Necessary Escape

A/N: Hello everyone, this is my new story called Necessary Escape. I am trying my hand at attempting slash themes in this story so I am asking that those who do not condone or it's not their cup of tea please turn back now! I am dedicating this story to Romancing the Boys, whose stories you should definitely read.

Summary: Jacob and Seth decide to leave La Push because they can't stand to see the ones they love marry someone else. For 16 years, they live England away from the pain and heartache, as well as, their families and the pack. They have yet to stop phasing because they are not ready to age yet. However, back home in La Push, Washington, Sue & Leah Clearwater and Billy & Rachel Black are struggling with the loss of both boys. The pack scoured all over the northern half of the states looking for them when they ran away but after two years they stopped because they knew if the boys wanted to be found they would be. Without any luck on finding the boys in the first six months lives started to return to normal (as normal as they could be), starting with the weddings of two prominent members of the tribe.

Flash forward to the eve of the 16 year anniversary of Jacob and Seth leaving and Bella receives a phone call from her father begging her to ask her father-in-law to please come back and work on both Sue and Billy because both are very sick and nothing else has worked. Jacob and Seth decide they can no longer run from their pasts or hide from their families any longer. As they all board the plane, all them can't help but wonder what the reception will be like for the boys when they walk into Billy's and how the family will take the many surprises they are bringing in tow.

Warning: Rated M for the following reasons: cussing, lemons, violence, slash, mpreg and bloodshed. I cannot clarify enough how important it is to read the ratings! You have been warned.

Disclaimer: I own nothing except my plot details and my own characters that might show up throughout the story. However, anything else that is related to the original books of Twilight or the movies all belongs to Stephanie Meyer and the people who made the movies.



I know we said that we would split at any given point when we found somebody or imprinted but I didn't think that I would actually fall in love with him at the time. I had thought they were just mutual one offs for both of us. In time, it turned from one offs to liking each other and small caresses here and there to no more fucking but softer, passionate lovemaking moments that followed by cuddling. Finally, I planned to tell him how I felt we were supposed to meet at our special meadow, which we had found after patrol one day, but he never showed. Then he started ignoring my calls and text and switched his patrol schedule and I couldn't for the life of me figure out what I had done wrong.

Days turned into weeks and I still hadn't heard from him, but I didn't know what I could do to draw him out without putting on blast what was going on between us. Then one day, I was walking along the beach and I saw the reason why he was no longer speaking to me. My world came crashing down in one kiss. Yeah I know right he was kissing someone else (that wasn't even the part I was mad about either). I tried to turn around before either of them noticed me but the girl (that's what frustrated me to no end) called out to me and I had to acknowledge her or they would think something was wrong.

"Hey guys. What's up?" I said nonchalantly.

"Hi Jake." He stuttered.

"Hello Jake. What ya doing right now? Care to join us?" she asked.

"No that's alright; I don't want to intrude on the moment." I replied and turned to walk away.

"You aren't intruding, we all are here Jake." Quil voice called from the other end of the beach where he was playing with Claire.

"Sure, sure I don't mind Quil, I can help you and Claire make sand castles." I state running away from the happy couple before they have a chance to say anything else.

The day got progressively worse as we approached the mandatory bonfire and I find out that she was indeed his imprint. I was very happy that they had found each other however, I was pissed the fuck off at him for not being able to tell me in person. Instead, he skulked and avoided me. This realization made me so mad that was the moment my heart started to crack and become cold. If only I had known I wasn't alone.

*Six months later*

Tonight Sam had requested we all be present at another bonfire when all I wanted to was go to sleep since I had just finished a double patrol. Walking in from patrol, I say hello to my sister and father before trudging up the stairs and hopping in the shower and changing for the bonfire.

"Bye y'all, I will see you guys tomorrow don't wait up. We have a pack bonfire tonight." I yell as I walk out the front door.

I hear my father and sister say goodbye as I start down to the beach.

