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A Date.


"well, well Hika your up early on this Saturday morning, aren't you? You would almost think there was something happening" Kaoru had sarcasm dripping like water from a tap

"s-shut up Kaoru, that's not f-fair" Hikaru had a red tint crossing his face slowly

"He he sorry Hika I did not mean to upset you" Kaoru spoke sadly then perked up

"anyway you look great so stop pestering with your shirt, and hair, by the way what about pants?" Kaoru giggled lightly while his brother called him every name under the sun and in his vocabulary for not mentioning that he still hadn't put his jeans on yet

"thanks bro" hikaru blushed

"its k, it is what im here for after all, hey don't blush like that I might just steal you away from haru-chan"

"hehe, yeah HEY!"

"HA Hika you s-s-should have seen your face you looked so cute" he laughed falling to the floor


"DAD GET OFF!" Haruhi yelled at Ranka while he tried to dress her

"Daddy just wants to help his baby girl, why are you being so mean to your daddy?" he began to sob like a girl

"then come here and help me with my hair NOT MY CLOTHES" She held in a laugh as she tried to yell at her dad

"YAY DADDY LOVE HIS HARUHI" he giggled un-controllably while fixing haruhi's hair


Hikaru walked up to the door and was about to knock when Ranka swung the door open and looked very serious

"almost as serious as when he looks at Tono" hikaru thought then smiled and then bowed to Ranka

"thank you for asking me to take Haruhi out today-sir" hikaru smirked slightly

"Now listen here you, I want Haruhi back at a reasonable time you hear me-Young man"

Just as Haruhi was about to tell her dad to stop trying to be so serious he broke in to a fit of laughter, Hikaru on the other hand looked as if he was about to cry.

"Hikaru ignore my dad he is just being an idiot" she giggled at her now nearly dead from laughing "father figure"


I look up from Ranka to see Haruhi in a B-E-A-UTIFUL sun dress and leggings it was the sun dress Kaoru and I had picked out for her birthday. She looked amazing. I gulped down the lump in my throat. Then looked at Ranka who was still laughing on the floor

"H-Hi Haruhi, r-ready t-to go?" I wanted to kill myself for stuttering like an idiot

Hey Hikaru, yeah as soon as my dad calms down" She was blushing lightly it looked cute.

Ranka was finished now he told us to have fun and to be back soon to tell him all about it I laughed as Haruhi closed the door and rolled her eyes

"you know he only means well" I sounded so grown up, im really trying to impress her and I think it worked, she has that light thoughtful smile which I love so much graced upon her features.

"I know, and im glad you know too" she had such a light voice that I barely caught what she said so I just smiled


As Haruhi dragged Hikaru around the amusement park, he spotted a few thing he would like to go on, look at and win prizes on so he leaned on his heals.

"Hey Haruhi, check this out, they have some really cool prizes on here" Hikaru smiled and spoke in a calm manner but on the inside he was DYING at the fact Haruhi was HERE with HIM.

" OH, how cute that bunny looks like the girl version of Usa-Chan" Haruhi pondered aloud

Before Haruhi could blink Hikaru grabbed her wrist and dragged her over to the game it was a mix of a crane game and the duck hook game, it had a crane hand on a stick and you had to fish the prizes from the middle of a lily pad but the crane had controls on it like a normal crane game machine so you couldn't just pick it up and lean over it was connected to the railing around the edge.

"You want the bunny Haruhi?" Hikaru questioned her whilst paying so she could not have said no

"Really Hikaru! You would try and win it the game looks kinda hard"

"If you want it then I will not TRY, ill get it for you, easy" he stood proud and the person watching the stall nodded approvingly

As Hikaru tried to win the bunny, he felt a bit stupid he tried three times and didn't get it when Haruhi spoke up sheepishly

"Hey Hikaru can I try?"

"Sure I guess. Just don't go for the bunny! I want to win that for you" he smiled blushing

"Ok, what do you like out of all of these then?"

"Well, I like the crocodile with the eye patch it reminds me of the video game, Kaoru and I used to play" he smiled at the sweet memory

"Then you shall have it-easy" she smiled sarcastically as she imitated him

Haruhi paid and tried once and got the stuffed croc handing it to Hikaru, he was flabbergasted, Haruhi thought it was quite cute

"How did you do that?"

"Crane games are kind of my thing" she shrugged and walked off in true Haruhi fashion

"Huh" Hikaru looked to see if Haruhi was out of sight before he turned to the game and tried one more time, this time he won it

"Hey Haruhi, Haruhi" he yelled as he caught up to her

"Yes Hikaru"

Whilst turning around she saw the stuffed bunny in his hands and grinned-big-

"Wow Hikaru thank you"

They laughed and joked a bit more until the end of the evening, before leaving they saw a fortune teller machine and decided to have a go…

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