What's this, a 2P Hetalia fic? Oh wait, a HetaOni fanfic about them? Yes, you read right. I hope that this will be amazing for you all to read as it is for me to write. I may go over the chapters every now and then due to me never being quite happy with the chapters. I plan to make this an amazing 2p version of HetaOni! So enjoy!

A white shape hurtled through the many twisting hallways of the mansion, creaks of rotten wood filling the tension-thick air. The lights were flickering on and off, barely casting enough illumination for the living thing to see. However, it knew the layout pretty well, embedded into its mind. Sliding on the floorboard, the creature drifted around the corner and down the stairs. At last, the door was nearby! It only glanced back briefly to hear a bone-chilling roar. The ceiling above it shook, dust floating down.

Shit, it knew where it was…

Gleaming red eyes were seen beneath the yellow tinted glasses, a scowl planted on a white face. Sticking out of its mochi-like body was a single brown strand of hair. It knew it would escape this time. In its lips held the key to the dilemma it and other occupants had. Everything was going perfect; finally it found the damn thing! All it had to do was make it to the front door!

Turning the corner and spying the door in question, it leaped from the creaking floorboards and slammed into the door handle, jiggling it. Not able to grip it, it jumped up again to shove the key into the keyhole, able to already taste freedom and smell the fresh air. However, it slammed its forehead into the handle. Something was missing.

The key…

Where was the damn KEY!? This happened every single time at different places. No matter where it was in the mansion, the key kept disappearing from its person. Either it returned to its hiding spot or was left somewhere behind it, the monster always on its tail.

The slight gleam of metal caught the mochi's eyes and it glanced back, spying the dropped key at the bottom of the stairs. When had it been dropped? It just seemed to have just vanished from his mouth. Annoyed, it looked around before it quickly hopped over to it, opening its mouth so that it could grab the cord that held the key. Out of nowhere, in the darkness of the hallway near the stairs, a dark colored hand shot out and caught the key in its grip. Slowly it began to drag it back into the darkness, two grey eyes appearing as a head came into view.

"YoU… WOn't… ESc...aPe…"

The sinister crackly voice left the gaping mouth of the creature, tilting its head to stare hungrily at the mochi. An angry cry left the white creature as it dodged the second hand as it swiped at him. The hand crashed down into the floorboards snapping underneath the pressure. Using its momentum, it slammed its forehead into the monster's face in an attack. The black bodied creature wasn't fazed, letting out a snarl as the mochi retreated.

With its back to the door, and the key now encased by long fingers, the red eyed white creature glared up at its opponent, ready to fight it off. With one leap, it charged to battle it, the cries of each of them echoing the air in the mansion, rattling the windows.

"You bastardo! You call that training? It was even worse than yesterday's. Japan didn't even show up either. He was sick and tired of not making any progress!" A light Italian-accented voice slipped through the trees as a figure darted through them, looking back every now and then to make sure the cat and mouse game continued. He made sure to stay ahead at least a dozen feet, darting through the packed trees and underbrush. He was not called 'fleet of foot' for show.

"If you have better ideas, then why don't you speak up about then, dummkopf? Japan said he was on his way, so get your ass back to the training field!" The heavy German accent turned the words harsher than they were. However, the Italian paid no mind. He didn't care to listen to anything he had to say at the moment. This was getting too easy. With an arrogant smirk and a gleam in his crimson eyes, he disappeared into the woods, using the speed that always secured him his kills, dancing over roots as if they were not there. So deep into thought he was trying to devise how to get him back for the training that he didn't realize that the sky had shifted to late afternoon. The noise, which had been just a low murmur, exploded into city life conversations, startling him.

Looking around, the Italian found himself in a town. Strange, he swore that he hadn't seen a town in the distance… Well maybe he had gone in the wrong direction while getting distracted by his thoughts. It didn't matter; Germany wouldn't have run all the way here just to get him back into training. He would get his punishment whenever he came back, not that he'd make it easy for the damn German. A malicious smirk spread across his lips. They'd have a pretty painful fight and leave with deep cuts and blood everywhere, but he was used to it. He loved the beautiful color of blood as it stained his enemies. That reminded him; he still needed some for his special sauce. Shaking himself out of his thoughts; they could wait until later.

"Well he won't find me here… He probably gave up at that small cliff. Oh well, now he'll have to deal with a moody Japan then, not my problem. As long as I get some fun with him later. Honestly, his pathetic type of training should be after the damn meeting, not before it." A sinister chuckle slipped through his lips, apparently pleased that he escaped once more. He looked around again, not able to see any town signs.

"Must be an unpopular town… Oh well. Even if I'm lost, all I have to do is figure out which direction I came from again." The Italian sighed, rolling his eyes and he rudely pushed by a couple of teenagers, who glare at him as they went by. He almost made a snarky comment to them, but he refrained, just barely. That small smirk was still on his lips though.


