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The beast of zero

Chapter one

The nobles and the summons

"My name is Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière." Louise is a sixteen year old girl and is a noble of the land Tristain. She has wavy pink hair that reaches the middle of her back. She also has red-brown eyes and is a little on the short side. She is wearing a black cloak, a white blouse and a grey skirt.

"Pentagon of the five elemental powers,…" Currently Louise was in the middle of a field surrounded by other people. The field was apart of Tristain Academy of Magic, a school that teaches nobles how to use their magic. The academy was made up by a group of six towers in the shape of a pentagon with walls connecting the five outer towers and a sixth tower in the middle and the other people were Louise's fellow second years at this academy. Today was the day all the second years would summon their familiars.

"Heed my summoning…" Louise had her eyes closed and was concentrating deeply on this ritual. She wasn't the most promising mage of the group. In fact she was the worst; every time she tried to cast a spell it just ended in an explosion. This was how she acquired the nick name "Louise the Zero" from her other classmates.

'Please Founder Brimir,' Louise thought, 'please let me summon a strong familiar so that I can show all of them that I am not a zero.' "And bring forth my familiar!"

As she finished the chant, Louise brought her wand down and pointed to the empty grass right in front of her. Which then blew up and filled the plot with smoke. This caused the rest of the students to laugh hysterically, chanting "Louise the Zero" all the time. The most prominent one was Kirche, Louise's archrival. Kirche was dark skinned, with long red hair and very large breasts which she liked to show off a bit. She wore the same uniform as Louise, but had the top button of the blouse undone to show her breasts off more.

"Who would have guessed," Kirche sarcastically began while laughing, "That Louise the Zero would have messed up." This increased the crowd's laugher and more joined the chant, "Louise the Zero"

"It's not my fault!" Louise yelled at them, "I just…:" She stopped talking though when a vile, dark presence filled the field. All the students stopped laughing to, the overwhelming presence scaring them.

Then, from out of the smoke, a beast jumped, landed and stayed on the nearest tower wall. This beast was covered in a red and black skin that seemed to flow across it. It also had six tails coming from its back, two long red-black ears coming off the top of its head and a skeleton of something covering its head and moving along down its back and down its legs. It let out a lout roar aimed upwards, that caused shockwaves to go off through the field.

Colbert, the teacher over seeing the summonings of the students, ran up to Louise and asked worriedly, "Louise! What did you summon?"

"I don't know!" She replied just as scared, "I did the summoning normal and that thing just came out!

The beast jumped off the tower wall and landed next to a wall connecting the towers, scaring the students more causing most of them to run away screaming. All that was left was Louise, Colbert, Kirche and Tabitha. Tabitha was a friend of Kirche, she was short and carried a staff that was taller than her. She had short light blue hair, she had on glasses that covered her emotionless eyes and she also wore the same uniform as Louise and Kirche. She remained quiet most of the time, saying as few words as possible and she always had a book with her. Meanwhile, the beast attacked the wall once with its claw and the wall broke apart and sending chunks of stone backwards.

"You're going to have to complete the contract!" Colbert told Louise, "It's the easiest way to calm the thing down!"

Horror filled the girl's face. "Complete the contract with that? Even if I wanted to, how could I, we can't even get close to it."

"We'll have to stop it with magic." Colbert decided. "Kirche, Tabitha! You are going to help me stop this thing long enough so that Louise can complete the contract."

"How can I help?" Kirche asked, "I'm only good with fire magic, and fire isn't the best for stopping something."

"Good point." Colbert said as he dropped into thought. "Go get headmaster Osmond then. Quickly now!"

The beast moved quickly, searching around the wall with the whole it had just created before moving on down the field as if it was looking for something.

Colbert started chant a spell, aiming at the multi-tailed beast. When finished he shot out a large torrent of flame that engulfed the beast. The flames stayed around the beast, before being blown away with a single roar from it. The roar also sent large chunks of dirt flying towards Colbert. 'This thing is unstoppable.' He thought as he dodged a particularly large chunk.

Tabitha fearlessly began chant her own spell next to Colbert. "No, don't!" Colbert yelled at the girl but was too late, as Tabitha sent a small storm of ice towards the beast. The ice crashed into it but once again the beast was unfazed.

The beast slowly looked towards the two mages. Its tails came up from behind it and each tip of the tails pointed towards the front of its mouth. A small black ball began to form in front of its mouth. It slowly grew larger and large before compressing back onto itself. This continued to happen and the ball began to vibrate around and pop a little before compressing back down as the ball of energy grew more and more unstable.

'What is this power coming from this thing?' Colbert thought to himself.

Right as the ball hit critical mass; the earth under the beast rose up and forced its head straight up. Not a second later the sphere of energy shot up into the air and reached the clouds before creating a massive explosion. The shockwaves of which could be felt all the way on the ground.

Osmond walked up to Colbert and Tabitha, pointing his wand towards the beast causing the earth to rise up around the beast locking it in place. "That was a close one." Osmond said wiping away a bead of sweat rolling down his brow. Osmond was the headmaster of the Tristain Academy of Magic, his hair was pure white and connected with his long beard. "Louise it's now or never!"

Louise, who had been hiding a bit farther away, slowly moved forward. 'Do I really have to complete the contract with this? Although I suppose it is very strong. But still. Having to kiss this thing. What if I can't control it?' Louise's thoughts were cut short though as she had reached the tailed beast. She reached her wand out and pointed it toward the beast.

"M-my n-name is Lou-louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière." She stammered out, stilled frightened by the stilled beast. "Pentagon of the Five Elemental Powers; bless this humble being, and make him my familiar." She hesitated before slowly bringing her mouth down to the face of the beast, under the skull. She slowly moved her lips closer to it and placed a kiss on it, its skin burning her lips slightly.

Several runes of light lit up above the beast's left front most paw, before falling down onto its skin, engraving themselves on it. When they did the red-black skin on the beast began to disappear. Starting with its paw and moving down along its body. Once all the skin had disappeared, on the ground was a boy Louise's age, with wild spiky blond hair.

"A human?" Louise said in utter shock, not expecting that what so ever.

"What happened to…" Osmond began as he walked up with Colbert, Kirche and Tabitha. "Is that it?"

Louise nodded, still too shocked to speak. "What happened to it… I mean him?" Colbert asked. To which Louise just shock her head not understanding it at all.

The five stood in silence for a bit, staring at the once beast. "Well. We should probably move him." Osmond said, taking charge. "Louise, where's your room?"

{Later that night}

Slowly opening his eyes the blonde hair boy looked up

"ow where am I" the boy ask himself

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