Hola! Como estas? This is my first Fanfic! Yay! Anyways, this is about a different spirit. Summary:

What if there was a spirit made right before Jack Frost? What if it was his childhood friend?


The small girl ran through the forest, her bare feet lightly tapping the green grass under her. Her gray-green eyes were wide as she ran back towards the small town she lived in. Small pants escaped her lips as her skinny arms held the wooden bucket full of fresh water from the stream close to her.

Once reaching the town, she swerved right and ran to the two-story wooden hospital. She threw open the door and bolted past the empty waiting area, and up the rickety staircase.

"Oh, thank heavens," the doctor, Maria, said, taking the bucket from her shaking arms. She then lightly jogged to the side of the bed, where a woman was laying, her stomach inflated and her body coated in a sheen of sweat. "Okay, we've got some water for you to cool down, okay?" she said, dipping a freshly washed rag into the wooden bucket, wrung it out, then set it on her forehead. She turned to the small girl in the doorway. "Thank you, Hestia."

The small girl flashed the nurse a grin, tucking a stray piece of her long golden hair behind her ear. "Anything else?"

The woman on the bed screamed and the nurse grimaced. "Yes. Could you get James and Jack? Tell them the labor is going fine and they can come check on her in a couple of hours."

"Yes, Mrs. Maria." The small girl curtsied before running out of the room. For a seven-year old, she was unbelievably fast, and could beat all but two of the village kids in a race. Long distance or short.

She ran to the small cottage a few houses down, and urgently knocked on the door.

A small boy a few months older opened, his innocent hazel eyes wide and his shaggy chocolate brown hair falling just above his eyebrows. "What's wrong, Hekate?"

Not bothering to reprimand him on her name, she sucked in a deep breath. "I just came from the hospital-" his eyes widened dramatically "-and they said your mother will be fine. You may visit her in a few hours."

His face relaxed. "What a relief. What do you think it will be? Little brother or sister?"

She raised a fair golden eyebrow. "Depends, what do you think it will be?"

The boy grinned and leaned against the wooden doorframe. "A brother."

The girl grinned. "Okay, then I think it's going to be a girl."


"Easy. You have the worst luck in the world, so it must be the opposite of whatever you say."

"I am not unlucky!"

"Yes, you are."

"No, I'm not."

"Yeah, you are."








"Hello, Hestia!" a tall blurry man with short chocolate brown hair and dark blue eyes greeted with a smile.

A pleasant grin broke out onto the child's face. "Hello, Mr. Frost."

James chuckled. "We've been over this, Hesty. You're supposed to call me James."

She smiled sheepishly and scuffed her foot on the dirt. "Sorry, Mr. - er, James." She sent Jack a withering glare. "At least someone gets my name right."

Jack held up his hands innocently, but the cheeky grin on his face and mischievous sparkle in his eyes gave him away. "Hey, your name is Hekate Hestia Aydan. It's not my fault if you don't like your first name."

Hekate stomped her foot childishly. "Jack! My name is Hestia! Say it with me. Hes-tee-uh. Hestia."

He grinned. "No, it's Hekate. Heck-ate."

She threw her arms up in the air in exasperation. "You're impossible, Jackson Overland Frost."

The man chuckled. "You guys have known each other for - what? - three years? And you still argue about this."

Hestia looked up at him with big, innocent eyes that were a mixture between green and gray. "That's just because we're both the only kids in our family. But that will change in a few hours when you go to see Mrs. Frost."

James' eyes widened frightfully. "Is Kara alright?"

The small girl nodded, causing a few of her long golden tresses to fall into her face. "Ms. Marie said it would be fine for you to visit her in a few hours, and everything is going smoothly."

The man breathed a sigh of relief and ran a hand over his face. "Thank goodness."

"It should be thank the guardians," Hestia piped up.

James laughed. "Of course. Sorry."

The boy standing in the doorway looked up at his father with large eyes. "Dad, can I play with Hekate-"

"My names Hestia!"

"-before we have to check up on mother?"

The man smiled, blue eyes twinkling. "Of course, Jack."

Said boy grinned and grabbed Hestia's wrist, yanking her away.

"Thank you, Mr. Frost!" Hestia called over her shoulder.

