Not long after he'd woken up from his most recent vision, something weird started happening to Dipper. At first he tried to tell himself that he was simply unnerved because of his vision and the oncoming battle with the Society, or that he was just sick or something, but he could tell that it went beyond just that. His palms were sweating, and his head felt like it had been set on fire. The attic was warm, hot even, yet, aside from his head, his body felt freezing cold. His head was pounding and he felt like the entire earth was spinning beneath him. He didn't have the ability to stand up, or even to open his mouth and speak. The worst part of it all was that his vision kept blurring. And every time it did, Dipper swore he saw glimpses of the future. Not anything full-length or useful even, but just small, seemingly unimportant things; the waterfall for example, and someone's hand tightly clutching his. Mabel's maybe? He wasn't sure how he knew, but he could tell that these sights weren't just random things; they were definitely involved in the near future somehow. But every time he closed his eyes the visions went away.

Wendy, Mabel and the others were trying their best to keep calm; but even with his eyes closed Dipper could still tell they were nervous. Their worry seemed to linger in the air like fog. Just from the way that almost all of them seemed to be holding their breath, he could tell they were feeling just like he was: scared, anxious, and confused. And for some reason, that fact just scared him even more. It usually wasn't easy to worry Wendy or Mabel. Dipper had no clue what was going on, and he didn't like it one bit. It just added to the many unknown variables that made him unable to come up with a decent plan for when the Society attacked. He was used to always being able to come up with plans for everything, but this was one of the rare exceptions. And it hurt him even more to think about it. With that thought on his mind, Dipper silently slipped into a fevered type of unconsciousness, waiting for another vision to drag him from his sudden peace.

The crew remained silent for what seemed like forever. Robbie and Wendy were still sitting at the end of Dipper's bed. Wendy was looking at Robbie with a concerned look on her face. Mabel and Gideon sat across the room from the three of them, staring over at the now sleeping boy. Mabel looked as if she'd seen a ghost, but Gideon just looked unconcerned if anything.

"Dipper, you okay?" Wendy asked, biting her lip and gently putting her hand on Dipper's forehead. As she'd expected, his head was warm. In fact, it was more than just that; Dipper was so warm that it almost felt as if she's touched a hot stove top. The redhead gasped and looked back toward Robbie with wide eyes. "Holy crap, the little dude's like, on fire or something!" She whispered.

"Maybe he's just gettin' a cold or somethin', we shouldn't worry too much." Gideon told the red-head, shrugging indifferently and looking down at his nails. "There's too much goin' on right now to worry about him." Honestly, he couldn't care less if something was wrong with Dipper. Dipper was none of his concern. It was Mabel he was here to help, and only her that he cared about. He was bad at letting go of his grudges.

Wendy gave him a weary glance.

"I'm sure the kid's just tired and getting sick of having pointless visions. Let him get some rest." Robbie suggested, putting a hand on his girlfriend's shoulder. "I mean, a lot has been going on recently. He must just be stressing out or something."

Wendy sighed. "I don't think that's what's going on, dude." She told him. "I-I think he's unconscious. Something's not right... I'm worried about him."

Robbie just shrugged in response.

"What do you think, Mabey?" Gideon asked, looking over at the brunette girl.

Mabel didn't hear Gideon's question at first. She was deep inside the world of her own thoughts. Mabel rarely let herself really worry about things. She liked to go through life with a care-free smile no matter what was going on. But due to the past few weeks' events that was becoming far harder than normal. And right now, Mabel was scared. She was more scared than she'd ever been. Something had started happening to her shortly after Dipper's dream involving the vampire, and it had only progressed since then. At first it was nothing more than simply being able to pick up on people's, especially her brother's, vibes a bit better than normal, which helped her to know how they were feeling and what they were thinking. But after a while that ability became stronger and stronger; she began to be able to read people's minds a bit easier, and eventually, when Dipper was having visions, she knew exactly how he was feeling and all the thoughts going through his mind. During his most previous vision, she could hear everything. His internal monologue while he was figuring out what was happening in the vision and all the emotions it had caused him to feel had nearly overwhelmed her.

