelle; well Perenelle had her usual poker face, never once had he been able to figure what was on her mind when she put on that face.

"It was the basement that wielded the bounty so to speak. It was at the entrance to the basement that we found the first sign of magic; Alastor was starting to complain that I was wrong and this was in fact an old muggle house."

"A powerful but much delimited enchantment had been established in the entrance to the basement. It was designed to prevent the door from being opened without a password. Even Alastor's magical eye couldn't see past the door or the walls. Suspecting a trap we, after unlocking the door – whose password was in Parseltongue, fitting I believe since Tom is a Parselmouth – entered the room with caution. What we found on the other side was simply unexpected."

"The room was circular, at least sixty-five feet in diameter and empty of furniture, on the floor was inscribed the most magnificent Ritual circle that I have ever seen, whatever the purpose it is obvious that a Grand Ritual took place in that chamber and my friend I hope you can lend me your vast knowledge to decipher the purpose of the ritual."

"Of course Albus, I'm also curious to inspect that magic circle," Nicolas stated with a smile, he is obvious itching to analyze the ritual. "But, I suspect that the magic circle wasn't the only thing you found."

"Yes, that is correct and here is where things get strange," Albus confirmed and adopted a more serious expression. "There was something at the center of the circle, something in the shape of an egg."

"I approached cautiously without stepping on any of the inscriptions on the floor and as I reached the figure realization dawned on what it really was. It was indeed in the shape of an egg but there was something not quite right about it."Albus expression furrowed in concentration.

"The "Egg" is black and possesses red carvings of symbols I had never seen before. It is maybe three feet in height and eleven inches in diameter and when I ran some diagnostic spells it revealed that something incredible and quite impossible."

"What my diagnostic spells revealed is that the Egg is both organic and inorganic, it's a plant and an living being, hot and cold and perhaps the most surprising it's that it shifted through several forms during the tests." Neither of the two men noticed that Perenelle stiffened slightly at hearing this, than again only her husband knows her to the point of noticing, but sadly his back is turned to her.

"After running a few more diagnostics I confirmed that the Egg could be moved, so I levitated it out of the house and instructing Alastor to investigate further I returned to Hogwarts."

The atmosphere in the room was heavy with silence as the Flamels run the story in their heads analyzing and dissecting it. Suddenly Nicolas concentrated on Albus once more.

"The Egg, did you found out anything more about it?"

Albus smiled at his mentor and old friend and proceeded to crush their hopes with a much too chipper voice.

"Not a damn thing," Albus stated with the tone of someone who is delighted with the new puzzle set in front of him. "After consulting Hogwarts library and coming empty handed, I had Severus and Minerva examine it. Severus confirmed that he had never seen anything like that and Minerva simply came up with the same results I had acquired, sadly neither has any idea what it is."

"And so I came here with the hope you could share some light in solving this mystery." He concluded making an allusion to Nicolas specialty – Alchemy.

"We will need to see that egg shaped object to ascertain whether or not we can solve your little mystery." Surprisingly the request came from Perenelle and even Nicolas looked startled that his wife is showing interest. Albus knew it is rare for Perenelle to involve herself in matters of magic, but maybe the strange object is something related to a species of Yōkai. That actually made some sense, but what did Tom plan to do with it?

"But of course, that is if you don't mind coming to Hogwarts?" He questioned making a mental note to investigate that matter latter while silently calling for Fawkes. As the phoenix landed on his shoulder having arrived from the window where he was resting, Albus got up and both Flamels did the same.

Fawkes hopped to the air and presented his tail feathers. They quickly grabbed them and a second later the three arrived in the Headmasters office at Hogwarts courtesy of phoenix flame-travels.

After their arriving in his office he opened a passage that leads to the headmaster personal quarters. The passage leads to a circular room with five doors, and he proceeded to open the second door from right to left. The room was in times a spare room probably for the wife of the headmaster if they had separate room, or maybe for their children. Right now it is being used as a storage room and the only thing currently in storage is the strange object now commonly referred for simplicity – The Egg.

Albus steps to the side to allow both Nicolas and Perenelle to enter the room. They both approach the Egg and start studying it, after a few minutes of looking and muttering to himself Nicolas draws his wand, but as he is about to start casting his own diagnostic spells a hand catches his and prevents him from doing anything.

Nicolas looks at his wife and lifts an eyebrow silently asking why she stopped him, but his wife simply continues to stare at the Egg and just as he is about to voice his question out loud his wife turns around.

"We are leaving." And with that she simply leaves the room.

Nicolas hesitates for a moment but also turns around and stowing away his wand signals Albus to accompany him. Both men find Perenelle outside the room leaning on the wall.

As soon as they both leave the room Perenelle straits herself and turns to Albus. "Albus Dumbledore you will close this door and you will layer it in so many protection spells than even a god would be impressed at the effort to seal the room, do I make myself clear."

That was not a request and for her to ask that of him whatever that thing is it's clearly making Perenelle Flamel very uncomfortable. Still this is Hogwarts and he is Headmaster so a good explanation is in order.

"Missus Flamel I would appreciate if you would at least be so kind as to provide this old man with an explanation." And although the tone was cordial it could be detected the implied question of – why should I do as you ask when this is my castle.

Nicolas is also very interested in hearing the reason behind his wife's actions, but he also very much likes having her to help in warming the bed so he decided that discretion is the better part of valor and remained quiet.

Perenelle Flamel locks Albus with a look that would make the heart of lesser men to simply stop from fright but Albus endures and after a few minutes Perenelle simply sighs and relaxes slightly.

"I need to confirm my suspicions first, but if what I suspect proves to be the reality than may the moon guard us." And with that Perenelle turned around and started in the direction of the headmaster's office.

He is about to demand further explanations when Perenelle stopped and turned her head slightly.

"Albus," In a soft and weary voice she addressed him once more. "That thing is dangerous; don't allow anyone to come into contact with it until I see if I can find what it is."

And with those parting words Perenelle left the two men standing there.

"Well… now there is only one thing I need to resolve."

"And what might that be Albus." Nicolas asked shifting his focus from the place where his wife left to the man at his side.

"Oh. I need to buy more lemon drops since I'm all out."


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Second chapter is over and frankly I am not very happy with the sequence of events, but I'm at best an average writer and so this is the best I can produce at the moment.

Now about the fic.

This fic has at the moment three books planed; while only the first that goes until Harry fourth year at Hogwarts is completely plotted, the other two already have a lot of things in store for them.

The last part of this chapter is a story unto itself that for the moment runs in the background, meaning it will not interfere with Harry's story until the second book. It's mostly to create the background history of this world and how certain species present in the Potterverse relate with their counterparts in the Rosarioverse.

Ah yes, in case you are wondering how Harry was able to overpower Kahlua so easily it's simply because she had her Rosario limiting her powers and Harry doesn't have any limiter.

I have a feeling there was more things I wanted to say but can't remember, so let's hope the next chapter doesn't take this long to come out.