Red. They say it's the colour of love. To them it was, blood, pain, hate, passion and love.

She was poison. Small, deadly, strong and silent. Always waiting to strike. To everyone else she was terrifying.

To him she was intoxicating.

He was alcohol. Pretending to be your friend before taking you down. Sharp and bitter.

People found him sadistic, cruel and mean. Found him repulsive.

She found him addictive.

Neither of them were into the sweet, slow kind of love. How could they? They had grown up with no love given and none returned. The fact that they loved someone scared and calmed them at the same time. They were careers did not love. They live fast and die young.

They would both flip when they got angrey. Saw red.










They were wild and fast. Didn't wait up for anyone. Didn't believe in anything or anyone. They turned their backs on the world. Tough, bitter and mean. All they ever saw was red.

Different shade of red. Crimson was blood. Scarlett was passion. Light red, sunset red was love and goes on.

The most common is fire. Hot burning red. That's anger.

Flames, blood, ripe and juicy summer strawberries, the leaves in Autumn, rubies, lips, red, red, red, red.

The blood on her hands. When she hears the screams of victims, hers or others, all she can think of is Red.

When she is with him she knows she is breaking every rule, wall and boundary she has ever made for herself. She see's Red then too.

He knows he is breaking rules. They both only care about their rules. Not anyone else's. But he is breaking his rules. And that's different. That's very different. But he is long gone by now. He knows it will hurt- killing her. He knows he should leave her but he can't. He's addicted and can't go now. It's too late. He tries not to care about breaking rules and in time he can't care less. Because all he see's when he's with her is Red

They know the sight of blood. Warm, sticky, sweet and Red.

And they will kick and scream, scratch, punch, shout and scar each other. And he'll always come back to her and they'll fight all over again. Neither ever wins. It's like trying to do a math's sum without knowing the method. You can't do it. You can't win.

Reply every fight over and over and over again in their heads.

Fire Hot, Burning Red.

Hot, untamable, flammable, free, explosive and wild.