Takes place after Sinjin's game show Queries for Couples

We drive home from that joke of a game show that Sinjin talked us into. Only, we're surrounded by a kind of silence that's never been a part of us before. The type of silence where you can feel the uncertainty radiating from the other person, but you are afraid to speak because when it's all said and done there may no longer be an Us.

So the air in the car becomes stifling and breathing seems nearly impossible. Why? This is Beck. He makes everything better. … and suddenly you realize that the person next to you seems more of a stranger to you, than the father you haven't seen in over 7 years.

Im not happy with our relationship!

The words ring in your ears over and over again and still you're not convinced that you actually heard them correctly. That he said them. Because to believe it is the same as accepting that you no longer make him happy.

The boy who swore to love you forever.

The boy you could read no matter what was going on, even when others thought he was unaffected by the chaos around him, you knew.

You could always tell and he loved that about you. You were his safe place. Were? When did you stop? This can't be happening. How did you not see it? No. Don't go there Jade. Your relationship is stronger than this.

Tomorrow things will be better.


How the hell did this night go so horribly wrong? I can't even look at jade right now. I'm so disgusted with myself for the way I went off on her.

Everything seems so strange right now. Like I'm watching a movie or something and this isn't really happening to us.

No words are spoken, but for us, that's not the surprising part. When we're alone, we don't need words or sound to make things perfect.

But right now, in this moment, I feel further away from Jade than ever before and the silence is choking me, because it's different than any silence we've ever shared. There are words that I need to say, but have no clue how to say them to her. And it scares the hell out of me. Yes, Beck Oliver fears only one thing, not having Jade in my life, even as a friend is better than nothing.

When did we stop communicating? What hell is going on with us?

I mean, this is our thing. We fight, we make up and start all over again tomorrow. When did the fighting start lasting for days instead of minutes or hours? Eating away at everything I have come to depend on and need.

You know I used to think it was strange how I could usually sense her moods and find ways to make her smile when I knew she was upset.

No matter how angry I am with her or she is at the world, you haven't seen true beauty until you've seen a genuine Jade West smile. She can make my day with a single glance and a smile.

But now it's as though she has become a stranger. I have no clue what she's thinking right now. The one thing I do know is that I love her. So how do we get past this? I know we will because our relationship is stronger than this. We will figure it out. Tomorrow things will be better. Does she believe that too? I don't know anymore. How did we get here?


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