Time: 7:50 PM

Back up at KND Moonbase, the Supreme Commander, Kerry Hanneman (codename Numbuh 1337) is reading Sector W's report on the mission to Devil's Island, his eyes growing wider with every line;

"Sector V, when patrolling the beach, discovered something beyond any of our wildest imaginations; Numbuhs 3 & 4 are still alive! They've been living on the island the whole time, and what's more... the two are having a child together! Numbuh 3 should be due to give birth anytime now - hopefully Sector V got her to a hospital back home in time..."

At this point, Kerry puts down the report, sitting back in his chair, starting to think about the implications of the organization's members growing up more quickly, when his communicator goes off and a face appears on the computer screen in front of him.

"Numbuh 666, what've you got?" he asks.

"We've, uh, been rounding up the prisoners from Devil's Island," Numbuh 666 explains, "and we've run into a problem. Uh... one of the prisoners is a giant rabbit, sir. What the heck should we do?"

"Hmmm," Kerry thinks. "Well, considering what I've read from Sector W's report on the mission, that rabbit would have to be the shark Dopey Dick - Muhammed's Sword's beam hit him as he was going after them. Anyway, get our scientists to grow some giant carrots for him to feed on - and have a giant saltwater tank standing by; it'll only be a matter of time before the effects of the Sword wear off."

"Yes sir!" proclaims Numbuh 666 as he ends transmission...

Time: 8:51 PM

The delivery room continues to be shaken by the groaning of Kuki's contractions, which are now becoming more and more frequent with time.

"Y'know," Wally sighs, "I feel a little guilty."

"Aww, why's that?" Kuki asks as she looks upon her fiancee with imploring eyes.

"Well, it's kinda my fault that you're suffering right now, ain't it?" sighs Wally as he hangs his head. "I mean, I'm the one who got you pregnant in the first place, aren't I?"

"Aw, don't talk like that!" Kuki coos. "This is what I've wanted all along - even if it hurts like hell right now, it'll be worth it in the end!" She's about to peck Wally on the forehead when a sudden jolt from within her belly startles her. "Hee-hee-hee, must be anxious to get out," she giggles.

Meanwhile, off to the side, Lars continues to record everything in Kuki's diary. "How could a mere 12-year-old girl endure this much pain? How can she handle the symptoms of labor? How she manages to have this strong of a constitution is BEYOND me...!"

Time: 9:06 PM

"UHHHH!" Kuki moans upon another contraction as she reaches for her bag of supplies. She struggles a great deal just to get a grip on the bag, but she does manage to get out the camera containing the entire photo catalog of her and Wally's "journey."

"Nurse?" Kuki calls and a nurse goes over to her. "I don't mean to be a bother, but do you think maybe you could snap some pictures of this... and of the birth?"

"I'm... not sure why," the nurse winces as she activates the camera, "but OK."

"Babe, we're in public!" Wally shudders.

"Oh, like anyone's gonna gawk at us!" Kuki scoffs. "And wasn't it your idea to preserve these moments?"

"Oh... yeah, it was," Wally grins and blushes.

"Hey Dr. Lincoln?" Kuki calls. "I want the birth filmed - you got any video cameras around?"

"Uh... yeah, sure, hold on," the doctor says nervously as he leaves the room to get a camera.

When the doctor is gone, Wally turns to Lars, staring daggers through him. "Alright, listen!" he snaps. "Kuki's gonna strip for the video footage, and you'd better not get horny at all when she does, so help me God I'll-"

"Oh, please!" Lars scoffs. "I'm used to nudity - I've seen the entire human anatomy at least a thousand times while studying under my dad, so it won't be a bother."

"I should hope so," Wally grimaces, "for your sake."

Time: 9:10 PM

"AAAAHH!" Just as Kuki suffers yet another contraction, Dr. Lincoln comes in with a video camera and a tripod. As he sets the camera up on the tripod and rolls film, Kuki slips off her maternity shirt and throws it across the room, revealing her tender breasts and her prominent baby bump. As the nurse smaps multiple photos of her in various poses flaunting her baby bump, she very tenderly touches it in the hopes that the cameras can pick up the emotional ties being shared between a mother and her unborn child.

