So I saw Rise Of The Guardians the other day, and I don't care that it's a kids film, because I thought it was absolutely beautiful, from the animation to the story itself. I loved the depth of Jack Frost and just, well, how real his character was! So I decided to write something of my own about it, just to get it out of my system :P Please give it a chance, you may like it!

I could tell you so many things about me. I could tell you about my human life, from the moment I was able to remember things to the day I died. I could tell you about the day I became something else entirely; a creature with wings as beautiful and delicate as a dragonfly's, with eyes a liquid violet, my face framed with a type of black armour that covered most of my face, sparing only my eyes and mouth. I could tell you about the first time I began to fly, or I could tell about the day I lost my wings. I could tell you about how my life fell apart, or the time I was thrown into exile.

But I'll skip all of that.

Instead, I'll tell you about the time my life was changed forever. I'll tell you about how I found out my destiny and my alliance, and along with it, I'll tell you how I began to believe in myself.

I wasn't any ordinary fairy. I was everything bad and dark, everything cold and bitter, everything people feared. So this story I'm about to tell you is that of a wild roller coaster, and it all centered around five individuals; the big man North, the grumpy Bunnymund, the stunning Tooth, a child with beliefs beyond my own, and a hellion by the name of Jack Frost.

I watched them fighting above my head, going for one another's throats, flinging every bit of dark magic they could muster. I simply rolled my eyes, effectively dodging their attacks when they went amiss. They were young and bored, so I couldn't really say anything; we were all bored. Living in exile wasn't exactly luxurious. It was dark here, with little life beyond ourselves, and we weren't technically alive. It was the place of everything negative, place where you would never see an innocent stray because of the risk of never returning to the realm of safety.

The children suddenly had the attentions caught, for their mother was called them from the distance. Brother and sister. I wasn't sure what kind of creatures they were, for they weren't anything in the fairy category; they had no wings but could still fly. Perhaps they were controllers of the elements, for the girl could make fireballs. I think the boy could do something with water, but I wasn't sure. Either way, they weren't like me. I watched them shoot through the sky, still in disagreement as they raced for a figure in the distance.

I puffed out a sigh. Oh how I wished I could fly. Instead I was stuck down on the ground, unable to defy gravity and instead kicking up the black dirt with my toes. Now that the children had gone to do whatever it was they had to do, I strolled away with my undying envy. I watched the skirts of my dress turn an emerald colour, reflecting my emotion. Disgusted, I pushed my envy aside, thinking of nothing but darkness and I watched the skirt morph back to a murky grey. That's better.

I was at a disadvantage here. With the power of showing my emotions, I could easily give myself away. That was dangerous here, for every being here was dangerous, especially when you were alone. I was already a target for being small and flightless, so showing any other form of weakness was practically suicide.

"Hey, Faye! You're getting sloppy with your emotions!" I smiled slightly. That was the voice of Mia, my fellow fairy friend who was more in touch with her own emotions. I watched as she planted her feet on the ground with a grace I too was capable of, but limited in doing so. She tried not to fly around me for she knew what it did to me, but sometimes that tiny glance was enough to send a pang through my still heart.

She was a vibrant red today. The layers of her dress shone different shades of red, glimmering despite the gloominess of the world we were surrounded by. I saw my reflection in her protective covering around her face, and what I saw was a wingless creature with ridiculous black armour. Although, it had saved me once or twice, I'd give it that. Mia's stunning blue eyes met mine, and it always amazed me how she could be so happy when we lived in a world such as this one, especially when I was the reason she was here.

She smiled widely as she approached, poking me in the chest. "You seriously need to let go, Faye. Can't pretend to be emotionless forever."

"I can if it means keeping me out of trouble." I informed her, watching as she fell into step with me.

"It's all about confidence. I've told you a million times! The people here will target you for you size and lack of flying, but if you were confident, they'd back off." she told me, punching my arm.

"Easy for you to say."

"I suppose it is. Well, I need to save you butt since I missed the last few times you got into trouble."

"You don't owe me anything, Mia." I murmured, meeting her gaze. She simply smiled, hooking her elbow around my neck and guiding me along.

"We've been attached to the hip for nearly a century, I wasn't going to abandon you before this, and I'm not going to abandon you now. So suck it up." I smiled, leaning into her embrace and her kind words. Her kindness was something I treasured immensely, for it was the only kind of compassion I got around here. I sighed, causing her to look at me.

My feet were hurting. After getting gnawed at all day every day on the hard, gritty ground, it sometimes became too much. I looked back at Mia with a glint in my eyes. "Can you go for a ride? I'm sick of this gritty ground; I don't think my feet can take any more!"

