Hey !



It's friday evening and i was still here in the guild hall drinking my vanilla milk shake. Our mission this past few days goes well except my injured feet. It's an incident from our last client, i got tripped off and it hurts like hell ! But now i managed to walk. There are less people here at the guild hall, there was, Satsuki and Juvia, the cats and Erza, Oh well, there's Gray too but he seems bothered for some reason, he just kept on looking on Juvia, how sweet, then there's the others too.

"Hey .. Lucy " I automatically looked at the one who called me

"What?" I asked

"Uhh .. c-can .. uhmm .. y-you .. " I looked at him seriously but he just looked away, wait is he blushing? No .

"Can I what?" I hissed, why is he stuttering? Tss. What have gotten into him this time?

"Well .. uhh"

"What now Natsu?!" I asked again, yep, it's Natsu, unusual isn't it?

"He wants to ask you out on a date Lucy" Happy suddenly appeared behind Natsu flying all over hime and what?! A d-date? Seriously? Wait uhh ..

"W-will you?" Natsu asked, I was a little surprised, should I turned him down? It feels hot, my cheeks are burning hot, why is that?

"O-okay" I simply said and nodded at the same time, a smile flash at Natsu's face

"Tomorrow then, 9 at the morning at South Magnolia park, i'll wait for you there, Bye !" then he run off with happy, leaving me stunned, Did i really accepted it?

"Lucy?" Now what should I do?

"Ey .. Lucy?" It's my first time and I don't even know w-wha ..

"Earth to Lucy .. are you there?" I don't think I can do this ! What should I wear?


"Y-yeah WHAT?!" I saw Jesy standing in front of me crossed armed.

She sigh,"I've been calling you since I don't know when! Why are you spacing out?!" she sat in front of me and looked at me suspiciously, what's with the eyes? By the look of her, she's waiting for answer

"Well?" she asked again

"Uhh .. n-nothing" I waved my hand here and there but she kept on staring and for the second time, she sigh, a deep sigh

"Your'e not really good in lying, are you? Anyway, please tell me and i'll help in anyway I can, I promise and don't even think of lying again or else I'll tell Gray that you've been dreaming to see him with only his boxers on .. " Tss ! What a blockmailer ! Wait ! i'm not thinking of Gray like that !

"Yeah .. fine .. uhh N-natsu asked me out on a d-date" her eyes widen in surprised

"HE WHAT?!" I just nod

"Oh my god! I always knew that there's a chemistry between you two and I'm right all along ! Ayieee !"

"You know what .. I hate smart peoples" She raised her eyebrow

"So what? You know Lucy .. if there's no smart peoples in the world then this world will fall into chaos with stupid freaks who do nothing but do their stupid jobs then boom ! they are all stupid, so yeah .. hope you understand"

I just shrugged

She stands up and grab me by the hand and run out of the guild hall

"Let's go home" she smiled and I nod, AGAIN!

Here I am walking to South Magnolia Park, smiling shyly, I only wear a simple sleeveless white dress today with the shades of pink, a cute pinkish doll shoes and my hair is tied in a ponytail and I have my pouch with me. The moment I reach the park, I saw him .. I saw him with his usual clothes sitting at the bench. Geez ! so much for all my efforts.

The moment he saw me, he stand up and holds my hand and intertwined it with his, I blushed lightly, what's with the sudden movement?

"Let's go to a theme park" Unconsciously, I nod, theme park eh? Well, maybe a good place to start our day.

We head off to the Magnolia theme park, I accidentally look at our hands and up to Natsu, he's face was serious, I kept on looking at him for the whole walk then suddenly he look at me and smiled. I hurriedly looked away, that's embarassing, he caught me looking at him for the whole time.

"Were here!" then he dragged me running to the theme park, I looked at place, amazed, it's my first time in here

Amazing ..

Our first stop is at DR. FISH ? what's that ?!

Uhh .. there are fishes in a wide circle with water. Natsu and I dipped are feet at the water and I saw the fishes coming into us and biting our feet. It tickles at first but when your'e into it? It's relaxing

"Ay .. Ha .. hehe, Ow .. h-haha" I looked at Natsu and raised my eyebrow

"Hey ! Stop that Natsu, you look liked a gay! Haha"

"Ow h-haha .. c-can't h-help it ! It tickles ! Ow oW hehe" i looked at him misteriously, wait .. oh no .. I hope no no

"OW W-WhA-WHAHAAH" then Natsu burst his flames out and the water suddenly felt hot, it's so hot! I looked at the fishes worriedly ! They're going to die damn it! I tackled Natsu out of the water and we fell at the ground, with me on top of him. My cheeks flushed scarlet red and I hurriedly stand up and looked away.

"E-eh, let's try that!" I point at the ride with kid on board ..

"Kiddy train ride?" He asked but I just dragged him

"Yeah!" We board the train and as soon as it starts, people were looking at us but who cares? I love this one, err maybe

"Why don't you sing for me Natsu?" i asked, were here at the fountain park after that kiddy train ride. We didn't board it for long cause Natsu has his motion sickness.

"WHAT?! No Way !"

"Just this once?" I pouted

He gave me a long pause and sigh.

"I don't wanna?"

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