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Harboured breathing could be heard in the small dim-lit tent.

"Are you sure she's okay Chief?" Ayame placed a hand onto the girl's forehead but quickly snapped it away, "She's burning!"

"Don't worry girl. She just needs time." The older woman turned to leave the tent.


"No buts, leave her to rest. You're going to shorten your lifespan if you keep worrying that much."

Ayame sighed as she heard the tent close. She couldn't help but worry. She hasn't seen someone with that high of a temperature. It was abnormal. It was like the blonde was on fire. Fire? Fire… Natsu! Maybe he could stop the fever. Ayame left the tent in a hurry. She sniffed the air trying to find Natsu quicker.

"West meadow, top of the sacred tree, huh?" she whispered to herself. Ayame sped up, the image of the sick girl burning vividly in her mind. She made her way through the cramped forest jumping over fallen logs, crouching under low branches, and leaping over beds of poisonous flora.


The sacred tree was in sight. Ayame braced herself and jumped, landing on a strong looking rock. She was still at the base of the oak. She shouted the fire dragon slayer's name again. Wasting no time, Ayame started to quickly make her way to the top, slowly feeling the change of pressure in the air. Breaking through a few clouds she reached her destination. Natsu sat on the edge of a branch with a rod in his hands. Happy sat next to him, also with a fishing rod in hand. Why didn't Natsu hear me? Ayame thought, furrowing her brows. Nearing the dragon slayer she realized he was asleep.

"No wonder…" She muttered. Sighing, Ayame took the wooden staff from her belt and hit the mess of rosy hair. Hard. The sound echoed making the leaves vibrate. A few seconds of silence and then a loud yelp resonated through the forest, making scared birds flying away.

"Fu-" Ayame lowered her staff yet again.

"No swearing!" The salmon haired teen muttered something under his breath rubbing the sore spot on his head.

"Sorry I didn't quite catch that. Care to repeat?" Ayame a.k.a. the demon, smiled sweetly. Sweat ran down Natsu's face. He laughed nervously.

"Never mind that, I need your help." She put the staff back on her belt and picked Happy up, cradling the exceed in her arms.


"We must hurry, I'll tell you on the way." Natsu nodded and they both jumped down.

"Remember the incident a few days ago with the massive wolf and the two mages?" Ayame hoped that nothing happened to the girl.

"Yeah, what about it?"

"The girl you took to the Healing Tent has a high fever, probably the highest I've ever seen in my entire life. I thought that maybe you may be able to extract the heat or something out of her body or something like that."

Natsu nodded thoughtfully, as they landed at the base of the oak. They started running again in the direction of the town. Ayame glanced at her friend. He looked deep in thought. Maybe there was nothing he could do? She asked herself, but decided not to voice her concern in case she would interrupt his train of thought.

Natsu ran through all the conversations he had with Igneel when he was little. The great fire dragon didn't mention anything about fevers and extracting someone's 'heat' from their bodies, but he mentioned something about his fire being able to fight diseases, so maybe, just maybe he could use his fire that to help the girl.

The two friends knew the forest like they knew each other, which was like the back of their hands. In no time they were outside the Healing Tent.

"You ready, oh, almighty fire dragon slayer?" Ayame lifted the cloth gingerly.

"Yeah, I'm all fired up!" Natsu half-shouted and in response he got a glare.

"Shh, you could wake her up, idiot," she whispered madly, entering the tent.

"Sorry," The fire dragon slayer crouched and followed his friend. The atmosphere inside the tent was tense. Natsu walked towards the bed and sat down on the chair next to it. Ayame came to stand beside his shoulder.

"You sure you can do this?" She asked softly.

"I can try." Natsu took a deep breath and let the fire envelop his hands. Ayame gasped.

"Natsu, you can't possibly do that. You'll burn the poor girl!"

He didn't say anything, yet his muscles tensed as the flames inched closer to her skin. His brow creased and he held his breath as he moved his hands to where the diseases usually settled in the human body.

The heavy breathing subsided and the heat left Lucy's cheeks. Her heart slowed considerably. Everything seemed to be going just fine.

A few minutes later Natsu extinguished his flames and rose up from the chair and turned to Ayame grinning, and then he noticed his friend's gaze was still locked on the blonde girl. Furrowing his brows he turned around. Everything looked fine, until he saw a little red spot on the white covers beside her stomach. The little dot got bigger and bigger and as it got bigger it started to resemble blood more and more.

Ayame snatched the covers from Lucy's body, her eyes widening considerably at the sight. The girl's wounds were open and oozing with fresh blood. Natsu was rooted to the spot. Had he done something wrong? His rational thought flew out of the window and he started to panic.

A shimmering white light blinded the two awake inhabitants of the tent. The light subsided and the girl who transformed into a wolf stood. She shook her head and ushered Ayame out of the Healing place and drug Natsu back to the chair making him sit.

"Just do what you did and we'll save her!"

"Wa-" Before Natsu could finish Dacia closed her eyes and her body started to fade.

"Oy! You okay?" Dacia shot Natsu a glare before she stepped on the wooden bed and lied on top of Lucy.

"Do your thing fire boy!" The celestial spirit felt her body meld with Lucy's. As soon as the transmission was done, Dacia found herself inside Lucy's mind. An enormous mansion stood proud throwing shadows over a grand garden. A small Lucy was being lectured by Jude, when Dei appeared with Layla's neck in his hands. Lucy gasped and the ground started shaking vigorously.

Natsu's hands hovered about an inch above the blonde's skin, moving like a wave. He didn't really understand what he was doing or what just happened, but if that was what it took to save her then so be it. Although he never got the chance to talk to her, he already considered her his nakama.

Dacia ran towards Lucy telling her to snap out of it and that it wasn't real. It was difficult trying to guess where the ground would start cracking and start bleeding hot lava. Shaking her head Dacia shifted and howled loudly. That snapped the little girl's attention. The wolf kept howling and little Lucy's curiosity was winning and she crept closer and closer to the oversized beast. But then, the earth split and Lucy was swallowed by smouldering hot lava.
A screeching scream pierced through Natsu's sense-heightened ears and his flaming hands touched Lucy's skin. Her body was in flames.

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