As the doctor then takes to examining her entire upper body, breasts, baby bump and all the rest, searching for deformities and abnormalities. All the while, Lars takes notes from the side;

"Even from here, I can tell from the tenderness of her nipples as she is about to start producing milk," he writes. "Fortunately, there doesn't appear to be anything out of the ordinary with them, nor with her baby bump, which wouls indicate that said baby is as healthy as ever..."

Time: 9:12 PM

"140 beats per minute," proclaims Dr. Lincoln as he examines Kuki's baby's heartrate with a stethoscope. "That's actually a very healthy rate."

Time: 9:15 PM

"Oh my God, that one hurt!" Kuki cries out after another contraction. "Wally, I think I'll need you on the spotlight now!"

Heeding his fiancee's call, Wally gets up and walks over towards her, eager to help out however he can. But before he can even ask what can be done, Kuki suddenly pulls him in by the collar for a wet, passionate kiss.

"Kuki what was-" But before he can ask, she suddenly forces his sweater off of him, revealing his toned chest, and passionately embraces him, pulling him up against her own bare skin. As Wally starts to lose himself in the euphoria of the moment, Kuki explains, "Hey, I just wanna spend a few last minutes having fun before it hurts too much, that's all."

"Well, uh," an aback Dr. Lincoln breaks in, "I could help you with some meditation - it may help soothe the pain a bit."

"No thank you," Kuki politely declines. "I'm gonna be strong through this - I don't like being a damsel in distress - it's too cliche. Now then, Wally," she adds, "feel our child... one more time, before it joins us."

After getting one more kiss from Kuki, Wally kneels down and ferociously kiss her belly, clutching it with his palms, giving their baby all the love it could ever want even before it is born as Kuki places her hands on his shoulders in elation.

"The subject has ssuddenly gotten incredibly frisky," Lars writes, "almost as if she and Wally were about to do the business. Quite remarkable behavior - most women would just sit quietly, waiting for the baby to start forcing itself out..."

Time: 9:19 PM

Suddenly, a wet trickle presents itself coming out of Kuki's vagina. It has happened. Her amniotic sac has ruptured (translation: her water has broke, stupid!), the fluids start to flow out like Niagara Falls, and the contractions become even more unbearable.

"Oh dear!" Lars writes. "She's now in for three or four contractions per ten minutes - God, I hope she pulls through!"

"It's ready to come out! Get the kiddy pool filled up ASAP!" Dr. Lincoln calls as the readies the fire hose and starts to fill it up.

"Hey, Wally, help me out of the rest of my clothes, will ya?" Kuki asks.

"Uh, yes, of course, Kooks." As Kuki pecks him on the lips, Wally slips off her pants, then her green socks, then her maternity panys, and then finally her panties, revealing her dripping vagina.

"Her water is flowing out very rapidly," Lars jots down. "This is it - this is where the baby's gonna start forcing itself out." In his own mind, he imagines how proud his father would be for how he's handling his first professional childbirth session.

"Hmmm, well I'm gonna hit the bathroom and change." But before Wally can leave, Kuki grabs a hold of him. "No Wally, not now!" she begs. "I need you so bad!"

Gazing into her teary eyes, Wally can't help but relent. "Very well," he says. "I'll change in here, then." He sneaks to an area behind the kiddy pool where neither Lars nor anyone else can see him, then he slips out of his shoes, socks, jeans and underwear before slipping into his short blue swim trunks just as the pool becomes totally full.

He then rushes over to Kuki's side and takes her hand, motioning her over slowly but surely. "Be very careful, Kooks," he advises as he steps in, and Kuki follows suit. She jumps a bit, as she is startled by the coldness of the water, but at the same time, it doesn't affect her too bad, as she and Wally both have become used to it with all the swims in the pond in the cave back in Devil's Island.

With that in mind, Wally sits down and helps her down with him onto his lap, all the way down to where the water is submerging them both up to their necks. "Ya did it, Kooks," Wally beams as she pecks Kuki on the cheek. With a giggle, Kuki then spreads her legs to give the baby room to exit when it is ready.

Time: 9:24 PM

Meanwhile, down in the waiting room...

