I recently saw a movie I fell in love with in a way I haven't in a very long time.

Rise of the Guardians. I am in love with it.

Well….My Muse was like "OMG HP/RotG CROSSOVER. WE ARE DOING ONE RIGHT NOW. GO. OPEN MICROSOFT. LET'S DO THIS" and I was like "But I have all these other chapters to do and you-" "RIGHT. NOW. PUP. This is what we're doing and you don't get to pick stories I do. So open up Microsoft." And I'm like "But I just- I was- you can't!" "I'm not helping with anything until you go write this." "Well…Damn. *opens Microsoft*" and here I am. Muse is very smug.

I don't own Rise of the Guardians or Harry Potter. This applies throughout.

WARNINGS: AU! OOC! FEM!HARRY Possible Jack X Fem!Harry (Who I have named Winter) and SPOILERS FOR THE MOVIE DESPITE BEING AU

Oh! MiM is Man in the Moon for those who are unaware.




It's AU Fan Fiction I can do that XD


MiM had chosen each of his Guardians for a reason. It may not always be clear to anyone other than MiM himself, but he always had a reason.

He also wanted them to be Happy.

He wanted his Guardians to be happy with their job and all it entailed so that they always associated their jobs with Happiness, Light, Hope, Wonder, and Joy. So they never associated being a Guardian as something Bad or Unwanted.

MiM hadn't taken into account the long 300 years Jack would wonder the world unseen, unheard, and not believed in. He hadn't thought the other Guardians would ignore Jack. MiM had believed that in 300 years Jack would find someone that believed in him, someone that could see and hear and touch him. When 297 years had passed without Jack finding someone, with Jack asking MiM "Why do the people around me walk through my body? Why can't they see or hear me? Why am I here? Why are you doing this to me? Why am I invisible to them?" MiM decided to take matters into his own hands.

He started searching the Globe for someone that Believed in Jack Frost…someone that would be able to interact with Jack and make him Happy.

He found her. She was a child that needed a Guardian. A child that needed Jack, and believed he existed.

The child's name was Winter Abigail Potter. She was a 10 year old child that was abused and neglected. She was a child who, despite all of that, believed in magic, and Jack. Believed in Santa and the Easter Bunny. In the Sandman and the Tooth Fairy. She found Magic and Joy in the smallest of things. She was not a selfish child.

She was also a witch. Something that Winter had known and loved about herself ever since she was seven years old, and something that had cemented her Belief in All Things Magical forever.

She spent time in the Library to read up on all the Magical Myths once she realized what she was. She read book after book after book, devouring the knowledge and storing it in her mind. Her inner Magic told her which of the Myths were true fiction and which were Truth hidden in Legend, and in this way she discovered the Truth in the Easter Bunny, Sandman, Santa, Tooth Fairy and Jack Frost. She even discovered Pitch and MiM himself in this same manner.

Once she knew she they existed she started speaking to them. Her relatives never let her write Santa, Hunt Easter Eggs, or have money for her teeth, but she was let out when there was snow out in the town of Little Whinging and she was allowed out when the moon was high, since the Dursley Family didn't care what happened to the child anyway. When the moon was full, Winter would talk to MiM, about anything from how her day went to what she had happened to her at the hands of her 'Family' that day. When the snow came during winter, Winter would use her magic to stay warm since the clothes she had from Dudley never fit much less kept her warm. Then she would head out for the lake closest to #4 and she would skate barefooted across the ice, using her magic to keep away the cold. She would laugh and dance out on the ice, and when she could no longer skate she was so tired she would pull herself up and stumble for #4 whispering "Thank you Jack for the wonderful winter."

Jack never knew about her, but that was about to change. MiM would make sure of it. He wanted his Guardians happy, and Jack would become a Guardian, even if no one but MiM knew that yet.

So MiM reached for Jack's mind and he spoke "Jack Frost."

Jack jumped and whirled around to face the large full moon "…You're talking to me now?"

MiM sighed lightly "Go to England to the town of Little Whinging. There is something there you need to see."

Jack didn't understand why he was being sent there, or why MiM was suddenly taking an interest, but despite everything MiM was the one to give him a name, and he was always watching over him, so Jack nodded and called out to the wind. He'd be arriving a little early, but Little Whinging, England would be getting snow.

MiM watched over him as Jack made his journey and smiled to himself. Even if Jack didn't know it yet, he was going to be happy soon. Truly Happy.


Jack arrived in Little Whinging late in the night without any trouble and with him came the early snow. Some of the adults that were out grumbled about it, and Jack may have sent some colder than normal wind their way, but the children were happy to see snow as they went to their beds, looking forward to playing in the morning.

Jack had his fun freezing everything in the town before settling on a lake about the size of the one he had woken up on close to 300 years ago. He sprawled out in the middle of the lake and stared up at the sky watching the moon. He didn't expect anyone to come out onto the lake, so he was surprised to hear the trees near the left side of the lake rustle. He grabbed his staff and jumped into the air to watch whoever was heading for the lake.

