Chapter 2: A New Member

A year after graduating university, Rina and Kai were officially a couple. Kai proposed to her in front of the crowd on stage at graduation, making it a memorable moment. When Kai was down on his knee's everyone was surprised, where many took photo's and the camera man who was recording the event definitely got this. Obviously, Rina parents and his started to cry and tear up, as they were happy to see their children finally find love and faith in someone, after there up's and down's they had for a while, but then pushing that to a side, they made it through.

It was a months after their wedding, as the 2 are now not a couple, but husband and wife. In their honeymoon, sure they had there intimate times with each other but what they didn't expect was to have another Hiwatari coming into their lives and family.

"Kaaaai, did you get the fruits?" Rina said as she moaned a lot during her pregnancy, during her pregnancy she desired for a lot of things, and some were un-thinkable. She could have lemon without putting a sour face, she could have chocolate after the other without being sick of it, she could have the most un-imaginable food mixes, that turn out pretty nice... For her.

"Yes honey, and how's the baby?" Kai asked as he was putting the stuff away, in the kitchen cupboards. Rina, well she definitely changed. Her hair was still the same colour, but now in the sun it would look a bit like dark blue, she had a hair-cut which was a long A-line haircut with a right side fringe, her eyes became a little more redder but still fierce in its way. She was in a grey tank top, as the top didn't cover her whole... Complete bump as it shown her belly button which was now completely flat. She wore some black skinny jeans, which wasn't too tight on her. And a long black cardigan on top.

"He's doing fine, but kicking and moving around a lot" Rina, said as she walked over to Kai, he walked to her as the two shared a kiss on their lips, then smiling at each other after.

"That's good, I'm guessing he's excited that he's coming out in a few days time. Hm?" Kai said as he got fruits for Rina, like strawberries, raspberries, grapes, melon, kiwi, orange, blueberries and her favourite pomegranate seeds. He cut them up and put them all together in bowl for Rina, as he got himself some too.

"He sure is, he didn't let mummy have a nap. Thank you baby for the fruit. Gou say thank you to your daddy for letting you eat some fresh and healthy fruit" Rina said as she pecked Kai lips, and then look down at her stomach, talking to Gou. Yes, that's their son name Gou Hiwatari. The two thought it sound strong and a powerful leader in future. But he would be like his daddy, Kai.

Kai bends down, as he lift Rina top a bit, so he see her whole stomach. It August the 10th as Gou was due at the 15th, which was only 5 days away. She wasn't in labour yet as she was feeling quiet healthy and fine to not hospital yet, but at the 12th she would be making her way. Kai then puts his ear on Rina stomach to hear his son, as he then heard a kick. Rina felt it too, as she giggled at Kai sudden expression, when he looked up at her.

"I think he said thank you" Rina said as Kai kissed her stomach before getting up. He smiled as he put his warm hands on her stomach gliding it around her belly, as it tickled Rina a bit with her laughing, through that Kai felt many kicks and movement as he smiled with joy.

"He likes me doing that" Kai said as Rina was still laughing. He kept massaging yet touching her stomach, as he was over-joyed to feel his son like it too.

"I like you doing that, but your tickling me" Rina said as Kai chuckled as Rina smiled widely, as she took a spoonful of her salad to eat. She loved the fruit sensation that went through her mouth that was filled with flavour.

"I can't wait to hold him" Kai said as he stopped and covered Rina stomach, so that it wouldn't get cold. Kai had some of his fruit salad, as he helped Rina to sit down. They sat on the couch together in their home, as the two just thought and thinked for a while.

"We'll have a mini us" Rina said as she smiled thinking about it. Kai looked at Rina and leaned in for a kiss, which she gave a back.

A sudden feeling went through Rina, as she felt like she needed the toilet. But this was fast. She felt her panties getting wet, and then she thought that if this was her urine, she could have controlled it and held it until she went into the toilet, but no. This was something now totally different to that as she realised it.

"Kai... My water broke" Rina said as Kai eye's widened and looked at her. He blinked a few times, but this was hard to take in.

"Rina, you better not be joking" Kai said as he wanted to know the truth. He didn't think this was happening now, the baby was supposed to come 5 days later.