"This unbelivable!" Kani snarls. "I no see how we deal with Kuki's baby! I no imagine how much this cost!"

"Oh, that's cold," Mrs. Beatles jabs. "This is a human life we're talking about, here!"

"And besides," adds Mr. Beatles, "I thought you were Asian, not Jewish!"

From here, it erupts into a series of cross-talk amongst the entire crowd, with Kani and Genki Sanban, the Beatles, and Mrs. Lincoln each offering their point of view, only to be met by a counter-point.

Meanwhile, Abby says to Hoagie, "You know what, I think I should tell them. Tell them I gave Kuki the idea."

"What the hell are you talking about?" exclaims an aghast Hoagie. "You have no idea how they're gonna react!"

"They have to know, sweetie." And after Abby pecks Hoagie on the lips, she bellows out, "LISTEN, EVERYONE!"

As the whole group falls silent, Abby draws in a deep breath and says, "It was my idea, alright? Kuki asked me how to copulate, and I knew how because my father told me all about it, so I told her. But I didn't think she'd actually do it. I didn't think any of this would happen..."

She timidly waits for their reply. After several seconds of bated breath, cross-talk suddenly erupts once more, with everyone offering their opinion on what they've just heard, only to be attacked with a counter-opinion.

"Dammit, does anyone listen to me?" Abby groans, throwing her arms up in frustration.

Time: 9:30 PM

"If my calculations are correct," Lars writes, "the subject's cervix should be open by three or four centimeters - it's still not halfway there. It'll still be a long while before it's fully opened at ten centimeters."

Time: 9:51 PM

"Aagh, my back!" Kuki moans after another contraction.

"Here, I got it, Kooks," Wally croons as he reaches his hands to Kuki's lower back and starts to massage, gradually alleviating Kuki's lower back pain.

"Ah, yes, that feels good," Kuki sighs. As she says this, a hand suddenly is felt on top of Wally's head - he is then dunked hard into the water before he can even ask.

As he emerges gasping for breath, Kuki giggles, "Sorry, I couldn't help myself!" She then, as a form of consolation, dunks her own head under the water and comes back up with her hair all wet. "There, we're even."

But Wally just laughs. "Oh well," he shrugs. "We're still kids ourselves, why not enjoy it some more? Ironic, since we'll be having a kid of our own..."

"You know," Kuki whispers, Lars and the boys probably should've held the rescue off a day. Then we could've had our water birth back the cave pond, and we could've even gone swimming! Imagine that!"

"Oh, we may get a chance of that next time, Kuki."

This statement surprises Kuki for a moment. A little too early to be thinking about another child, isn't it, she thinks...

Time: 10:12 PM

Kuki just barely suppresses a scream as her vagina opens. "Relax, control your breathing," instructs Wally as he places a hand on her belly. "My hand will be here if you need to hold it."

Kuki, however, tries her best to just laugh it off. Even though she knew this would be more painful than sex, she didn't expect it to be this much so.

Time: 10:18 PM

A loud groan suddenly fills the delivery room. A red stream appears from Kuki's vagina; no one, not even Lars as he peers over to have a look, needs to guess what it is.

Following the blood comes a bald lump, smooth and round. Lars gasps as realizes that this can be none other than the baby's head. As he frantically jots all this down, his shock is vastly surpassed by Kuki and Wally's excitement as they both reach down to feel. Feelings of warm fuzziness greater than any they've felt before flow through them as they touch their baby for the first time ever. Hoping that the cameras are picking it all up, Kuki adds in a firm kiss on Wally's lips as an afterthought.

Time: 11:04 PM

As the baby slowly comes out, its head becoming more and more visible, Kuki pushes with all of her might, bleeding noticeably more than before. Her moans become muffled screams as tears form in her eyes, as her insides feel like they're on fire.

"Kuki, I must insist we get a midwife in here and get you some painkillers," Dr. Lincoln pleads. "You're gonna kill yourself, here!"

"No!" Kuki snaps. "I'm doing this by myself!" And she keeps going.

"Oh bloody hell," Wally muses as he watches this graphic scene unfold. "This is reminding me of last February when Dopey Dick nearly got me."

"WHAT?!" Kuki gasps as these words reach her ears.