He was surprised to see a ten year old girl with long black hair that had a windswept look much like his own, pale white skin, clothes that looked much too big to be hers, no shoes and bright emerald eyes that scanned the area a few times before stepping close to the lake. She scanned the lake and smiled whispering "He's Early."

Jack was surprised to watch the girl step out onto the ice without appearing to check it for thickness with nothing on her feet. He wanted to tell her that was a bad idea, but after 297 years of no one seeing or hearing him Jack didn't say a word. He was confused about whom she was referring too with her earlier statement of 'He's Early' but he didn't ask and just watched her.

For a few hours the girl danced on the ice with no shoes and no warm clothes on, looking like nothing about the cold affected her. And Jack grew interested in her. In all his years on the Earth, Jack had never seen a person who could walk around in almost nothing with no shoes in winter and look like it was natural, especially so close to him, where it was always colder in the winter months.

There was no music or noise other than the wind, and yet the girl moved as if she could hear something Jack couldn't, see something Jack missed. She moved like there was something in the air, almost as if some invisible partner was moving with her, and it was something magical and amazing to watch.

After a few hours of watching her, the girl finally slowed and looked towards the sky, right at Jack. She smiled widely and brightly bowing her head slightly while maintaining eye contact with Jack the entire time and then she spoke in a soft but magical voice "Thank you for the early winter Jack."

Jack felt his insides freeze. He had been feeling a little uneasy that she was staring right at him but to hear her thank him for an early winter and say his name? That meant she could see him, and after not being seen for 297 long years, the idea of being seen and thanked was not something Jack had expected, so he froze in the air and stared at her with wide eyes.

While Jack was having an emotionally upheaving moment, Winter was unaware she had said anything significant, and she walked away headed for the house she resided in. She slipped inside the door of #4 and tried to be as quiet as possible as she headed for her Cupboard. She slipped inside and curled up on the cot that was her bed. She smiled. "Today, winter came early, I saw Jack Frost, and got to thank him in person. I got to dance with his magic. Not even my relatives could ruin today for me."

Jack had thought Winter looked like she was dancing with something unseen, with unheard music or a partner. He had been right on all accounts.

Winter had always been able to see and hear the very magic of the Earth. Magic was a living thing. It was something with feelings, something that could 'speak' something that changed and loved and hated. It was something that Winter had always sensed and known in the very reaches of her soul.

Winter had sensed Jack's Magic. It had whispered to her in clear crisp loving tones, knowing she was one of the few who could see and hear it as well as the only person who believed in its wielder. It had always heard her thanks, even if its wielder couldn't and now that it was so close it could reach for her it would. It reached out and whispered "Young One. We are here. Come dance with me."

Winter had heard it and headed for the lake, knowing that the Magic would guide Jack there since it wanted her to dance with it. When she had arrived at the lake she had paused and scanned the area for Jack. She hadn't seen him, but she could see his Magic waiting at the center of the lake. She smiled at what she knew was a copy of Jack's form except it was glowing a mix of blues and whites and silvers and looked more like a silhouette than a person. She smiled at the Magic. "He's Early"

"We are early. MiM sent us. Come and dance with me. The ice is safe. I will not let you fall through"

Winter made a note to thank MiM later, and she stepped out onto the ice without a thought.

The moment she had stepped onto the frozen lake, which was full of Jack's Magic, she could feel the Magic's joy and anticipation, and she could hear the very essence of winter in the form of a song with no words. She smiled widely and let the Magic envelope her as she danced with Jack's Magic as if it was her partner in a routine on the ice with no lifts. She twirled and jumped and just danced with it, and she was thrilled that for the first time she could dance with Jack's Magic Source rather than dancing with the Magic left behind after Jack had already been through the town.

Soon though she tired and she looked towards the sky as she always did when she thanked Jack for winter. What she hadn't expected was to see Jack crouching on top of a Shepherd's Staff and watching her in the air, but since he was there, Winter smiled at him and bowed her head a little as she thanked him for the early winter.

That led her up to this very moment inside the cupboard. She hoped Jack was still there in the morning. She wouldn't mind talking to him in person. She knew he was a good person, she could feel it in his Magic. She could feel that his magic was playful, caring, and loving, she could also feel that it was capable of cold fury and death, but most of all she could feel the urge to bring fun and joy to people and the very strong urge to protect people it considered precious to its wielder.

Something Winter had learned about Magic was that it was born with its wielder, even if its wielder had no potential to use it consciously, and in this way the Magic took the form of its wielder's silhouette and then it became the colors that represented its wielder most. Magic would also broadcast 'feelings' out into the world that would tell people who could sense it some of its wielder's core personality traits.

Something else that Winter had noticed was everyone had Magic. Most people couldn't consciously use it like a Witch or Wizard, or the Immortal Figures, but they could channel their magic into things like Books, Music, Movies and Ideas.

Winter wondered what her Magic said about her since the only Magic she hadn't ever been able to see was her own though she knew it was there.

As Winter thought of all these things she stared at her ceiling and smiled whispering "Thanks MiM."

As she slipped into sleep she could feel MiM's Magic reach out and brush against her mind telling her without words 'You're Welcome.'