"Hey everybody."

I receive hellos from everyone and the night starts off really good and I hang around my two best friends cracking up and goofing off. Then my baby brother, Seth comes over and joins us. He looks like I feel inside, just completely lost and confused. I am brought out of my revelry when Sam says there are some announcements to be made. Watching the man I love get up from his driftwood spot with his imprint hand in hand as they stand in front of the group, I knew that this would be the worse night of my life.

"I asked her to marry me and she said yes. So everyone we are getting married. We want to ask all of you to participate in the wedding and be involved please." They both said joyously.

I started to feel sick and my head started to spin, I knew I had to get out of there before anyone suspected a thing. I got up and congratulated them both and offered my help whenever it was needed. She hugged me and he said thanks. Afterwards, I slipped away while everyone was focused on them.

Getting home I rushed to the bathroom and threw up for a few hours and passed out on the floor. It wasn't until the next morning when Sam bust open the door did I come to.

"What's wrong, Jacob?"

"Nothing I just overdid it last night. Thanks but I am good I will see you on patrol in an hour." Trying to seem like I wasn't panicking on the inside and ushered him out the bathroom so I could shower for patrol.

"Okay if you say so. See you in an hour. Next time take it easier." He admonished while leaving out my house.

I came up with a foolproof plan in the shower that day. Avoid him at all cost. I can still help when necessary and be cordial but I will never let myself fall for him again.

"Today, I let you go. Goodbye my love."

~The week of the wedding~

I had been sticking to plan and it was working or so I thought. The week of his wedding he caught me alone coming off patrol in our meadow.

"Phase now." He said to me as I came to a skid in front of him.

Running behind a tree to phase and pull on my cutoffs, I emerge to see him sitting on a rock.

"How may I help you?" keeping cool.

"What the fuck is up with you is how you intend to treat me? Avoiding me at all cost and acting like you don't hear me when you might see me when we're alone hurts Jake." He screams.

"Nothing is up. I am not avoiding you. I am treating you like everyone else." I replied.

"But I am not everyone fucking else. I am me!" he states as he climbs off the rock and backs me into a tree in a swift movement.

"And?" I ask him. I refuse to let him get to me.

"And I know that I mean more to you than the rest." He grinds his groin against mine.

"Go ahead and say what you have to say. I have a meeting I need to get to." I need to get to the Cullen mansion and finish making arrangements things are definitely too risky to stay here.

"What the fuck, Jake? Is how it's going to be with us from now on? I want you, no I NEED YOU. Please let me in Jake." He pleaded.

I lost all my will in that moment. Grabbing his face I pull him into a searing kiss that puts all of my anger and hate for his stupid imprint into it. He responds after a brief moment of shock and gives back all that I give to him and in that moment the world fades away. There are no imprints and no weddings and no heartbreak, instead it is just us. Somehow during the kiss he managed to remove all of our clothes because when we pull away he has laid us down and is looking in my eyes asking for permission. I simply nod not trusting my voice as of yet.

"It has been so long, baby. I don't know how long I am gonna last. I promise to make it good baby." He states to me as he slides his finger in and I wince at the burn.

He is right it's been forever and I missed this. Trying to stay in the headspace that he doesn't love me he just needs the release it starts to falter when he starts to whisper sweet nothings in my ear of love and gratitude. Sliding another finger in the burn increases until he finds my bundle of nerves and I scream out in pleasure.

"No one can make you feel this good remember that Jake you're mine forever." He mutters in my ear as he continues to slide his member in me painfully slow until I am filled up to the hilt.

I manage to get out only moans and incoherent babbles until I feel that familiar tightness and I know I am about to succumb to my release and from his grunts and cuss words I know he is too.

"Nothing compares to this. Oh my. Fuck! So tight!"

A few more pumps and his hand on my member and I spew cum all over the both of us.

"AAAHAAAHAAAH" He releases his warm liquid inside me and passes out on me.

