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Dear whoever is reading this...,

I am glad someone is reading this... But I have read through this book. It took me awhile between activities and stuff like that I also have a story it isn't sad as Some or as funny as others. But here it is anyways.

My name is Ekate like 'skate' with an 'e' in front instead of an 's' I am a nymph a river nymph I am the creek that runs through the forest. That Percy was attacked in and Malcom loved in and many others have thought And/Or been jumped by. I am a sad little creek I think of myself as a high and mighty riv but the truth is? I am not. Some have said I am pretty, some have said I am important but I'm not. Nor ever will be. The reason why I found this journal is Malcom left it crying by my small banks. I do wonder every so often if I would find love. Maybe in the future. *shrug* The oracles spirit came by today... I believe that's it... Yes, spirit. She liked to wander around sometimes of course she can't go to the underworld but she can try! She told me today that very soon I would becpie fatally ill and only one possible thing could save me. I asked her how I would become ill because we have the Golden Fleece now and nothing in nature gets ill! She left then floated away. I don't know what to say to that. I thought I might write it down to help me clear my thoughts! Alas that seems to great a task. I do not really like people. Not really much at all. Every ten years or so I'll go and talk to some campers but fish are my friends Se of them anyway. Others are just Rude! Here comes the child of the sea. I've seen him many times, he doesn't seem to like me much... I don't mind this camper as much as some. Today he is here alone. Maybe I shall talk to him. He leans down close to the river, so close his messy dark bangs touch the water! I have become the current now. He can't see me. He lifts off his shirt. And sets it aside, he leaves on his pants. He seems hot and and VERY sweaty. Darn. I hate it when people come to cool off here. I guess it's more private. He steps in his muscles tightening then relaxing at first I assume from the cold then I realized the child of the sea feels the power of my creek. It does not have much. Not much at all. But he makes me feel strong. I take my power back from him also feeling slightly drained by this camper. He looks down confused. He is about 5 foot 7. So not tall and not short. He sits down in my creek slightly staunching the flow. Which I don't appreciate in the slightest. I pull myself together and lift my head above the water just high enough so he can see the top of my head and my curious eyes. He looks startled. He stammers 'I didn't, I didn't know there was anyone else here!' There isn't I reply He tilts his head in confusion. I sink back into the current. 'Hey! Wait!' He yells as if I can't hear! Yes I say through the water. 'I'm sorry!' That is the first apology I've ever gotten though many have been made here. For what I ask 'I don't know!' He says 'You just seemed offended or annoyed!' With that he stood up and added 'You look like a Disney character... Ariel I think.' He shrugs, gets up and leaves Without another word. I've never heard of this Ariel he speaks of so I ask the next camper who walks by. She's a little girl about 10 years old. She laughs and says Ariel is a mermaid princess with flaming red hair and big blue eyes. She owner back to her cabin and came back with a doll of this character. I guess I look a little like her! Maybe... Not really. Oh well. I guess I've bored you enough for once! Goodbye!

Ekate the Nymph