Chapter 3: Augustus

Roy's POV:

I stared at the Team members in the Chill' Out Room from my hiding spot in the shadows of the room, near the door, at a corner.

'Seriously, Dick, spying? That is the lowest that a Vampire can go.' I told Dick through my thoughts, which I sent to his mind somewhere out there.

'No 'tis not,' came Dick's answering thought. 'I had to get someone to look after the Team while Karolina and I go out on a little errand. Wally was too tired to go, Aqualad headed back to Atlantis for the day, and thou were too lazy to come with us, so thou cannot complain as thou deserved this little task.'

I could practically see him smiling as he said that.

'Why? Why?' I lamented. 'I should have gone with Dick and Karolina instead. Now, I am stuck with babysitting a bunch of mortal teenagers. Woe is me.' I gave a deep, mental sigh.

I looked around from my hiding spot, and caught snippets of conversation from around the room.

As usual, Karen and Mal are having a little Couple Trouble, Bart and Jaime were chatting about his Scarab, Tim and Garfield were talking about animal facts, M'gann and La'gann were together as well (Seriously, what did she see in the fish boy? Even Aqualad is a better choice than him), and Conner was brooding in a light corner, and Raquel was trying to talk to him.

Artemis, Cassie, Zatanna, and Barbara seemed to be having a debate at the other corner of the room. I concentrated on their conversation and soon realised that they were discussing about Wally, and Dick's 'hotness level'. Zatanna squealed, "Dick deserves a perfect 10! He's so hawt!"

Artemis shook her head, "You got it wrong, Wally is the one who deserves a perfect 10." Cassie added, "He is megaliciously hawt!"

Jade butted in, "Darlings, you have it all wrong. Roy is a perfect 20! He looks like a super hawt male model!"

Jade was given special access to the Hall of Justice for one day as she wanted to see Artemis, and Artemis wanted to see Lian.

Upon hearing these speeches, I immediately tuned them out and continued to stare dejectedly around the room.

Until all heads turned towards M'gann who was hovering over the couch. Wally was lying upon that couch. M'gann was gesturing wildly, and pointing to the sofa.

I slinked along the shadows clinging to the walls until I was facing the couch. Everyone knew that Wally was sleeping there, so in order to not disturb him, they did not occupy any of the space before the couch.

I saw Wally lying on his back upon the sofa, his body in a horizontally straight position; hands clasped together, right hand on top of his left, laid upon his stomach. His face was so peaceful that he looked like the dead.

"Is he dead?" Beast Boy inquired.

I rolled my eyes at his naivety.

Tentatively, Garfield reached over the back of the couch.

The alarm bell started to go off in my head and I decided that it was time for my appearance.

"I would not do that if I were thee," I warned him as I emerged from the shadows.

Everyone except Tim and Barbara jumped.

"Gah! You scared me, Roy! When did you arrive? How did you pull a Batman?" Bart cried.

"I was here all along," I informed him monotonously.

Then I explained, "Wally is sleeping. However, even when he is sleeping, his senses are attuned such that he is semi-conscious of his surroundings. No human can ever dream of sneaking up on a Vampire. Not even a Vampire is able to sneak up on another, much less a human. Trying to sneak up on a Vampire when he is awake is already very dangerous. To sneak up on a sleeping Vampire is to sign thy death warrants."

Many gasped when they heard this bit of information.

Tim muttered, "It seems like your Vampire facts and information are endless."

I turned to him, "Yes, it is."

Then I had an idea, a harmless prank.

"I dare thee to try to sneak up on Wally, Garfield."

Garfield, impulsive as ever, "You are so on!"

He turned into a green fly and buzzed around for a few times before sneaking up on Wally.

Or, attempted to.

As soon as he got within 30 cm of Wally's face, Wally's hand shot out and swatted him away.

Garfield demorphed from a fly just in time to crash into the wall.

"Ow…" He moaned.

My shoulders shook with silent laughter as Wally settled down again.

This time, Bart took up my dare and super-speeded towards Wally's sleeping form.

When he got within 15 inches of the couch and Wally's body, Wally's eyes suddenly snapped open, his arm surging out and grabbing Bart by his throat simultaneously. He then turned his head in his direction and immediately released Bart's neck from his grip.

Wally immediately sat upright, turned and glared at me, "Thou warned them, and then thou dared them. What sort of a teacher art thee, Roy?"

Then he grinned, "Although, testing them was no short of fun."

I smirked back. Suddenly, the speakers buzzed and, "Team, report to the briefing room."

When we arrived, I noticed that Dick and Karolina were already there (along with Kaldur), and in each of their arms were two Styrofoam boxes, undoubtedly filled with blood for the four of us.

I looked at them questioningly.

'We hath just arrived with fresh supplies when we were called to wait with him. Did not hath enough time to put these down.' Came Karolina's answer,

Batman started the briefing, "We have just received note from a source which I will not name, that a group of thugs are planning on trafficking illegal merchandise. What type of merchandise I do not know. I do know, however, that they are holding their illegal activities at a warehouse near Mystic Harbour, Karolina knows where that is. I have also received intel on the leader of this group."

He brought up a photo of the man, a man with brown hair, brown eyes, a chiselled body, and handsome features. He looked like a decent young man. However, I took one look and my breath hitched in my throat. The man was not decent, not decent at all.

"His real name I do not know, but he is nicknamed, The Drainer. It is supposedly said that he got his nickname by his favourite illegal activity in which he excels in, blackmailing the rich with their biggest secrets and not stopping until he has drained them dry of their money. He is said to be Mystic City's greatest villain."

'No,' I thought. 'He is called The Drainer because he literally drains a human dry, and he is not just Mystic City's Villain. He is all Born-Vampires greatest foe.' I looked at Wally, Dick, and Karolina, and I too saw the looks on their faces. All of them like mine, set and determined, and angry.

"Your mission, team, is to infiltrate this warehouse, and to put a stop to this illegal activities as soon as possible. I will send you the co-ordinates aboard the ship. Any questions?"

"Not questions, answers." Came Wally' reply.

"This man is no ordinary human," Dick continued.

I nodded and decided to speak, "His name is Augustus Mach."

"And he is a Vampire." Karolina finished.

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