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" Dear Little Sister,

Mom and Dad don't know this, but I've decided to get rid of you. We don't need a two year old baby breaking all of my stuff! Why is it always only my stuff you want to break? No one ever asked me if I wanted a disgusting baby sister, so I'm taking matters into my own hands. Goodbye forever, Bulla."



I frowned at the short note Brother had written. I shouldn't have been old enough to retain a memory of that day but, somehow, I did.

At the time I thought it was a dream.



I was confused to find that I wasn't in my crib when I awoke. Instead, Brother had lain me down on a wooden swing outside someone's house. He was placing the note on my stomach when our eyes met; His alert, mine hooded.

We stared at each other like petrified deer. Neither of us dared to move a muscle. Brother was barely breathing. I'd just caught him doing something he didn't want me to see, but I was too young to understand what was happening. Our stare down ended when I yawned. Yawning was inevitable for me. Brother had woken me up from a very peaceful nap, and I was still groggy.

Brother sprinted from the porch.

I quickly sat up, wondering if I should run after him, but it was too late for me to make a move. He had already flew into the sky.

'He'll come back,' I thought, still convinced that my brother loved me. Then I saw a very large brown and white cow headed for the porch. It was mooing like crazy. The animal didn't seem to like that I was on its master's porch.

I didn't know what to do.

There was a large cow "mooing" at me, and Dad wasn't around to beat it up. There weren't any neighbors around either. Just the porch, swing, field, and trees. If that cow wanted to squish me to death, or eat me, there was no one around to stop it. I was completely on my own.

I started to cry like my life depended on it. No one rushed out of the house to shoo the cow away like I had expected.

What the hell? Someone always rushed to me whenever I screamed or cried. That was the rule, to keep Princess Bulla happy!

The cow stopped mooing and it's ears twitched. Yeah, my screaming usually hurt everyone's ears, except Dad's. The cow decided it didn't want to squish me, eat me, or do whatever it was cows did when they met princesses. The cow just stood in front of the porch, and stared stupidly at me.

'He's challenging me,' I thought, my little body trembling with fear. If Dad were around, I knew he'd want me to be strong, Mom too. So I didn't run, and I didn't look away from the cow. If that cow wanted a fight, then I'd try my best to beat it up.

We never got to fight. Brother flew down from the sky and scared the cow away.

"Bruh-ter!" I moaned.

I was so relieved that I started to cry again.

"Shut up!" Brother shouted, charging and raising his hand as if he was going to hit me. I laid flat on the swing, shielding my face with my arms, awaiting for the pain to come. Brother never hit me though. Instead he cursed, scratched his head, and sat down on the top step of the porch.

I giggled to myself, forgetting that Brother liked to play weird games. Yelling and acting like he wanted to kill me was Brother's favorite game. Dad liked to play a similar game by tossing me high into the air and pretending he was too busy to catch me, but at the last second, he always did!

I had a million questions for Brother, but none of my questions came out right. The only audible sounds he understood was hi, bruh-ter, dada, woman, moo, and whoa! I talked for a long time on the swing. Brother occasionally sighed and looked over his shoulder at me as I talked. No, not at me. He kept looking at the note taped to my pink shirt.

It wasn't until Brother stretched out on his back that I realised I should go to sleep too, I was still sleepy.

"Nite, nite." I yawned, folding my arm beneath me to use as a pillow, both for my head and the right side of my face. The swing was wooden, and not as soft as my crib, but there was nothing I could do about that. It was better than the dirty floor Brother was sleeping on.

I stared down at my brother, whom looked more serene and gentle than I'd ever seen him. He wasn't afraid of cows like I was. He was just like Dad, afraid of nothing. And I wanted to be like both of them someday.

A warm breeze blew through Brother's hair, ringing the wind chimes hanging from whose ever porch we were visiting, and I closed my eyes.

No cows would hurt me if Brother was around. He'd never let anything hurt me.




I was crawling on my hands and knees, scouring the floor for a second note I might've dropped ( there had to be another note. Why would Goten just give me the one?), when Kyuu stepped into the apartment,clumsily knocking over a houseplant. He smelled of vodka and cigarettes, like he'd gone to the bar immediately after work. If he even finished the work day that is.

Kyuu didn't say anything besides hiccup as I checked under the bed a third time.

"Lose an earring?" He asked sarcastically.

I ignored him.

"We need to talk about the...pregnancy thing."

"Later, I'm busy." I replied, ripping one side of the wrinkled envelope open. There weren't any hidden letters taped inside. Just small specks of dirt or coffee. Maybe something could've slipped out when I was in the elevator?

"Where are you going?" Kyuu asked, blocking me from the front door.

Again, I ignored him, and pushed him aside. He fell against the wall. He was so drunk that a normal human could've knocked him over with their pinky.

Except for a coin, a paperclip, and a gum wrapper, there was nothing inside the elevator.

'Could I have taken the stairs?' I wondered, my hands resting on my hips as I stood at the top of the stairs, which were to the right of the elevator. It was unlikely. No one ever wanted to use the stairs. Each step had the unpleasant smell of cold cement, and the metal railing was always sticky. The steps were also difficult to climb in heels. In the daze I was in, I doubt I could've made it very far without help.