"Well, I-I didn't want you to worry about me," Wally nervously retorts.

"Dammit, Wallabee Beatles, you could've been KILLED!" she shrieks. "Honestly, of all the things... you're just lucky I sent Carrie with you!"

"Oh, man, I'll never live this down," Wally sighs. "Whatever, keep going, hang in there - we're almost there..."

"The subject seems to prefer an unassisted birth," Lars writes. "It sounds foolish, but it's really not all uncommon - some prefer to leave the doctors out of this so they can spend intimate time alone with their baby. Still, I don't know HOW they put up with it!"

Time: 11:06 PM

With one big agonistic shriek accompanied by one big push, the baby's head finally comes all the way out. No more blood is flowing out - it has now been replaced by white fluid from Kuki's cervix. "The baby will be out within the next contraction," Lars writes.

Knowing what'll come next, Kuki reaches her hands down to around her genital area, ready to catch the baby as it comes out As she does so, she suddenly has Wally giving her a nice, long, juicy kiss for support.

She then lets out a sudden gasp as the final major contraction set in. Her baby is slipping out of her cervix, and her belly is shrinking back to its normal size.

Grabbing hold, Kuki hauls the baby up out of the water and into her chest as it starts to cry out, taking in its very first breaths as tears stream uncontrollably out of its parents' eyes. It was two years ago when they first promised to wait until the (still very early) age of twelve to have the baby, and now, it has finally arrived out of Kuki's womb and into the world.

Lars, meanwhile, writes down a description of the baby; "Its skin is pale yellow and its hair is jet black, which his typical coming from an Asian mother. But with a white father, his traits should take hold sooner or later. But either way, the baby does look very healthy - Devil's Island's rich mix of fruits and fish seem to have done wonders."

As the nurse rushes downstairs to tell their families, Kuki takes a look at her baby's genitals, upon which she deduces, "It's a boy!"

"Oh my... I-I have a son!" Wally says at a loss for words. "Uh, what are we gonna name him?"

"Wallabee Beatles, Jr!"

Time: 11:11 PM

Clutching the scissors in his hands, Dr. Lincoln clamps both blades on the umbilical cord and severs it, officially making Wallabee Lars Beatles, Jr. a free inhabitant of this earth.

Time: 11:16 PM

When he's contained himself, Wally heaves his body out of the pool, stretches his limbs, flexes his muscle a bit to show off for Kuki, and then very carefully helps her out of the pool and onto a towel set out on the floor for her - more towels are there for them on a nearby rack which they take and dilligently dry themselves off with.

"Well, d'ya wanna go down and see everyone now?" asks Dr. Lincoln.

"Later," replies Wally. "This is between me, her and Junior."

"All for the better, I suppose," explains the doctor. "You know, Kuki, that placenta still has to come out."

"Fortunately, it should be nothing like the actual childbirth," Lars explains. "With all those contractions having passed, blood loss should be minimal."

Almost as if she wasn't listening, Kuki pulls Junior towards herself, chest to chest. She places her right nipple to his upper lip. Junior opens his mouth and Kuki pulls him onto her breast as she starts to suckle. As weird of a feeling as it might be, to have a pair of gums smacking on her tit and gulping down the milk coming out, that's vastly overshadowed by the initial bond of mother and child being formed.

Time: 11:21 PM

By now, Wally has dried off, and it is time to get Kuki's placenta out, at which point Kuki hands Junior over to his father. As Wally holds Junior up against his bare chest, eyes start to water again and he tries to supress sobs as he actually holds his own son for the very first time - a lot like when he held baby Joey, but now he's holding a baby of his own creation.

"I'll always be here to look after ya," Wally whispers. "And I'm rich, so that should be a breeze!" At that point, Junior's eyes open for the first time, looking up into his father's with the same emerald irises that his dad possesses.

"Now it's not gonna as bad as childbirth," Lars assures Kuki as Dr. Lincoln preps to pull out her placenta, "but it is still gonna hurt - you may or may not need stitches..."

Meanwhile, as Wally creeps behind the kiddy pool to change back into his regular clothes, Dr. Lincoln, with his rubber gloves on, reaches into Kuki's vagina...