"I thought you'd never ask!" she beamed, and her arm snaked around my waist. Her wings began to buzz with life, and in just a few moments, we were souring through the air. For a moment I was content, just feeling the normally still air blast into my face. I let the sound of Mia's wings fill my ears, and as I closed my eyes, I pretended that the sound of those wings were the sound of my own. For a moment, I felt alive once again.

Jack Frost drifted through the window to North's workshop, where he found his fellow guardians already waiting. He grinned at their disapproving looks, for arms were folded and feet were tapping with impatience. He met North's wondrous gaze, shrugging his shoulders with an almost lazy gesture.

"What can I say, I pull off being fashionably late." he said, smirking at Bunnymund's eye rolling.

"G'day mate, glad you could finally join us." the oversized rabbit said. Jack went to stand beside him.

"You miss me, you oversized fur ball?" he snickered.

"Not now, you two. We have business to take care of." North's heavy accent broke in, and it was absent of his normal jolly tune. Jack's face instantly fell serious, for North was never serious unless he had some be. Something was wrong, something that involved the safety of the children. Something that involved Jamie. That thought alone was enough to get him focused for he took his job seriously when it came to that human boy. Ever since Jamie was able to see Jack, the guardian made it his own personal job to watch over him and take care of him during his rounds in the winter. Jamie was a very clumsy boy, and just last winter Jack had to intervene in Jamie's life. The worse was when he fell onto thin ice during a day of sledging, and it was almost a mirrored event of what had happened to Jack's sister. Jack had only just been able to reach Jamie before the ice had caved in under his feet.

The teenage spirit shook the memory away. "What's going on?"

"It isn't just the children that are in danger this time, guardians." North said in a somber tone.

"Is Pitch back? That can't be possible, can it?" Tooth said, hovering around North's globe, trying to spot anything out of the norm. All the believers of the children still shone a promising gold.

"No, not Pitch. Rebels."

"Rebels?" Bunnymund asked, frowning.

"The outsiders. Fairies, goblins, merpeople, the lot. They grow stronger, and the barriers of the underworld are growing weak. It won't be long before they break free and harm all the humans of the world."

"What? No, there has to be something we can do!" Jack shouted, instantly panicked. The others were tense around him; Bunnymund was chewing at his nails, Tooth kept weaving her fingers through the feathers on her head, and Sandy simply covered his face with worry. No, no, no, there had to be a way to stop them. There had to be! If something were to happen to Jamie-

"I spoke to the Man in the Moon." North said.

"And?" the guardians said in unison.

"We need a new recruit."

"Another bloody guardian? Are you kidding me, mate? Surely five is enough!" Bunnymund burst out. Jack looked at him, as did the others, as for some reason he hadn't heard the inner meaning to North's words. Another guardian, but not one like themselves. They needed someone strong, someone capable, someone dangerous. Jack turned his icy gaze back to the tall, bearded man before them, gritting his teeth with disapproval. The old man met the boy's gaze, and gave the slight bob of his head.

"No." was all Jack said.

"We have to listen to what the Moon tells us, Jack." North said.

"I don't care. No!"

"Am I missing something here?" Bunnymund demanded hotly.

North led the four to the circle that was in line with the moon. What the others had missed was the ice sculpture, a piece of shimmering ice that held the being of their new guardian. Jack stood in front of it, gazing at it as he tried to put a name to a face. It was a fairy, a girl with wings very similar to Tooth's, but she had a more human side to her. Her face was shielded with black armour, a sign of her darkness, a sign of poison. She floated before them with a look of despair, and just looking at her was enough to tell that she was going to bring nothing but trouble, even more so than what Jack had done.

"I think the Moon has lost his marbles." Bunnymund said quietly.

"Oh dear." Tooth whispered, who was patting a very worried looking Sandy on the shoulder.

"Please, North, see sense!" Jack exploded. "She's dangerous! She'll betray us if we get her out! She'll hurt people, she'll hurt Jam-"

"Jack, Jack, not doing anything will also bring Jamie harm. We have to try something, and if this is what the Moon thinks we should do, then we do it." Tooth soothed, flying towards him and grasping the boys shoulder's like a mother would to her child. Jack met her gaze with anguish, but he knew she was right.

"Fine. But on one condition." he said, looking past Tooth and at North. "I want to be the one to bring her here."

"Sounds good. But I think you should take Bunny, too." North said.

"Oh, for crying out loud!"

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