Listen to the rhythm of the shovel on the gravel, and the murmur of the spirits that you fear. Dancing in the shadows of the future, your future lies here.
Listen to the footsteps of the people who'll be dancing on your grave.

I hadn't meant to do it. I'd thought that they'd all been out of the house.
Anyone who's watched the show will know this, but otherwise, I'm a pyromaniac. I admit it, I have a problem.
But I'd been wrong. They'd all been inside. When the youngest of the family was sick, they'd cancelled the vacation. Their car was still in the garage. I'd been charged with high arson and had had to pay for their possessions, their car…
And the funeral of an 8-year-old boy.
I was charged with manslaughter.
That's how I blew the million.

I hadn't meant to do it. I just couldn't help myself. And in the process, I broke 4 hearts. Courtney's, Trent's, Gwen's and my own.
I broke it off with Gwen. I couldn't look at her without being reminded of what happened.
Of my fallout with Courtney.
I'm not saying that I miss her, but I wish I'd been fairer with her.
And what about Trent? The poor guy. He already hated me. Now he hates Gwen, too.
That broke Gwen's heart. She was twice as screwed over as the rest of us. Everyone sees her as a home wrecking whore, now.
All because of me.

I hadn't meant to do it. Okay, maybe I did.
But it wasn't because of who he was; it was because of his brilliance.
I've never been the smartest on the planet. Shocker, right?
But I was jealous. Look at me, what's one good quality?
I'm a jerk, an idiot and I don't see why girls fall for me. I'm not even that attractive. I have a freakish-shaped head, a unibrow and a constant scowl on my face.
I'm a mess. A fake.
A loser.

I hadn't meant to do it. Well, I got caught up in the moment.
Courtney had a right to look at him. It's not like I only had eyes for her, either.
I'd overreacted.
He'd just been thrown off a tour, and then I attacked him.
I can't even justify that.

And, by morning, they and their families would be dancing on my grave.

And I didn't blame them.

I stared down the barrel of my trusted gun, squeezing my eyes shut as I pulled the trigger.

A/N: …Yup. That's a fic to get ready for Christmas…
It was inspired by
A Christmas Carol, now leave me alone xD