Preventer's policy clearly outlined that all mission reports were to be submitted digitally to the agents supervisor with a cc to any additional parties. In the case of highly sensitive mission it was required that agents encode the information and send it to the Commander of their unit. In the case of missions so secretive that even the unit commander didn't know of it reports were required to be submitted verbally to the regional commander, or whoever was available and debriefed of a higher rank. Heero felt that his current mission report did not fall under any of these criteria. Yes, the first part of the mission should be submitted digitally to his supervisory agent; however the information that came to light during this investigation certainly walked a fine line between highly sensitive and life altering revelation.

In these kinds of situations Heero usually analyzed the circumstances and decided which method would best fit the mission criteria. Incidences of exploding cars were allocated to a lower level of mission report than the infamous Murray Case which of course, in light of everything that happened, had been so top secret even Heero didn't truly understand what had happened. Any preceding case reports Heero had produced had not prepared him for his current situation. Torn between too paranoid and not paranoid enough Heero had settled for composing a typed hard copy of his report which he planned on submitting in person to Une herself.

His first issue was getting a meeting with Une, as his original mission had been a low security level his supervisory agent had been a little skeptical on what could possibly be so sensitive. In cases like these it helped that his reputation as all around bad ass was still intact even after his status report dress down. All it took was a blank stare and a short "I don't think you've been cleared for that" and he had a half hour scheduled with Une for a debriefing.

So this was how Heero found himself sitting in front of Une's office with a brief case carrying 50 pages of report, of course the first five were related to his actual mission but the last 45 were his experiences with the so called wizarding world. He had transcribed each and every detail of his investigation including his opinions on what further action needed to be taken. He wouldn't say that he was nervous, nerves were for untested rookies, so no he wasn't nervous he was just agitated. There were several factors that had led to this but primarily was the question of whether it was right for him to disclose this information after it was entrusted to him. He tried not to think of the owl pin safely tucked away in his pocket.

"Alright you can come in now" announced Une from her office and Heero pushed open the glass door to enter into the room. She sat behind a large oak desk with an exasperated expression on her face. He stood at attention in front of her desk. "Well Yuy, what was so important that you had to report it to me in person." Heero reached into the briefcase to pull out his report.

"I felt that information would be best conveyed to you and through a hard copy. I didn't want a digital copy to be comprise-" she cut him off there.

"Look Yuy, first I would like to say that we are all incredibly thankful for the thoroughness and dedication you put into your work." She brought both hands up to rub her temples. "However, we have already had a discussion about mission reports and what they should include. I understand that you've already given a preliminary debrief to your direct superior and he has informed me that it was sufficient."

"Considering the circumstances I judged that this information required further discussion." Heero pressed on but Une was developing that expression on her face that meant she was two steps from tossing someone out of a plane.

"Yuy, I have tried to be polite about this but now I'm just going to give it to you straight soldier to soldier. Your mission reports and general conduct have been exemplary but flawed in the lack of understanding of how a larger organization works."

She held up a hand as to stop any protests he may have.

"I understand that prior to your work in the Preventers most of your missions were solo, you had only one individual to report to, and no need to consider the repercussions of your actions. That time it over, you were hired under the same guidelines as any other agents, and should be held to the same standards as every other agent. I'm starting to suspect that you are not properly equipped to continue field work, maybe it would be best for you to transfer to our cyber crimes unit."

Heero knew what she saying behind all those pointless words. He didn't fit in to the mold of what Preventers should be, his work during the war meant he was ill equipped for his current position. They wanted to keep him on but in a capacity where they could best control him. Heero didn't like what he heard, he didn't like it one bit. Une leaned back in her chair and gave him what she probably hoped was a friendly smile, it was more like a predator barring its teeth.

"So let's see this mission report then. How many pages will I be flipping through today." Heero reached into his brief case and pulled out the documents he had prepared.

"Just five, I took your advice into consideration when preparing the document and kept it to only the most necessary details." Heero would have smirked if it wouldn't have been incredibly unprofessional. He handed over the document.

"And what in here caused you to need a meeting with me." Une started to flip through the document feeling nothing but surprised at the supposed brevity. Heero reach into his case and pulled out a sheet of paper.

"My letter of resignation." Une was not a woman of a great many facial expressions, she schooled her features to either be neutral or annoyed. So it was a testament to how shocking this news was to her that her eyes actually widened before narrowing once again.

"What would be your reasons for resigning?"

"They are outlined thoroughly in my letter. I feel that I am ill equipped for working in a 'larger organization' as most agents and missions do not require my level of expertise." He held back a smug smirk. "I've decided to pursue some of my other interests and find employment elsewhere. This is of course only my two weeks' notice, I will of course help to close any cases I am still involved in as well help search for a replacement agent."

"Are you sure you want to do this? I thought you enjoyed the work you did here."

"The position seemed like an excellent match for my skills and experience but I am not able to fully utilize them in my current job." Une did not need to know that Heero had rehearsed this conversation. He had actually rehearsed two, the other being a full report of the events and secretive world he encountered. He hadn't know which report he'd be given till he walked through that door.

"What will you do?" Une could only imagine what this wayward Gundam Pilot would do with no structure in his life.

"I guess whatever I want." He hadn't really thought it out fully, he did have a couple ideas that just might work.

"I'll keep your position open for you." She said firmly, assuming he'd be back after he realized how ill equipped he was to work outside of the Preventers.

"Do what you like, it doesn't matter to me." He moved to exit the office but turned around as he pushed open the door to exit. "I'm taking the rest of the day off. Please inform my Supervisory Agent about this turn of events, I wouldn't want him left out of the loop." He pushed open the door smiling to himself as he heard Une actual gasp at his audacity.

He headed back to his office where he collected his few personal items to bring home while wiping his computer of any information he had saved there. The last thing he did before exiting the building was to dump the rest of his report into a shredder and watch it be sliced into thousands of tiny insignificant pieces. Every word he'd written was sliced up and mixed in with poorly written reports, agent files, and other miscellaneous documents where they would later be fed into an incinerator. He exited the office building and looked out onto the street.

He didn't know where he was going but he knew wherever he went it would be his alone.

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