Murdock could see him.

That was the problem, in the end, wasn't it?

He hated himself for this. For having to wonder.

But there it was. The crux of the matter.

Murdock could see him.

He'd been a mess, once. That was when he first met Green Eyes. Back when he first came to the VA hospital, after the incident.

At the time, he hadn't had a single clue that it would be one of the five most defining moments of his life.

No. Don't think about it.

The first had been when he left the little life he'd been living on the farm in order to allow himself to get recruited. He hadn't thought much of it at the time. In the beginning, it had just been a way for him to get access to the higher education he'd found his mind craving. In the end, it had set the course for the whole way his life would play out.

The second had been at the height of his prime. The incident. Then, his admission to the hospital, and the system, and having to relean how to live again. Only this time, learning to ignore the cracks.

The third was-

Don't think about it don't think about it don't think about it don't think about it-

-when he learned how to... manage... the strangeness inside of his head.

The fourth was his team. His Team. The A-Team, and the eight years they spent together, and all those successful missions under their belt. Eight years of laughter and darkness and smiles and tears and playing late night games in fox holes and extracting bullets with sweaty fingers.

The fifth had been the betrayal. Getting framed. And then being fugitives on the run. When the A-Team turned into The A-Team. From simply that one crazy team that pulled the rediculous stunts to being that one team, the one that had gone rogue and worked as mercenaries, and God help you if they showed up on your doorstep.

None the less.

There was no way that Green Eyes wouldn't be on there.

After all.

Murdock. Had seen. Him.