Here's the awaited first chapter! I hope you all enjoy it. If you have anything you are dying to see, please comment and I can see what I can do about it. I'm not sure where this will lead, but trust me when I remind you that this will be slightly interactive as well. Since this will be my own plot of what could happen, it may and may not have similarities to the original HetaOni. And like I said before, having your input would be great to toy around with. Enjoy it!

A deserted house in a mountain, about three hours on foot from the world summit place. No one knows how long it has been there or who used to live in it. Rumors had it that it was haunted. Of course, that was just it, rumors, although no one who went there returned.

"Where is this mansion you were talking about? You said it was three hours, right? It's been almost five!" The young man in a black bomber jacket twirled his peculiar chainsaw-bat around in his hand, blood droplets flying from the chainsaw's teeth. He was scowling at the trees in front of him as he tread through the barely used dirt trail as it twisted and turned through the forest. He swore, if the psychotic Italian had lied to him and just sent them on a wild goose chase… He would murder him. The damn smirking bastard always wanted to find another way to tick him off.

"You could have used the map to prevent from getting lost." Canada spoke up from behind the group, just in front of the Italian. The nations turned to him briefly, surprised to see the normally silent nation speak up, his loud voice easily heard throughout the area. His ice blue eyes stared at everyone underneath his winter-frosted locks, the black hoody preventing the chilly wind from blowing them into his vision. There was a slight frown on his face; his brother hated maps with a passion, rather wanting to rely on his electronics to get around. That was a difference between the two, he preferred a map. And of course there was that hatred of stopping and asking for directions… The second largest nation fell quiet again. The large bear at his feet looked up at him, almost seeming to grin, the maple leaf marking on its left eyes seeming to disappear in the shadows of the foliage.

"Who are you again?" The bear's voice was slight taunting, knowing what reaction it would receive from its owner. Instantly the Canadian glared down at his companion with angry eyes, annoyance dwelling on his face. He looked away and increased his pace, planning to ignore the bear for a while. He shifted his red bow more securely on his shoulder, thinking about how quickly it would be to put an arrow through his pet's head… But he would never go through it; perhaps just whacking him on the head would suffice.

"Awww, come on bro. The best and only Hero in the world doesn't need maps! You guys are just specks of ink on it anyways. Everyone knows I'm the most important nation here." America said, dropping back to drape his arm around his brother's shoulder. The other nation leaned away from his touch, sending a glare his way. However the other wasn't affected by it, the smirk only widening as he decreased the distance created. He never knew what his brother was thinking, but it was fun messing with him like this. The silent Canadian never liked much contact with the others. But he stopped trying to pull away from him, knowing that no matter how hard he tried, his brother would not let him get away. America hadn't even noticed the heated glares he was getting from the other three nations at his comment.

"Or you could have used your GPS you are so proud of." The Japanese nation mentioned, looking around. America constantly boasted about his achievements enough as it was, so why not put them to use already? Narrowing his crimson eyes, he shook his head, turning his attention back onto finding out where the mansion was. The path could hardly be called that, the grass slightly shorter than the surrounding brush and barely seen unless one carefully looked for it.

"Oh, and what would I put in there? 'Creepy mansion in the middle of the woods?' I don't think this damn place even has an address." The American rolled his eyes as he waved off Japan's suggestion. Seriously, why did they even come if they weren't going to help look for it? Opening his mouth again before someone could make a comeback, a British accented tone cut through the air.

"Oh come on, dearies. We should be almost there by now!" England sent a bright smile over his way, golden eyes shining when they were hit by a stray ray of light. He looked over at a tiny red dragon that popped in and out of existence. He muttered something to it, his eyes seeming to sparkle. The nations blankly stared at the strange nation as he searched for something in his long green jacket.

"Dude, you're being weird again. I think you put too much sugar into that tea of yours or whatever." America said, shaking his head. England simply smiled over at him at waved him off, something glinting from inside his jacket while his hand pulled out his phone to check the time.

"Oh poppycock, you enjoy my food and my tea, don't you dare try to deny it. And I happen to love my sugar as well." His eyes gleamed in warning, to which the American looked hesitant about and became quiet. Japan smirked over at him. It was amusing how easily the American was wary of making the island nation mad. Just like Canada was unpredictable with his stealth, England had a nasty streak that was hard to miss when his 'tea boiled over'. Behind the rest of the nations was Italy, tagging along in the back as he looked around, crimson eyes narrowed beneath his auburn bangs. He seemed to be deep in thought, somewhat of an uncommon occurrence. Instead of making a snark comment or berating the American for losing his way so easily, he stared blankly ahead, his body automatically following his fellow companions'. This attracted the attention of America as he glanced back to his brother.

"Oh look, our resident flag waver is all the way in the back. What a surprise~ What's the matter, dude? Scared of a little mansion?" Glowing eyes snapped up to glare into the similar hues, as if challenging him to repeat that insult again. A flag waver? Please, that was just a ruse to get people's guards down before he killed them. It was entertaining seeing the shock on the enemy's face when that scared look of his turned deadly with disastrous intent. The Japanese nation glanced back to see what the ruckus was about before he shook his head and kept walking along the path. He wasn't going to get dragged into this again; he knew his ally could hold his own, everyone knew it. The other nations followed him, leaving the Italian and American facing off alone.

"Care to repeat that again, vegan breath?" Italy asked, his eyes narrowing in challenge. A smirk was suddenly twisting his lips up, waiting to see the reaction of the opposite one. Upon hearing the returning insult, the American quickly thought for a comeback.

