Hold me.

She ran faster than thought possible. Her eyes stung from the pounding rain but she never faulted. this was the end but she needed to get to him she needed to see his face one last time before the sky erupted in cries of pain and anguish and blood was spilled.

She came to a clearing the rain pounding the ground into a muddy mass. He stood with his back to her his arms raised to the onslaught of water. She ran her eyes stinging now from tears. Tackling him she found herself being swung around until she was under him in the mud. The rain poured down on her face but she didn't care she just waited. He had pulled his wand out and held it to her throat but now seeing her he through his wand down and grabbed her face kissing her hard and passionately,

She responded with vigour and abounded everything into this one kiss that became more heated and deeper as the seconds past.

He moved his hands down her body taking In her thin frame and heated skin. His hand slid up beneath her shirt and traced around her breasts his hands heating her to the core as the rain cooled her skin. He broke the kiss only to latch onto her rain drenched skin. He tasted sunshine and strawberries as he trailed his teeth down her neck. She groaned sliding her hands into his hair and down his back, curling his shirt up at the base she traced the exposed skin and scratched at it getting a growl from her partner. She didn't know how it happened but his and her shirt was suddenly gone and she felt a warm mouth take one of her breasts. She mewled and ran a hand down the side of his face feeling the slight stubble of a 5 o'clock shadow. Groaning she pulled him from her chest and took his heated lips back up to hers. Feeling herself getting light in the head she pulled apart feeling a hand stroking her bare side, she looked up into deep silver eyes that seemed so stormy and heated that she felt herself blushing. The rain was chilly on her hot skin but she didn't notice just looking into his eyes and stroking his bare chest, tracing scares and marks that each held a memory that she never wanted to relive again. Leaning down he pecked her lips and then smiled softly. She didn't realised that they had stopped dead, or that the rain had stopped as well

All she saw was Draco's soft eyes gazing down at her with such love that her heart felt about to burst. Draco stroked her cheek and swept her drenched hair down behind her ear then rubbed her earlobe just watching her.

They had come to make love one last time. But instead the just lay there skin to skin gazing at each other as the sun started to break across the horizon. The end was coming, and neither knew if they were going to survive.

Leaning down Draco pecked her lips again and spoke gently against them. "If we live at the end of this…stupid. War. Will you…. Marry me Hermione?" grinning she wrapped her arms around his neck and cried. "yes Draco."

"Now Please…Hold me"