I know I should get up but I can't find the strength to do so. I know I am fool to stick around knowing that this has changed nothing in my mind but my heart wants to believe in the impossible that he will leave and we can walk into the sunset with our own happy ever after. I should have known fate is a cruel mistress.

When he comes to he slides out of me and walks over to the stream and cleans himself off.

"I need to go meet the wedding planner about tuxedos. Make sure you have your measurements done today Jake we need them for the wedding."

I have yet to say anything and I honestly don't think I will because my voice will betray what I am feeling and I will cry. That is one thing I refuse to do in front of him. Instead I nod my head and he comes over to me and grabs my face.

"What did you think I was going to leave my imprint for you? Come on be serious Jake." He laughs as he phases and heads back to her.

Once I know he is gone I get up and puke. Cleaning myself off I call Bells asking if I can rearrange my plans.

"Why Jake"

"I leave tonight."

After getting my travel information, I get up and phase to head back to La Push but I stop by the cliffs cause I see someone who looks like they are about to jump off. Oh my god it's Seth. I run in wolf form and get to the top of the cliffs before he can step off phasing on the fly I grab his arm and pull him back.

"What the hell, Seth? What is going on? What were you thinking?" I ask him.

"I was about to step off the cliff, Jacob. I was thinking it would end the pain I feel. However, you being here has ruined that plan." Seth replied matter-of-factly.

"Why? What has been going on? I gave you a wide birth to handle things on your own, but now I want to know what is wrong with you."

"I'm gay, Jake."



"I am too, Seth. Doesn't explain why you are up here about to jump."

"How about I just explain from the beginning?"

"That'd be nice."


"I guess I should start with the fact that I was fine with being gay. I am fine with it. I have known since I was 12 and girls did nothing for me. My whole life changed when I turned 14 because not only did I enter the pack but I met the love of my life. Don't get me wrong I had met him before but I never knew that he could bring out the emotions that he evoked out of me daily. In fact he still does every day and I have to watch him marry one of the few people who mean a great deal to me in this world. I remember everything like its yesterday."

~a year ago~

"Hey Seth can we talk?"


"I have been trying to hold back and not let it show but I can't anymore."

I admit when he started the speech I was slightly confused especially when he got up and started pacing back and forth mumbling to himself for what seemed like forever.

"Damn it all to hell." He said before lunging at me and kissing me.

To say I was shocked would be an understatement. After the initial shock wore off though I kissed him back and it was magical.

Over the next six months thing progressed and we made love every moment we could and he made every moment with him special. Then the one thing we shifters dread happened he imprinted. He however was willing to ignore it for me and for a time he didn't tell me. One day I got off patrol and went to see him and he wasn't doing good at all and that's when I realized I would have to let him go.

~6 months ago~

"Hey baby what's wrong? You don't look good at all." I took the chance to glance all over his body and he looked horrible.

"Nothing just feeling a little sick but I'll be better now that you're here." He kissed me gently.

"Baby this is not just a little sick." We both know what it is and what needs to be done. I refuse to let you die for me. I stand up and pull him with me.

"What are you doing?" he asked me after I lifted him up.

"Getting you showered and cleaned up so you can go see your imprint." He glanced over me and looked shocked. He thought I didn't know but I figure it out when he first got sick and it all started when she came back to the reservation for a stupid visit (her first since he changed). Doesn't it suck monkey balls huh?

I left him go that day and I knew they would hit it off and things would be right in the world again. After a few weeks, he looked much better, had gained all the weight he loss and all the color returned to his skin. I must admit it was hard to watch them together to the point I had to start avoiding functions all together taking the patrol shift instead. It ended up working until the fateful night of the bonfire where all the announcements were made and two couples were getting married. After watching Jacob get up, I knew what his secret was but wouldn't say anything. However, after offering my congrats and looking in the eyes of the love of my life and how the no longer shined bright for me I knew my life would no longer be the happy go lucky one it had been before. So I made a plan to end the pain one way or another if it got too much.


