Chapter ideas

Chapter 2: Dealing with Jasper ( Raven telling Jasper about her imprint on Sky)

Chapter 3: Visiting the family( after Raven told Jasper about her and Sky her family goes over to see the rest of the Cullens)

Chapter 4: Is this happily ever after, or not( Raven and Sky get together, she is starting to feel sick) Rated M for sex

Chapter 5: I am what!( Raven finding out she is pregnant with Jasper's twins)

Chapter 6: How do I tell him?( Raven trying to find out how to tell both Jasper and Sky, and then her telling them)

Chapter 7: Hello there little one( Jasper out hunting after Raven tells him about her being pregnant, while he is out he finds little Rain)

Chapter 8 : The new little Cullen( Jasper introduces Rain to the rest of his family, and how she will now be his daughter)

Chapter 9: Dealing with a hormonal pregnant half vampire half werewolf ( pregnant Raven drives her family crazy) Rated M for sex

Chapter 10: No it is to early ( Raven gets worried about the babies: dealing with false labor and founding out the sexes of the babies)

Chapter 11: Too young to imprint( Rain imprints on Storm)

Chapter 12: Baby showers and worries( Raven's baby shower, with a mention of the Volturi

Chapter 13: It is baby time( Raven gives birth)

Chapter 14: The aftermath( the Volturi learn about the birth of Raven's twins and decide to come see for themselves)

Chapter 15: You will not touch them( the Volturi show up and Raven becomes a protective mother, her and the rest of the Cullens and the packs fight them)

More to come if I can think of anything ideas would be helpful!