"Well at least I don't have to kill people to get the ingredients for my food." The Italian growled underneath his breath. Such a weak insult, but it still irked him.

"There's nothing wrong with my sauce, you narcissist anti-hero." It was an easy comeback, brining another dark smirk to his lips as he began to see the American's face darken in rage. They could stand there forever to banter like this, or they can skip the name calling and just go to beating the shit out of each other. He twirled his knife lazily in hand, awaiting the next move from the American, anticipating the adrenaline of the fight to soon happen. It was a stare down, the taller nation about to snarl something at him about being the only hero in the world when they heard an accented voice calling out to them, one with an almost sinister undertone.

"Do I have to go over there and break this up?"The two nations paused and glanced back at the almost disappearing trail, where the Englishman had stopped to watch the escalation of the bickering. If there was one thing they knew, it was not to push England too far. Although the incidents were far and few between, they always ended badly.

When America glared at him before he turned back to catch up to the others, the Mediterranean nation's face changed. The smirk fell from his lips and he looked behind him, inspecting the path as if looking for something. There was a crack and his hand instantly went to his knife, the blade gleaming even in the shadows, threatening whatever was there to show itself. Narrowed eyes glared into the trees around him, trying to pinpoint what had done so. It was only a few seconds before the Italian shook his head and quickened his pace to catch up with the other nations. England was pushing through the brush that got thicker the more they walked. America got annoyed enough to start hacking at the space in front of him with his weapon, more than tired of having to deal with it.

There was a murmur somewhere up ahead from Japan, attracting everyone's attention.

"Over here, I think I see something." Canada was the first one to reach him, pushing past trees that seemed to want to reach out and grab him. England ducked underneath low branches, leaving his ex-colony to chop them off cleanly. Italy was right behind him. Looking around as he caught up to Japan, they noticed the tips of a roof poking out of the trees ahead. Increasing their pace, they found themselves on a paved road that was worn down from the elements, stopping right at the edge of the forest they exited.

"Wow, it's actually here." Italy mentioned, gazing up at the large building. It was indeed massive, four stories in height with a few windows that looked cracked and dusty. The paint was peeling off the walls with vines attempting to overtake the house as its own. The landscape around it was overgrown, weeds and grass out of control while the road was cracked and fading into the yard.

"Wait, you mean you didn't expect us to even find it?" America turned on Italy, his eyes narrowed and his bat patting his shoulder. The brunette waved him off, smirking at the anger in those eyes, ignoring him as the others were. Their spats were too common that slowly their attention strayed from them.

"No, I didn't expect you to find it." America was tempted to draw his bat and slam it across the Italian's face, but England put a hand on his shoulder to stop him, shaking his head. Huffing, the man turned away from Italy.

"It doesn't look that bad despite its flaws, the rumor probably doesn't even exist anyways. Are you sure this will be worth our time?" The island nation carefully looked it over, crimson eyes trying to size it up. It simply looked like an abandoned building with nothing of interest. Even his 'haunted' locations back home were more interesting than this dump.

"This'll be boring…" Canada muttered, although his voice was loud enough that anyone near him could easily have heard him. Japan shrugged at the comment, only half interested in this rumor they heard about. He wasn't finding the idea of walking around an assumedly 'haunted' mansion for a few hours exciting. This was cutting into his training time.

"Oh come on, chicken brains, we just got here. Or are you too scared to even check out the insides? Does the hero always have to do everything?" The other four nations sighed at the same time. There he went with the 'hero' stuff once more. Honestly, they thought that they would all be used to it by now. But England knew best that this all started when he was younger and he never had the heart to correct that bad habit. He had thought it was cute when the smaller nation had run around with a wooden sword trying to beat up anyone who got in his way, yelling out that only he can be the hero of the world. He smiled brightly at that memory, his Red Pepper Dragon resting on his shoulder, eyes fastened on the building.

"We must at least walk through it. It's not often that we have a little adventure to ourselves, now is there?" The Englishman encouraged with his bright cheerful smile. Before anyone could say another word, there was a crack and the doors burst open due to America getting impatient. Shaking their heads, each nation made their way into the mansion. Canada was the last one outside the house, rolling his eyes as his brother made such a loud racket in his grand entrance. The saw marks on the door where he hit it with his weapon were deep, splintering the wood. His bear was silent at his feet, looking up at him as if to tell him to go inside already. However he was still ignoring his bear from the comment he made earlier.

A sudden gust of wind blew at his back harshly and he turned around and frowned, sensing something. It was well known that the Canadian was a great observer, using his stealth to watch without revealing his presence. Something was in the trees… But where? The leaves rustled in the wind, teasing him as they tried to distract him. Sharp eyes peered into the landscape, the hair on the back of his neck rising. He swore, if it was one of the other nations who hadn't come trying to prank him, they would find an arrow heading their way with no remorse. He was just about to get his weapon ready when a voice startled him out of the silence.

"Canada, are you coming? America will be on his ass laughing if you ran away now." The archer's eyes darted to the doorway, where Italy was leaning against it, playing with his knife in his hands, not able to catch those red eyes that were absorbed on that weapon of his. The Italian seemed bored, not too interested in the mansion they were about to enter. Frowning, the silent nation made sure his weapon was once more secure.

"If that asshole thought I'd run because of this, then he has another thing coming." The Italian hardly looked surprised at the comment, watching as he brushed past him into the mansion. Stepping in after him, the knife was slipped back into his pocket. Creaking angrily, the door closed with a loud bang behind him.