"That night I figured out I had a kindred spirit in you but I thought it was because of the imprints but it was because of the other imprinter. Now I definitely know I am not alone in this world anymore Jake. Thanks for stopping me. However, I cannot stay here anymore after what just happened between us. It was bittersweet but it was a goodbye between lovers. It felt good to be back in his arms again. Then when we were done he looked to be in so much pain, I just got up and left and told him to forget it ever happened. I couldn't hurt him still after all this time but I can't live without him and stay here."

~Five Hours Ago~

He was making love to me again and I felt at peace for the first time in a long time. I started crying as I reached my climax and he fell on top of me. However, once the high of the moment was gone he started to panic.

"What am I going to do Seth? I cheated the week of my wedding. I am such a worthless piece of shit. I can't believe I hurt her."

Hearing him mention her and how he hurt her burned like acid in my heart and I made a quick decision to get out of his grasp and end my life.

"It's not your fault. It's mine but don't worry it will never happen again. I promise you that you will remain faithful from now on. I won't tempt you again."

After putting my shoes back on I walked to cliffs in a haze. Promptly walking to the highest point prepared to end my life until I felt someone grab my arm.


"Why don't you come with me?"

"Come with you?" I asked as I wiped the tears that had fallen as I relived the memory.

"Yeah, I am leaving tonight. I am going to start over fresh somewhere else. I don't know the location yet. They won't tell me because of the mind link just to be on the safe side."

"Who are they?"

"The Cullens. Matter of fact I am calling them now and they are going to get you sorted out too."

"Really? That sounds like a good plan."

"I need you to get your truck they want to sell it so they can start a money base for you in the stock market."

"Okay is that what happened to the rabbit?"

He nodded. I rose up and walked back to my house grateful that no one was home. I grabbed the keys to my house and wrote two letters: one for my family, one for my heart. I placed the letter for my family on my bed and headed out to glance around the house one more time and then left. Making a pit stop I dropped the letter for my heart in our special place and then went back to the cliffs to meet Jake.


While Seth went home to prepare for our trip, I went to the house and wrote two letters for my family and the one who broke my heart. I packed up the important things, including a picture of my mom, and then looked around the house once more and said goodbye to my own life and began the trek to my new one. Placing the letter for my family on Billy's bed hoping to give us some time to get away beforehand and the other in our meadow knowing that he won't be returning their anytime soon. Once that was done, I walked back to the cliffs and saw Seth sitting in his truck.

"Hey, you ready to go?"

"Yep, I am. I did everything I needed to. Are you ready to say goodbye?"

"Sure, sure I have been."

He pulled out of La Push for the last time and we stopped at the border and we took a moment to let it all settle in our minds and then we headed off to the Cullens. Three hours later, we were boarding the plane for our first transatlantic flight to start our new lives. I am ready for the fresh start because since we pulled out of La Push I have thought about him less and less and now I am no longer questioning if this was a good thing.

Halfway through the flight both Seth and I start getting horribly sick. Running back and forth to the bathroom to throw every five minutes not able to keep anything they give us down. It looks like we might have to call the doc when we land to give us something because clearly we don't like to fly. Eventually, we are given sleep aid to fall asleep.

~London, England~

Landing at Heathrow Airport, we work our way through all the people getting luggage and grab our bags. Once out of the airport, I call the Doc and he says he will be here in the morning to check up on us and that our cars are parked in extended parking just show our ids. Getting our cars we head to our apartment and crash hoping that tomorrow we will feel better enough to explore and find things.

"Hey I sorta miss my dad. I feel like I should have said goodbye."

"Yeah I know what you mean. I should have said goodbye to my mom. But they have our sisters and my mom has Charlie so they should be fine."

~The Next Morning~


Running every test to see what's wrong with the boys while Esme stays with them and cooks them breakfast. All the test results come back negative but two. It is time to speak with the boys. I hope they can handle the news.