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Shadows screamed in the dead of might as a figure lay slumped on the icy floor, blood oozing from the deep wounds penetrating the shell of a body. The full moon shone among the veils of darkness giving the littlest hope of all to the world. The stars once untamed and free, now dim and chained to the midnight sky. The heavens poured their grief onto the world, mourning the soul that was bound to a cruel fate.

The echoes of heavy steps could be heard nearing the mouldy cell in which the shell lay shivering, no emotion displayed on the face whatsoever. The metal door groaned loudly as it slid away, to let the lean and muscular figure of a man enter the prison "room".

As he noticed the pool of red coming from the body, he laughed, his voice bellowing loudly, bouncing of the stone walls. He smirked nonetheless, as he approached the un-recognizable shape of what once had been a human.

The crimson blood started slowly making its way towards his expensive and polished boots. He frowned, but then smirked yet again. It was such a frightening sight for those who could see, but to those who long gave away the hope to survive, it was nothing, just a facial expression.

He raised his leg, bringing his foot harshly onto the already broken face, placing his full weight onto the one leg, crushing the shell, before his voice, shot shivers through the night yet again.

"How dare you, piece of shit, dirt my shoes?" He tipped his head backwards, as a merciless laugh came out from deep into his throat.

He took the figure by its hair and slung it at the wall. A shudder broke within the walls of the castle. He then, smugly walked towards the slumped body – the only sign that it was alive was the shallow breathing – smirking deviously. As he made his way towards the figure, he picked a whip – and set it ablaze. The shell did nothing to run; it was already used to the punishment. It happened for years, but the human wondered how it stayed alive. The hot and sharp pain came once, twice, thrice and on and on. The laugh came yet again, only this time, even more thrilling than before. His laugh quietened down, as he got no response from his victim.

"Tsk, no response I see. Hm~, how about a bit more punishment then, since you've been very naughty?" He said as a smirk found its way to his face. But still no answer. Sighing, he dropped the whip and said.

"Fine, we'll see how you deal with this in a few days." Then he– with the speed of a cheetah threw a dagger at the hips of the shell literally pinning the shape to the cold and cobbled floor.

He started walking away, a devilish grin spreading across his face. Oh~ how much fun will he get!


Fiore, Fairy Tail HQ/Guild (you name it, okay?)

The guild as rowdy and loud as ever, but still not quite. It was missing something. Something essential. Something vital.


Somewhere else in the world, or Japan (because the world is small)

Ne, I'm bored~!


Crappy cliffie, but hey! I tried my best^^. I think that maybe you will already be able to deduce who is our victim. I tried my best to hide the gender. Hope it worked *fingers crossed*. You will only find who is tortured in the first chapter. Quite short, but I felt that I would've ruined the story otherwise^^". As you can see, I'm not quite good at placing paragraphs. I am sorry. I am working on it…TT^TT! So until next time, byebye!Ah~, but don't forget to R&R! I really need your opinions guys. Anything is accepted since is a surprise story^^.