The sound of cracking bones and Kyuu's pained screams forced me to turn around. Behind me, Kyuu had his left arm outstretched, the tips of his fingers touching my lower back. A very furious Goten stood beside Kyuu, ensnaring his wrist with his powerful hand.

"You were going to push me?" I choked, horrified that the man I trusted for two years had attempted to kill me and his unborn child. I'm not a normal human, I probably would've survived the fall, but Kyuu didn't know that. If it wasn't for Goten...Why was Goten still here? Had he been waiting in the hall for me? Why?

"He didn't mean it," I said, speaking quickly so Goten wouldn't sever Kyuu's hand. It worked. Shocked and repulsed, Goten let Kyuu go." He had a lot to drink...I was being a bitch earlier...Neither of us planned on having children this early..."

"Do you even hear yourself?" Goten roared, squeezing both of my shoulders and giving a little shake. That pissed me off.

"I didn't ask for your help. I know I could've protected myself before hitting the first step! I don't need you!" I shoved Goten as hard as I could, but he didn't budge. He wasn't going anywhere." You completely ruined my revenge! Do you know how long I've waited for the opportunity to show this bastard how strong I really am?" Secretly, on bad days, I wanted to break every bone in Kyuu's body. I wanted to throw him across the city, punch a hole through his gut and blow up his head. But that's only what I wanted on bad days, and I'm sure every couple sometimes wishes for that.

What I truly wanted, everyday, was to show Kyuu my true self and have him accept me, the way Mom accepted Dad. It was obvious now that there was no future with Kyuu. He didn't deserve to know the real me. In my eyes, he didn't even deserve to live.

I raised my palm in Kyuu's face. He stopped grimacing from the pain in his wrist to whisper "Bulla?" A bright light formed in my palm. There was no fear in Kyuu's eyes. He didn't know how dangerous my hands truly were, that I could disintegrate his entire being. That stupid look which only a wounded animal would give...that's what stopped me.

"I can't." I shuddered, letting my ki die out.

Goten squeezed my hand gently and led me away from Kyuu, away from the apartment complex, and away from the city.

When I asked him about the note, Goten explained that even if Pan never snuck onto the spaceship, years ago, he wasn't going to outer space. It was Trunks' idea. Goten's girlfriend never called him before take off, it was all prerecorded by Trunks.

My brother wanted Goten to stay behind, so he could give me the note in case the search for the black star dragonballs ended badly.

"I never read the note until after the car accident." Goten said." But you were already blaming yourself over it, and I didn't think the note would help. It seemed kind of mean." He kept the note in his possession for a long time. Rereading it after his breakup with Valese. The second time, he finally understood it.

"Trunks used to tell me that you were a brat, that you only had a crush on me because I gave you attention. He told me that if I kissed you you'd get pregnant. It seemed like he didn't approve of our relationship when we were dating. He's the reason I never tried calling you after we broke up. He told me I needed to be a man and make you apologize first."

"I'm going to strangle him." I growled." Brother has ruined my life!" He knew I'd never apologize first!

"You ruined his," Goten pointed out, chuckling at my reaction." I'm not talking about the accident, that wasn't anyone's fault. Don't you remember how many of Trunks' girlfriends you scared away? How many times you got him grounded? Have you forgotten how you turned against your friends because they wanted to date Trunks? Man, I'm glad I didn't get the job of being your brother."

I punched Goten in the cheek. The idiot laughed it off.

" Everything I thought wasn't true. Trunks wasn't against the idea of you and me, Bulla. He was just embarrassed."

"Embarrassed of what?" I asked.

Goten scratched his cheek thoughtfully." Well, I know everything about Trunks. For example, I was never supposed to tell you that the journal you got for your birthday came from Trunks. In fact, whenever I gave you two presents on your birthday, one of them was always from Trunks. Trunks was afraid that I'd marry you and tell you his secrets, which I would. That's why he was against our relationship."

"You got all that from reading a little note?" I asked. Was it possible that Goten had read too much into Brother's word?" I thought Brother hated me back then."

"He did hate you." Goten shrugged." But I think he realised he also loved you after writing that note, I mean, you're still here. He didn't get rid of you.

Older siblings can be jealous sometimes. Gohan never tried to get rid of me, but he did give me resentful looks when mom made him study. That's just how it is."

It was true then. Brother never hated me. He was just like Dad. I never had to earn my brother's love, it was there the whole time. He was just too embarrassed to show it.

"It's a scary moment when you realise your idiot boyfriend isn't an idiot after all," I teased, somewhat expecting Goten to deny the role as my boyfriend and,possible future husband. I was pregnant with another man's child after all. Was he really okay with that?

Goten made it clear that he loved me on our third night travelling together. Inside our tent, beneath the stars and moon, he said," Just remember you love me - - and remember your promise to keep an open mind- - if there's ever a woman who shows up at our door, claiming that I fathered her child."

I laughed at his joke.

Goten remained serious.

Elsewhere, in a parallel world, Trunks, Valese, and Pan all sneezed. * wink, wink *

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