Time: 11:27 PM

By now, Kuki's cervix has been cleaned. Fortunately, with no serious cuts involved, she won't need stitches. She then dresses back into her panties and into a green patient's gown while her other clothes are put in the laundry.

"Here, you have these," Dr. Lincoln says as he sets their camera, baby clothes, diary, guidebook and other things for Wally to take home later.

"Thanks," says Wally brusquely as the doctor and nurse help Kuki onto a bed. With the hour growing late, as Kuki slips under the covers, Wally lends Junior to her.

"Goodnight, sweetie!" Kuki coos as she kisses Junior goodnight and holds him for a moment, letting it all sink in. Handing him back to Wally, she then falls into a deep sleep.

Pecking a sleeping Kuki on the forehead, a satisfied Wally, accompanied by Lars and Dr. Lincoln, head for the elevator with one last thing to do before getting the baby to the maternity ward.

Time: 11:31 PM

"Well the baby was born at 11:06," says Mrs. Beatles, "but it's been 25 minutes already. What's takin' 'em?"

"I don't know," Genki says coolly, "but they'd better hurry up because I'm losing my patience."

"OOH, I CAN'T WAIT!" screams Mushi.

Meanwhile, Wally can hear them all talking as they approach the corner. "Hey Lars?" he asks. "Ya mind holding Junior for a bit? I'll need both hands to hug everyone."

"Yes, of course," Lars says as he takes Wally Jr. in his arms.

"Now stay back, both of you," Wally says. "Don't let them see Junior until I say so." Lars and the doctor nod, and Wally walks out from around the corner and allows himself to be spotted.

"WALLY!" Mr. and Mrs. Beatles and Joey are the first to get to Wally, enveloping him in bone-crushing hugs and kisses all over the face and saying they thought they'd never see him again, amongst other things.

"Oh, I missed you so much, little brother!" Abby cries as she hugs Wally.

"Great to see you again, dude," Hoagie beams as he man-hugs Wally. "It's been way too long!"

As Wally looks upon everyone, he notices differences in all of them, most notably Joey having grown to half his size and Mushi growing into her purple long-sleeved shirt, making him realize just how long he'd been gone.

He then motions Lars over; everyone gasps with excitement as Wally takes Junior and holds him for all to see, saying, "I present to you, Wallabee Beatles, Jr."

Everyone goes gaga as Wally introduces his son to everyone - his grandparents, Uncle Joey, Aunt Mushi, as well as "Uncle" Hoagie and "Aunt" Abby. But then the excitement is ruined when Kani belts out, "WHERE IS KUKI?!"

"Not today, Mr. Sanban," Dr. Lincoln insists. "Kuki is doing just fine, but she needs her sleep, and it's almost midnight. Wally Jr. here needs his sleep too, and I'm sure you all do as well." And so he takes Junior back to the maternity ward for him to sleep.

Time: 11:38 PM

At around this time, everyone disperses. The Beatles leave in their black Cadillac Escalade limosuine - Wally ponders what their mansion might look like, or at least, he tries to. That pales in comparison to the excitement of being a father.

The Sanbans all leave in their red Nissan Versa, while Mrs. Lincoln drives Abby and Hoagie home in her own old white Ford Escort, all looking to rest up after their long night.

And finally, James, Kirk, Lars, and Cliff, with Carrie the crocodile in tow, board the C.O.O.L.B.U.S.

"Take us home, buddy," James smiles to Kirk, clapping his shoulder. "And please try to stay awake - I promise we'll be home soon enough."

"You got it, dude." Kirk affirms as he floors the pedal.

"Wow, my first childbirth procedure!" Lars beams. "I'm one step closer to becoming a REAL doctor?!"

"And imagine how much Wally's parents will pay me for saving their kid!" Cliff wonders in anticipation.

"Easy, Cliff," warns James. "That's not very polite. Besides, we did save fellow KND in operatives in dire need, and that, my friend is something to be proud of!"

"I... yeah, I suppose it is," Cliff grins as James slaps him on the back.

"Man, you guys are lucky!" James says to his team. "You all get to sleep the night away like babies, go figure, and I may not have time to get to sleep - I still got that damn report to fill first thing tomorrow..."