Chapter 6: Chemical formulas are so last century!


However, what will it take for them to unleash their true potentials?

Mal's POV:

All was peaceful at the Hall of Justice. Well, as peaceful as it can get with three Vampires currently practicing their aim, and the Team and a few of the Leaguers going into an uproar when they hit the bull's eye, which is every single shot.


Another Bull's eye.


These noises were basically heard for the last 30 minutes. The walls shook and the windows rattled. Probably because Black Canary was among the Leaguers present.

At that moment, the computerized voice sounded, "Recognized; Curser; B03"

Wally West entered the Hall. Now, all four Vampires were present.

The minute Wally entered, he let out a deep sigh and plopped down on the kitchen table chair and covered his eyes with one hand. He gave a deep groan, and proceeded to put his forehead down upon the table-hard.

"Well, someone's in a good mood," came Nightwing's light-hearted voice, dripping with sarcasm. He, Roy and Karolina appeared at Wally's side a milli-second later.

This sparked a lot of protests from the training room, then, the rest of the Team entered the kitchen.

"So, what hast happened to thee to spark such a reaction from thou, Mr. Doom-and-gloom?" Karolina smirked.

"Doth not tell me that thou art frustrated. 'T wilt be a little ironic for the Vampire who feeds on frustration to be frustrated, doth thou not think?"

Wally gave a deep sigh once again before looking up at his life-long friends.

"You would not believe what has happened to me today!" he cried, switching back to modern English.

"What?" We all leaned forward, eager to hear what had happened to him.

"Okay, so, a few days ago, my class had a big, extremely important Chemistry test. This test consisted of chemical formulas, chemical equations and basically everything that you could possibly think of related to Chemistry. I knew this test was going to be a breeze. And it was! So, just this afternoon, we received our test results back, and guessed what happened? That teacher-that damned, worthless man, not even fit to be called a teacher, let alone teach- actually made a huge mistake, marked all the right answers as wrong, and all the wrong answers as right! Imagine my fury when I found out! Those who usually failed aced, and those who usually aced, failed! As a result of that major error, I scored a big, fat zero for the test!" He produced the paper with a wave of his hand. Sure enough, a big, zero was written all over the paper. He threw it over to Nightwing.

"Take a look at it and tell me if I was wrong in any of my calculations," Wally steamed. All three Vampires looked at the paper, then to Wally. "Your answers are all correct."

"Exactly!" Wally exclaimed. "I confronted that-that-mortal about it, insisting that he made a huge mistake, and can you guess what he said?!" Karolina raised a quizzical eyebrow.

Wally continued, "He said, and I quote, 'Young man, you are in no position to argue with me. Chemistry is a difficult subject, all the topics you are studying for Chemistry are all very advanced, I am not surprised you failed. One must not be so complacent when it comes to these kind of things. Keep that in mind, sonny.' unquote! I was so furious, I felt like strangling him then and there! Difficult subject, complacent my ass! Gah!" He threw his arms into the air. "Bah! No position to argue…I practically founded Chemistry mister! He called me sonny too! No respect I tell you! He also dares to say that the Chemical formulas that I am currently "learning" are highly advanced. Pooh! Chemical formulas are so last century! I was so mad! I did not deserve these marks when I clearly passed my test! This is unacceptable! That human even has the gall to say that it is counted into the report books at the end of the semester! I was practically vibrating in my seat!"

Here, he looked down sheepishly, "And I may have accidentally caused a mini explosion."

At this, Roy raised an eyebrow. "Mini?"

"Okay." Wally relented. "A huge explosion that came abruptly. As a result, school was cancelled for the next week. But this means that I will score badly in my report book! It is unfair!"

By then, Wally was breathing heavily, his brows knitted tightly together, and a dangerous fire burned in his eyes.

"Whoa, calm down, Wally. Anger is a strong and negative emotion. If you are not careful, something or someone present here might spontaneously combust."

"I know that," Wally gritted his teeth. "You did not have to remind me, Richard John Edwin Hermes Andre Grayson. Besides, when I went to my Uncle Barry's house before I came here, he was staring at me like I was a prized turkey." He muttered.

Nightwing raised his hands in a surrendering fashion, "Okay, okay, there is no need to get in to name details, Mister Wallace Elias Mason Apollo Rudolph West."

"Wait," Garfield intervened, "Hermes? Apollo?"

Karolina nodded. "Have you ever wondered where humans got their ideas of gods from? Over the years, people have been worshiping gods. To them, it is gods. See, years ago, some Purebloods and Morois and Dhamphirs unintentionally revealed their powers in front of humans. These vampires were then swarmed with questions for the people had never witnessed such a spectacle. The humans started worshipping these Vampires as gods. Greek gods thus came about. These Vampires were actually us. We were worshipped by humans who called us by one of our unique middle names; we were in Greece at that time. I was worshipped as Artemis. Roy was worshipped as Ares, Wally as Apollo, Dick as Hermes, Barry as Poseidon, Rudolph as Zeus, Marian as Aphrodite, and Iris as Artemis. Other Vampires were also worshipped as other gods. Our names may not be affiliated to our powers."

"Wow." Was all I could say.

At that moment, "Recognized; Flash; 0-2"

The moment Flash entered, he zoomed to Wally's side. "Hey, are you still angry over what happened? I can feel anger radiating off you."

Wally folded his arms and muttered, "Yes, I very much am. This test was my final test! It determines whether I will graduate or not! All because of one stupid mistake, I will have to retain! No way am I going to stay back for another year! No siree! I am out of that school. It is either I graduate, or I quit. After seeing what lousy, useless and hopeless teaching facilities the school has, I am not going back! I quit! Sign me up for my resignation from high school tomorrow."

Flash sighed and simply nodded.

Wally the carried on ranting, muttering to himself, "Why is there even a need to go to school anyway? I know more than the school can possibly teach anyway. I merely got into this school because of my high Chemistry scores. Even so, Chemical formulas are so last century. Still, I cannot believe that such an asinine person even existed in this world, and he calls himself a teacher…"

Fire blazed in Wally's eyes. At that moment, the wooden kitchen table spontaneously combusted.

The fire alarm sounded and the sprinklers were activated, soaking everyone from head to toe. The Vampires let out groans of dismay.

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