The northern Italian paused, hearing an excited voice. He turned to search the now thinning crowd on the sidewalks. Near a stone stable next to a small house, there were three boys and a girl, whispering to each other. A secret? Whatever it was, the nation was now intrigued. It would be fun to play around with these little humans. They were good for a couple of terrified screams at the very least before they were killed. Now intent on his prey, he examined which one had talked. It seemed to be a brown haired boy, who looked rather eager about something. Confidence radiated from him, a big smile on his face. A disgusted scowl appeared on Italy's face. It was revolting to see kids like that, so happy and carefree. It would be better to see their expressions contorted by fear and terror.

"Hmmm?" The wistful tone slipped out from Italy's lips, leaning against the nearby wall of a building. He was close enough to them that he could hear the group without looking like he was eavesdropping. The only telltale sign that he was even interested was the large malicious smirk on his lips.

"It's just a rumor. You're not… really going… Are you?" The white haired boy of the group looked skeptical, as if he didn't believe that his foolish friend was going to go through with it. The brunette girl then spoke up, just a little worried, nibbling on one of her fingernails and glancing around as if scared someone may have heard them.

"There are ghosts, right? That sounds kinda scary..." Smirking, Italy almost wanted to laugh at the girl. Scary? If this really was a simple ghost story, then he would have no fun in checking it out. He frowned and looked away, eyes narrowing. This would prove to be simply a waste of time then. A few passerbyers looked at him hesitantly before increasing their walking pace, getting an uneasy feeling from him. He could have laughed. Yes, run away like scared little field mice. He was about to push himself away from the wall, wanting to return back to where the world meeting would take place.

"It's true! Lots of people went missing and got eaten by this huge monster!"

The Italian looked back at them quickly. Wait… Did the blonde just say ghosts and monsters? He cocked an eyebrow upwards. That sounded interesting… And even if it was just a rumor, it would make a fun game of dare, and in the end, he could end up terrifying all of them. Who could stay the longest in the mansion without getting scared? Too bad America wasn't that scared of ghosts anymore… But perhaps this will make him relapse to being terrified for once; it was be wonderful to see his freak out once more.

"Let's check it out!... Wait, where is it?" Closing his eyes, the Italian eagerly listened in. Yes, where is this place? He would need to know the location of such an interesting place if he was to set up the dare. He smirked, oh the fun they will have. Regardless if it was true or not, he was planning on how to terrify his fellow nations. He wanted them to almost pass out in fear. He clenched one fist. A sneer appeared on his face.

"If I remember correctly, I heard it was a really big western-styled house east of here." East of here? Hmm… that meant he had to make sure that he could remember how to get to this small town… He didn't want to seem like an idiot arriving after everyone. He had to set up for this…

"So, a haunted house with a monster that eats people? Even if it's not real, it'd be fun to go there and have a little game. Peace time is rarely fun; so different from the chaos of war time. At least in this we can go all out and possibly destroy the abandoned mansion if we wanted… Now to figure out how to tell America so he won't be an ass about it… Maybe after this upcoming meeting." The Italian murmured that to himself, tapping his jaw as he watched the kids. They had traveled to the alleyway near him and the sky was now dark. No one seemed to be worried about that, and there would be no witnesses. He took out a small knife and looked at it, the light from the lamppost nearby making it gleam. He ducked it out of the stream of light so as to not draw attention to it.

It was time to have some fun.

"Excuse me." Italy said sweetly, putting on an innocent yet interested look on his face. He pushed off from the wall, walking towards the group of kids with his knife behind him. The group went quiet and he found that four eyes were on him. They looked hesitant and unsure about his presence.

"I couldn't help but overhear about this mansion. Mind giving me some more information? It sounds like fun to go there on a dare~" He started to herd them into an alleyway. The silly kids barely realizing that due to their eyes fastened only on his gaze that they had backed up and were cut off from an escape route. The white haired boy seemed to snap out of it first and he blinked as he realized that they were trapped.

"Who are you?" he demanded.

The Italian chuckled and drew his knife out into the open, examining its pristine condition. His sweet smile darkened into a sadistic smirk, already picturing the masterpiece the four will become. He decided to ignore the question that was directed to him. He shrugged it off, wanting to start immediately on the newest additions to his artwork.

"Maru kaite chikyuu. Maru kaite chikyuu. Maru kaite chikyuu~" The Italian's voice whispered through the hallway, footsteps echoing with each word he said, the fear practically filling the air. Those terrified eyes, mouths opened to scream with no sound coming forth; it was pure bliss for him. What was the matter with them? Italian got their tongues? A dark chuckled slipped through his lips, eyes widening

"Boku Italia~" Blood splattered the wall in a radiant display of a sadistic artist. Gleaming eyes flickered upwards, observing the storm front that was billowing closer.

This will be fun.