Jack dragged Hestia into the woods, his bare feet quickly beating the ground. Hestia was right next to him, although her running appeared more like dancing.

The two finally reached the clearing at a tie. The two children sat down and panted, before the brown haired boy leaned against a tree and the golden haired girl lay down, sprawled out in the grass.

Before them was a beautiful shimmering blue lake with a cliff side behind it. The lake was deep, and rumor said that no one had ever found the bottom before. In the winter, Jack and Hestia would skate across it. Jack would go barefoot but Hestia would wear thick boots.

"I'm going to take my younger sibling here," the hazel-eyed boy chirped.

Hestia looked at him and raised an eyebrow. "Sure. That'd be great. When she can walk, that is."

The brown haired boy grinned. "Still think its going to be a girl?"

The murky eyed girl's eyes fluttered closed. "Of course."

The two friends talked for several minutes before heading back to the village.

||||||||||(Time Skip 6 years)||||||||||

Dry leaves crunched softly under pale bare feet. The girl's soft, ankle-length golden hair that was held tightly in a braid flowed after her. Her full, chapped lips were slightly parted as she ran through the forest. She was mentally thanking her mother for the new dress she made her. Sure, it was a little too tight in the bust then she would have liked, but it had sleeves that went just above her elbows and flared softly at her waist and went a few inches past her knees, which made it good for running.

A little girl's giggle sounded somewhere to her right, and she grinned and ran faster.

"Sssh!" her best friend's voice was just ahead of her now. "You don't want her to find us, do you?" he scolded, although anyone would be able to detect the smile in his voice.

The golden haired murky, green eyed girl rounded a corner and came face-to-face with a boy with chocolate brown wind-swept hair and hazel eyes.

The small girl with similar features on his shoulders squeaked in surprise before laughing.

The golden haired girl laughed. "Liza's on my team now!"

"Lizzy," Jack corrected.

"No, Elizabeth!" the small girl on his shoulders protested.

The two teens burst into laughter.

"I can't have more than one nickname," the small girl continued, her hazel eyes wide. "Last week you called me Bethy, and Beth the week before that, and Liz the week before that, and Ab the week before that, and Lizabeth the week before that, and-"

"Okay!" the golden haired girl giggled. "You're just so much fun to give nicknames to."

The small brunet held her arms out to Hestia. "Girl team!"

Jack mock-pouted. "What, Lizzy. Don't want to be on my team?"

The little girl looked at him for a moment in what could be described as pity. "No," she deadpanned.

Hestia laughed at her friends expense and reached for the girl that was sitting atop his shoulders. "C'mon, Liz. We'll show this boy how its done."

"HEKATE!" a clearly annoyed voice ran through the area.

The golden haired girl sighed and dropped her arms, a soft frown tugging at her lips. "Coming!"


The murky eyed girl sighed in exasperation. "But its not dark, mum!


Hestia looked at the wiry boy and his small sister before her. "Sorry." She grinned sheepishly. "Apparently mum thinks that it gets dark at six. We could still run for hours!"

Jack shrugged nonchalantly. "Our mother is probably worried sick about us, too. Don't worry, we can continue the game tomorrow."

"That's right." The fair haired girl rolled her murky eyes. "You have to set up campfire again, don't you?"

The boy grinned. "Every night."

Hestia put her hands on her hips. "How did you make those kids love you so much? It took me weeks, but you can tell jokes and they'll fall at your feet."

The boy smiled cheekily. "I've been doing it for three years. Elizabeth kind of helped me, though."

"HEKATE!" an unpleasant screech echoed through the dense forest.

Hestia frowned again. "Coming, mum!" She gave her best friend and his little sister a quick hug before taking off towards her small cottage.

Jack looked up at his sister, who was still perched on his shoulders. "Ready to go home?"

She nodded sadly. "Will Hesty be at the bonfire tonight?"

A wide smile spread across her brother's lips. "Of course. It's her hearth."

The boy made his way back to his house, a grin on his face all the while.

Sorry, I know that this chapter wasn't very action-y, but I just wanted to introduce the characters and get a feel on what their personalities were.

Be warned: Character death in next chapter. Tears. Blood. Rather vivid descriptions.

Aydan means "fire" in Gaelic.