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A Disaster

"I wonder what we will get" Hikaru was fascinated with the machine

"nothing true" Haruhi was mumbling under her breath

"you don't seriously believe in this stuff do you Hikaru?" Haruhi was almost hopeful he didn't

"why not, besides its not like it hurts to believe in this stuff" he huffed

"besides your already softened head I guess not" she spat back

" HEY! There is no need for that"

"sorry, sorry I forget how touchy you get"

"I do not get touchy"

"whatever put the token in will you" she pointed to the machine


Hikaru placed the token in the machine and it started to light up and move its head, it looked in Hikarus direction and then

"good thing come to those who wait, but wait to long and you'll loose your chance"

It then looked in haruhis direction

"misfortune has come to those not needing, but made them dunce to what is still there"

The lights dimmed and two card came out of the machine with the fortunes written on them

"T..T…They don't usually do that" Haruhi choked out

"What happened to nothing true" he was smirking like crazy

"HIKARU, this is not a time for your sarcasm" she was frightened

"okay im sorry, what the hell was that"

"I have no clu-"

Suddenly the machine lit up and another card came out and as quickly as the machine lit up it dimmed again.

"WHAT THE" They both yelled taking a few steps back

"do you want to get the other card" Haruhi asked Hikaru

"urrr,,, sure"

Hikaru stepped forward taking the card and backing away towards Haruhi

"what does it say" fear and wonder mixed in her eyes

" It says * don't wait for that misfortune to come*"

Hikaru looked at Haruhi then looked at the sky, then looked back to Haruhi because she was more interesting to look at

"what?" haruhi asked

"I know what the cards mean" he stated blackly

"what do they mean?" she questioned

Hikarus P.O.V

She is going to kill me for this, I don't want to tell her this but I have to,

"my card means I have to do something I have been waiting to do, your card means you have to move on to a happier time in your life be your own person-not your mother" I winced at the face she pulled when I said that last bit

"ok" she is so calm but I can see pain in her eyes

"so what is it that you had to do?"

Shit I was really hoping she wouldn't ask that but like the card says I might miss my chance

"it mean I have to tell you something Haruhi"

"what?" she looks so concerned

"I… I love you Haruhi, I always have"

I stood there for a few seconds watching her emotions change:




Then fear, it stayed on fear I took a few steps back and when she looked sad

" Hikaru im flattered but-"

I ran, ran as fast as I could out the gate past the car park and I ran all the way home when I got inside I cried and I continued to cry

"Hikaru what happened" I hear I soft voice full of concern

" I …I told her I loved her" through strangled sobs even I thought I sounded pathetic


"NO! Its not I think she was going to reject me"

"you think?…"


"Baka you didn't let her answer you?!"

As I held my face and looked at my brother he came in to realisation of something I could figure out

"please tell me you did not leave her somewhere on her own. AGAIN!"


I ran as fast as I could back to the fate when I got there it was closed and I couldn't see Haruhi


I started to run down the side walk I saw some one walking further ahead it was Haruhi I was sure of it


She turned her eyes were red-shed been crying, were no that far from hers I blinked and she was pelting it down the side walk-oh no

"Haruhi please stop" I was depleted of all energy I got in to a slow jog and as she ran up the apartment steps and with in second she was gone. I got to the steps

"Im so screwed of Ranka is there"

I heard straggled cries from inside the house-the door swung open


And he is home

"gomen sir please just let me talk to her"

" NO, I havent seen her cry like that since her mother past and I refuse to let some punk who think it is ok to up and leave her at any bloody time when the are out to make her cry like that"

"of course sir" I bowed respectfully and the door was slammed in my face I left and the car picked me up.

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