While she was thinking, Mabel had been turned toward the wall, nervously chewing on her hair with her knees pulled up tightly to her chest, trying to hide her expression from the rest of the group. But shortly after she heard her name she turned back toward them.

"Huh? I'm not worried. Not worried at all! Why would I be worried? Dipper's fine!" She said quickly, unsure of what Gideon had even asked. An obviously fake smile was plastered across her face. "Dipper's always fine! He'll be okay! We'll all be okay!"

"See, she thinks he's fine." Robbie told Wendy, pointing at the younger girl. "So that settles it. Stop your worrying, babe."

Wendy rolled her eyes and got up from Dipper's bed. She walked over and sat down beside Mabel, her expression serious, yet somehow seemingly calm. "Mabel, listen. It's alright if you're worried. Don't listen to those two dorks over there. I mean, guys can be pretty oblivious at times…" She sighed. "Something's obviously not right here. And if you know what's up, please tell us. It could seriously help us out…like, a lot."

Mabel's eyes widened for a moment, but she quickly regained her composure. She shook her head and frowned. "Nope, not a clue…I mean, I think we all know why he's worried. But that doesn't explain why he's sick and having such wacko visions all of a sudden."

Wendy nodded and was about to question her further, but just then Dipper groaned feverishly in his sleep and began to toss and turn in his bed. Robbie looked over at him, suddenly seeming just the slightest bit concerned. He stood up and backed away slightly from the younger boy's bed.

"Uh…Wendy, maybe you're right after all...I think something's up with this kid." The teen said, turning to face his girlfriend.

Mabel jumped up and rushed toward Dipper's bed, staring at her twin with eyes wide and full of worry. Her eyebrows were knit tightly together in concern.

"Mabel can't see her brother like this. It's just wrong." Wendy muttered, shaking her head.

Robbie looked over at her and sighed. He could tell Wendy was right. Seeing her brother in pain was making Mabel miserable. From what he knew about Mabel, she was usually able to put a smile on her face through anything. But right now she looked almost as if seeing Dipper in pain was causing her physical pain as well.

Robbie wasn't generally one to care too much about people, especially the Pines twins. But seeing Mabel like this made him start to realize just how serious this situation was. There was a group of people coming to attack them at any given time. Stan was nowhere to be seen and had been blatantly lying to them to comfort them. They had almost no chance against their enemy. And now Dipper was sick and for all he knew the kid could be dying. Without Dipper's help, Wendy- the girl Robbie loved more than anything in the world- could die. And to be honest, he was scared. He was Robbie V, the half-vampire who was so used to hiding his emotions. But right now he just didn't have the ability to hide them anymore.

Robbie walked up behind Mabel and put a hand on her shoulder in attempt to comfort her. "Mabel…I know that you know what's going on with Dipper's visions lately. And if you don't wanna tell the rest of us then, hey, that's fine by me." He said. "But I just want you to know that there's nothing you could say that we won't believe. And anything you do know would be a huge help to all of us."

Mabel glanced at him over her shoulder, and then looked down at the ground. Her eyes were full of tears and her face was scrunched up in pain. As a tear trickled down her cheek, she covered her face with her hands."I can feel what he's feeling…" She whispered, her voice muffled from her sweater sleeves. " hurts. He's so afraid..."

Robbie glanced over at Wendy, his eyes wide with shock, and then he rushed out of the room.

The last thing Dipper remembered was his head pounding and his sight blurring in on something. He knew he must have blacked out again and he was having another premonition of the future. But this time everything seemed a bit different. It was far more painful than his past visions. In fact, this time he wasn't completely sure whether it was actually a vision or if it was just some sort of strange fevered dream his mind had conjured up.

Glints of silver slashed through clouds of black smoke, causing them to dissipate on contact. A split second of a red haired girl's face, smiling victoriously, emerged from the dark clouds, but it was soon replaced by a look of fear in her glimmering green eyes. A piercing, high-pitched scream cut through the silence yet again and was soon replaced by the sound of water crashing against rocks. He saw Mabel's hand intertwined with his as if holding on for dear life. Nothing made sense. And it hurt him so much.

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