Vorador etc. are © to Eidos Interactive and Crystal Dynamics


By Taransay


"I have yet to see what you find so fascinating about the landscape, my landscape at that."

"I like to watch it change my lord, I like to watch the mists rise, and how it settles on the breeze. It is quite beautiful in many ways…"

He listened to her words like he had often done; he understood what she spoke of, the beauty that she saw, the picturesque landscape, the way it was shaped and indeed how the mist lingered. In currents of silky threads that wound throughout the terrain with delicate fingers it touched and reached out in all parts. Those unaware of such an element could quite easily become lost, and yet they remained easy pickings to all those who were younger then he.

With a shift in movement she felt his presence behind her, dominance, and a strong dominance at that. Her Vampiric lord had a habit of quite easily dominating places with his ever lingering appearance which would just appear out of nowhere many times. Rooms in which he could be found sat in upheld that dominance throughout, and upon her first meeting with him she had been nothing short of terrified due to this element of power he upheld.

Nevertheless, times waned… and she was to see another side to him.

The feeling of closeness was swift to follow, so familiar from past times and ever so gentle, his lips touched her cheek leaving a kiss to rest upon her face.

"Thank you my lord." She whispered under a hushed breath.

His claws he lifted to run through her hair, an affectionate gesture and one that she savoured highly. In his entire possessive overtone she was his, as the others had been. One of the last of what had been his own gathering of companions, she… one of his brides, strange… Strange because in a way this remaining one pinpointed all that had been, one who had managed to survive from the very beginning, and one now surviving to the very end. Such morbid thoughts as these were the only thing his mind dwelled on, yet he attempted not to let it show, attempting to keep a hold of things even as it was the others dwindled into nothingness around him…
Nights had been full of their cries and in bitterness he came to understand that there was nothing he could do about it.

If his spirit still remained then he would have attempted to fight all that was going on around him, but his spirit was lacking, and although he would cover it up with his own gesture and remarks the fight continued and he acknowledged that he was loosing… Times had passed, and he had given up long ago, with words he spoke quite often 'let them have it.'

Withdrawing from such had been easy, it was easy to leave a world that cared not much for you, and yet the everlasting sorrow remained, all those that interfered were put to silence, and silence was merciless at times.

This moment, within this room proceeded, the open window and the landscape around, everything changes…

Although the moment seemed one of affection there was something of forebode that lingered throughout the air. Yes, it was there and both of them sensed it, like some presence that waited with malice for a moment to strike. And yet he pushed it aside, denying it the reason to why it was present, denying it the grasps that it needed to waylay him in forgotten history, much like what had happened to his Sire… did he fear it as much as she, the ever moment of what must be?

"The sun will set upon us my Lord." Her words were fortified in a sudden omen that even he knew he couldn't avoid, much like his Sire had been unable to avoid his own. And yet with another swift kiss he whispered the words 'nonsense' into her ear and then departed. How could he tell his child of darkness that he knew she was right, the Vampires were but a dying race…

Corridors lay empty, silent… dormant and withdrawn from such days when life had been apparent, well 'life' of sorts. But they had been certainly kept company with the on goings of others of his kind. His many spouses and companions once lingered here, as did others who had been drove from their homes, and in constant despair for his own race he had offered them shelter within the walls of his home.

The emptiness had never bothered him before; furthermore, he had quite enjoyed the peace. And yet those times of peace and quiet had been better times. Times when… he shook his head, there was no point in reminiscing on what had been for he could never bring them back.

And ahead the future looked uncertain, how could he protect all of his kind, especially those he held dear who still remained?

With a prolonged sigh Vorador took up a chair near an open fire, the flames leaping in some bitter statement, as it was they lay siege upon a single log that remained. He allowed the fire to die down, watching it through narrowed eyes; the dying fire was but a statement, a gesture, an image of himself and those like him.

Immortal and yet truly dying…

It was the truth, and one he knew he couldn't escape; sadness and fate had a habit of merging together like that, and in the cruellest of ways.

As the last embers died away there was a sound elsewhere, silence broken by the intrusion of another… And he knew the time was now, and that they had come…