"Kai, does it look like I'm joking? Take me to the damn hospital quick" Rina was starting to get paranoid as she started to feel contractions in her abdomen, but then having that urge to get to the hospital quick.

Kai called the hospital, as he was also helping Rina with breathing, so that she wouldn't scream, it was something he learnt in baby lesson's class. He told the hospital, as he now had to take his ready-to-give-birth-wife to the hospital. He got his keys as he went back to Rina who was sweating a bit, but still having her breathing together.

"Honey, I have to take you to the hospital. Come on" Kai said as Rina just agreed, Kai picked Rina up in his arms and quickly opened the door, and shut it as he speed walked to his range rover sport matte white, quickly seating Rina in he didn't care if she leaked in the car, his wife was about to give birth.

Driving like a maniac, and actually almost going over his speed limit he made it to the hospital, not caring his he parked in the disabled space. He picked her up again in his arms, as he carried her in to, the pregnancy department of the building. Nurses ran to him and provided a wheel chair for Rina, as he sat her down.

"I can't wait anymore longer! My baby want's to come out!" Rina shouted, slightly raising her voice, as they walked through the halls, with Rina holding onto Kai left hand tightly. She was trying to control her breathing.

"Room 206 is free!" A nurse yelled, as they rushed towards that room, which was the second floor. They had to go through an elevator as they practically rushed into the delivery room.

"Mrs, do you want your husband with you?" A nurse asked as Rina sweat dropped, she obviously wanted Kai there, who would support her? And he would be able to see his son, straight away.

"Yes, of course and now quickly get me on that delivery bed. And no more questions!" Rina said as the nurse nodded and let Kai in, as he picked her up and laid her on the bed. Rina personal GP came in, as she was a female. She knew what Rina is going through, as she is a experienced woman in this.

"Now Rina, breathe and I want you to push as hard as you can" She said as her name was Dr Ann, but the two were good friends so they call each other by their first names.

"Argggh! *pants*" Rina was pushing as hard as she can as, she held onto Kai tightly. It was now or never is she was going to do this.

"You can do it honey!" Kai encouraged as he stayed there for her.

"Good! Now again, I can see the head. Common Rina!" Ann said as she helped, and kept Rina legs wide for the baby to come our easier. Rina done some little pushes, as she was going to push more.

"Ahh ARGGGGGHH!" Rina done her push as the baby head was out, Kai was relieved as the baby cry was like joy to their ears. Learning this, Kai was happy that the baby cries, cause then you know that the baby is getting air in their lungs.

Rina done some more pushes as the body was now out, Rina bent to her son, as she pulled him out a bit, and picked him up in him arms as Kai laid the blanket there quickly. The Doctors was impressed that, it was her first child and she done great. She even picked the baby out and hold him, in her arms. The baby was continuously crying as Rina quieted him down a bit.

"Good job honey, he looks very healthy" Kai said as Rina smiled and felt over-whelmed to finally see her son, at not only in baby scans and pictures.

"Thank you... Wanna hold your son Kai?" Rina said as Kai smiled and nodded, he took Gou out of his mom arms and in his, as he felt so small... Not premature. But compared to Kai, Kai was a grown 23-year-old adult as Rina was 22.

"Rina, what's your son name?" Ann asked as it looked like she had, the birth certificate with her or maybe a little note to put, so that they'll remember.

"Gou, G-O-U. Hiwatari" Rina spelt out his first name, so they won't mistake it. Ann smiled and congratulated Rina as she walked off. Kai passed Gou to Rina, as he had a text from Tala and everyone else that there, waiting in the waiting room for Rina. Rina wrapped Gou into a warmer and their own blanket, as Rina was going to breast feed Gou.

"Honey, do you want everyone to come?" Kai asked as Rina took a while to think, since she knew her baby would be thirsty and hungry, she didn't want to show her breast's to male that were her and her husband friends?

"The girls can, but the boys no now... It's because I'm breast-feeding I don't want them to y'know. But you can take a picture before I start" Rina said as Kai nodded for understanding, as he took a picture with Rina holding Gou in her hands smiling at the camera, Gou had his dad hair, but we didn't know if he had his mother or his dad eyes, as Rina's were Crimson/Red and Kai was Violet/Purple.

