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Chapter 1: Me and You


Inside a room at a big mansion a girl named lucy was talking to one of her doll, she seems sad

"You know i really want to gt out of this mansion.. When my mom died im more like a prisoner here than a daughter, i.. i w-want to get out of here .." she buried the doll in her chest and sobbed. " I promise, i will get out of here as soon as i can .. i will seek for my own future" she then sobbed ..

Knock Knock Knock

She lift her head and said " What do you want?"

"My Lady, My Lord want to see you now.. but, he want you to be presentable before you face him"

Lucy stand up and walk out of her room. She was accompanied by her maid to a room full of gowns and pretty dresses. She was dressed like a princess

" Father im here"

"Come in" he replied

She entered the wide room of her father (probably his office)

"Lucy there's only one thing i want to tell you that's why i called you here" He stand from his seat, placed his arms at his waist

"What is that about?"

"Lucy, i want you to marry Raki Saroutobi of the south when you turned 16 .. so that our heartfillia company become bigger, after that i want you to give birth to a boy who will become our heirloom, you should be happy for having a great future" he faced lucy

"is that so?" she nodded

"yes, and you can now get out and go back to your room"

LUcy sigh and ran back to her room and locked it

Meanwhile .. at a certain guild


"What a bored day i have here," after i split those words i ran back to the guild to find happy..

"Hey happy where are you?" i yeall inside the guild

"Natsu i'm here but i'm too busy i can't play with you" the blue cat says while sitting at the bar with wendy ..

"But happy"

"NO is a NO natsu .. i'll play with u tomorrow i promise" happy activated his aeria magic and waved a pass and promise

For what happy said i walked out of the guild, i wish i can met someone around i thought


" i don't want to cry here anymore" just then, i rumbles my cabinet and wear a sleeveless shirt and a jacket and a shorts .. and without hesitations i ran away from home just to get out of that hell .. guards were chasing after me, but then i summon Virgo and asked her to ran as fast as she can. My magic powers run out that's why virgo disappeared. 'God now i have to walk' i didn't even notice that me and virgo reach a city so far, just then i breath a sigh and asked someone

"Excuse me Mister would you mind telling me what city is this?" i asked one of the passerby's

"Well, this is magnolia little kid.. why are you lose?" then he pat my head

"No i'm not thanks" i ran away from him. I didn't mind anything i just keep running, but then i bumped unto someone


I was walking at the street but when i turned right a girl at my age accidentally bumped on me ' man she looks exhausted' i thought

I stare at her for a while and just then i don't know what comes in my mind, i hold her at her wrist and dragged her at the magnolia south gate park

"Hey! Who Might you be ?" i asked

She stared at me for a while and said "What was that for, i wasn't asking to drag me around .. what's your problem?" she scolded me at the face.

"I'm Natsu How about you ?" i still asked her

"A- aa I'm L-lucy"

"Great, Um Lucy i'm guessing your'e not from magnolia am i right?" i sat in front of her guessing a 'YES' answer

She nodded and confessed " Yeah your'e right, but um .. u..m how d-did you know?"she can't speak properly like she's afraid of me

"Well, i can smell from you" i told her but she has a face of disbelief so "Well, don't be surprised i'm a wizard and a dragon slayer i have enhanced senses"

" i see, would you mind showing me around?" she asked me

"Since Lisanna is on a mission with Mira and Elfman, and happy's too damn busy, maybe i can.. so SURE" i accept her favor and i invited her for a walked which she accept.