Mission 073-180

In which Heero Yuy accidentally discovers Diagon Alley.

This story doesn't start with a newly found sibling or a discovery of previously unknown heritage. It doesn't even start with a chase scene or large explosions.

It starts with a memo:

TO: Agent Heero Yuy

FROM: EU Region Commander Lady Une
DATE: October 10th, AC 198
SUBJECT: Status Report

This memo is pertaining to recent complaints brought to my attention on your current behavior.

While your missions have been completed efficiently and thoroughly there have been several items brought to my attention via your fellow agents and commanding officers. These issues include: Use of unnecessary force in the apprehension of suspects, an inability to communicate with fellow agents, taking risks that inadvertently endanger civilians, little to no subtlety in actions taken during missions, and a lack of brevity in mission reports.

While your work has been exemplary several of these issues are problematic, if you cannot address them and alter your behavior we may have to reconsider the missions you will be assigned to and a possible reassignment from field to headquarters. Hopefully these issues can be resolved before your yearly review in December and we will not need to take any further action.

The facts disclosed in this email came as a complete shock to our protagonist. So he had slammed a couple suspected arms dealers around who turned out to be college students with paintball guns, and yes he had almost caused a five car pileup during a high speed motorcycle chase. However, his missions reports were perfect the way that they were (who knew what detail would lead to a break in the case?) and there was nothing wrong with his communication with other agents, if anything it was better than ever, he spoke, they listened and anything after that was unnecessary conversation. The only incident of any note was that of the Murray case which we DO NOT SPEAK OF and was better off forgotten by all agents involved.

Indeed this very situation came as a proverbial slap in the face, had he not worked tirelessly over the past 2 years for this organization? First as a bodyguard for a VIP diplomat, then moving to programming work at headquarters before settling in the EU regional offices as a top field agent. He had turned down opportunities to work at a multibillion dollar company, join the Mars terraforming project, be the CFO of a start up salvage company, travel with the circus, and marry a certain VIP diplomat (though that really was doomed from the start).

He had joined the force with a misguided idea that his skills were integral to preserving peace, forgetting that in many instances Preventers were a substitute for regular law enforcement officials. In a world that was so used to military control, the need for local law enforcement was a novelty. So while there were the occasional instances of bombings, gun smugglers and anti government operations, much of the local Preventers work involved preserving the local peace, instead of the global peace. After all two years of peace has swelled the Preventers ranks and created a reorganization of regional offices across earth and the colonies.

The assignment to the EU area had not come as a surprise to Yuy, he had plenty of experience working in the area during the war and had spent a fair amount of time post war traveling the area with that certain diplomat. His diverse experience and higher rank gave him the opportunity to take high profile cases farther away from regional headquarters in London. The smuggling case in Germany, corruption and bribery of government officials in Switzerland, and the Murray Case, which despite being a complete disaster from start to finish had ended with a successful, but not entirely happy, conclusion for all involved.

Not two days after receiving this memo, Yuy received a mission assignment that would change his life. When he received this mission he certainly didn't seem to think so, and isn't that always how these things go, indeed he was secretly infuriated to be assigned such a mission, the details of which were so inane at first glance he considered the thought that it was all an elaborate prank. While the mission assignment form was written in great detail and required formatting (which he appreciated), it can simply be summarized in the first paragraph:

Agent Yuy will run surveillance on the "Flash Way Back" Record Store on Charing Cross Road, section 7E London. The business deals in antique music recordings from the late twenty first century onward. However there have been several tips from various sources that the business is merely a front for a drug smuggling ring. For four weeks Agent Yuy will observe the business as covertly as possible, if there is any suspicious movement Agent Yuy will report to Supervisory Agent Farraget immediately, if there is no movement Agent Yuy will submit a report at the end of the mission stating his findings. Under no circumstances shouldn Agent Yuy attempt to apprehend any suspects without the express permission of the supervising Agent.

This mission is, as you've probably already assumed, a cheap attempt to test Agent Yuy on the very issues highlighted in the aforementioned memo. With the exception of the lack of communication skills because, at the end of the day, no one really thought they could change that. The lack of subtlety was not lost on Agent Yuy but he was committed to approaching this assignment with the same amount of focus and efficiency he would any other and demonstrating that any evaluation of his credentials was unnecessary.

He certainly wasn't expecting to discover what he did, but life is full of little surprises.

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A/N: This isn't my first crack at FF, but I decided to tear everything down and try again with something completely different. There will be some Diagon Alley action next chapter so don't worry, still haven't decided if there be any Harry - Heero conversation, any opinions?