Kai took another picture of Gou up-close to show the guys, that'll wait. Kai smiled and kissed Rina lips, as she loved it and returned it back. There was a cup of water with a straw as the nurse brought it in, if Rina was a little de-hydrated, and yes she was. Kai walked as he went to the waiting room, which was around the corner at the end of the hall as Rina was only a few doors away.

"Girls, you can go. Room 206" Kai said as everyone stood up at his appearance. The girls walked to Kai as they stopped.

"How's Rina is she ok? What about the baby?" A pink haired female said, as her name was re-called to be Mariah. Mariam, Salima, Emily, Faith, Khloe, Hilary, and Ming-Ming was all there for her.

"Yeah, she's waiting for you, but she's going to start her feed now" Kai said as the girls nodded and, walked to the room what Kai said as the guys sat, down. Tyson passed a water bottle to Kai if he needed it, where he did as he, took it and chugged some down.

"So? How's the Mrs?" Tala started as he was interested.

"Why didn't we get to see her and the baby?" Tyson moaned as he was being a complete baka. Everyone sweat dropped when he finished, who knew even Daichi did.

"She's fine Tala, just a little tired and dizzy but she's good. And Tyson, my wife is breastfeeding my son, that's invading her personal space, and that's breaking comfort zone" Kai threatened a little, as Tyson raised his hands to surrender, as he quieted down.

"So, what's Gou like?" Bryan asked as he was sat beside Tala sitting patiently.

"He's got my hair, but we don't know about the eyes just yet" Kai said as Bryan nodded as Tala moved towards Kai and sat down.

"Have you got a picture?" Tala asked as Kai forgot about that, and nodded. He got his phone out, as he permanently saved the images in its own folder which was called Baby Gou Hiwatari. Kai got the picture of Gou up-close as everyone gathered, to see and then go into a 'Aww'.

"He does look like you" Tala said as Kai nodded and smiled at the image.

"He look's too cute, to look like you" Ray said as Kai looked at him blankly, with Ray looking around to blank his glare.

"I can't believe he's my son. In my arms he only took my left side chest" Kai said as everyone was pretty surprised but they wasn't really surprised cause it was a newborn baby.

"AAWWW HE'S SOOO CUTE!" They heard the squeal down the hall, as the men chuckled. They sat back down in there seats, as they waited for another good 15 minutes until Salima came.

"You guys can come now" Salima said, as the guys were excited and got up. They walked to Rina room, as it was only her private, just for her. They saw Gou lying on the bed on his back, as the blinds were closed with the dim light as the sun was too bright, making the room too hot.

The guys walked in, putting some anti-bacterial gel in their hands as they walked towards Rina bed, as the curtains around was closed a little. Kai opened them as he saw his son, on the bed lying on his, already wide awake like a morning child. His eyes were open as it revealed his mother crimson eyes, but around his pupil was a bit of violet.

"He's got both of our eyes, from what Ann said" Rina said as Kai sat down behind her and kissed Rina, as Gou was just lying there looking at the people around him.

"He's our little angel" Kai whispered in Rina ear, as she Mm-Hmmed back. The two played with Gou a little bit, as Rina was having her moments with Gou.

"You guys look like a perfect family" Tala said as Mariah was crying on Ray shoulder at how happy she is.

"I can't believe it! F-first I-i told her not t-to marry the j-jerk and now s-she is, al-already they g-got a baby together! I'm so happy for her!" Mariah cried out, as everyone broke out in laughter, at her point of view.

"You guys are perfect" Max said as he held Mariam together aww'ing at the family as not only he was proud, they all were.

"If something happens to me and Rina, I want you guys to look after him like he's your very own. And if I don't like what I see, I will personally haunt you" Kai threatened as everyone chuckled.

"Yes sir" Everyone said in a Unison, as Kai broke a smile. Rina giggled as Gou was still wondering around with his eyes.

"Tala, Tyson I want you two be the god father and Faith and Khloe your his godmothers. But all of you, your still his aunt and uncles" Rina said as Faith and Tala were together and Tyson and Khloe too, as the 2 couples could take their turn looking after Gou.

"Welcome to the family Gou" Everyone said together with a joyful tone for a welcoming personally for baby Gou.