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3 Months Later

The night sky was full of children's dreams. Literally. Golden sand vines broke through the darkness, just like they did every night. They travelled to the windows of children's bedrooms and settled above their head, planting a pleasant dream in their minds. Some dreamt of ponies, others of becoming a superhero. But these vines also brought enjoyment from beings who were awake, furthermore, people like Jack Frost.

He zipped through the air, riding the wind. He gave Sandy a brief greeting, circling him and dodge a gold ball of dust being lobbed playfully in his direction. He laughed at the mute guardian and then dived, racing the vines which turned into a pack of wolves bolting through the sky. Jack tried to race against them as fast as he could, but he was no match compared to Sandy. The pair always played this game, as it was a pass time for Jack and a way of giving Sandy something fresh to do other than deliver dreams. Of course, he loved doing both.

The thing was, Jack lacked a small amount of his enthusiasm. It had been three months since he watched Faye take to the skies, flying into the light of the rising sun and vanishing from sight. He'd heard nothing from her, only the occasional emotion she felt here and there. He, along with the others, relished these moments. They missed her dearly. To have her embed herself so firmly under their skins only to vanish was a bit of a hard hitting shock, especially when the others hadn't gotten to say goodbye.

Jamie and Sophie took the hardest hit. Sophie asked for her guardian every day, and even searched for her through the bond. One time, two weeks after her departure, she'd burst out "England!", and continued to say it all day long. Jamie often became overcome with her emotions; sometimes he got angry, sometimes he got annoyingly happy. When Jack spoke to him of this, he merely said he couldn't help it, and that when he felt her he clung to her with all his might.

Jack perched himself on the roof of a house in Burgess, looking up at the stars, and then looking at the moon as the wolves vanished into the night.

"Where is she?" he asked. He got no response from him, but he hadn't expected one. Manny never spoke out unless it was absolutely needed. Obviously, Faye was in no danger and had a right to do as she pleased, and if she wanted to spend months away at a time then so be it. Jack did it here and there, during the summer months. He had no place in Burgess during summer, and he couldn't forever cover the town in snow. Even Jamie longed for some sunshine at times. But during his absence, he just caused through elsewhere and interacted with other children who believed in him. He was never gone for months at a time, always coming to visit Jamie at least every three weeks during the summer. This was mostly because something terrified Jack, and that was the thought of the boy not believing in him anymore. He couldn't stand that thought, and always came back just to make sure he remembered. Of course, he never let Jamie know this. It took two to tango when faith was involved.

He wondered how much longer she would stay away for. What if she never came back? She was a solitary creature, after all, or at the very least liked to be with her own kind. Jack would never be her own kind, bound or not. She would always slip through his fingers due to the natural instinct she possessed, and even ice wouldn't keep her frozen in place. Of course he was selfish to wish he could, but she had a hold on him. Whether she knew that or not was beyond him, but it certainly wasn't a grasp caused by the bond. It was more than that. Far more.

Something caught his eye in the sky. The golden lights were glowing richer than ever, but here and there a small portion would black out. He squinted, curious. In a matter of seconds, the lights seemed like they were flashing, almost like Christmas lights. He looked up at Sandy, who was laughing to himself as he watched what was going on. Jack's feet left the tiles of the roof, the wind slowly taking him into the air as his curiosity grew. And then, along with the gold, colours dotted here and there, blinking and changing in the blink of an eye.

He broke out into a huge grin, and took off up towards the lights.

Dotty was a flash of green beyond the gold, swooping and soaring with a smile brighter than the sun. Lou was bright yellow, blending with the gold but also standing out in her own way. And me? Well, I was the colour red, blood red and bright with passion and excitement. I weaved between my two companions, swinging from their hands in fluid motions as we raced with Sandy's energy. Sandy sent a wave of sand hurtling my way, and I broke through it with speed that was beyond my normal flying capacity, and the sand sprinkled over the world down below. I was overcome with joy, after three months of researching, exploring and embracing, I was finally back to where I started.


The golden vines began to weave between houses, and I left my friends to race against it. I was faster, more agile, and I could feel Sandy's determination to not let me beat him. I grinned, looping around laundry lines in back gardens and swinging from lamp posts, effortlessly keeping up with the dream lights. My wings were stronger than ever, propelling me forward and working so fast that they were practically invisible, only a faint buzz in my ears.

Finally, I was thrust into fresh air. Sandy gave up, collapsing his energy. I laughed and rose up, spreading my arms apart and simply gliding with the wind. Dotty zoomed past me, grasping my hand as she did and spun me around. Lou joined us, grasping us in a hug. We laughed among ourselves, holding hands and forming a small circle.

"So this is home, huh?" Lou said, looking around.

"Yep." I said.

"It's beautiful." Dotty murmured. "Now I know what Mia had meant."

We went quiet for a moment. When I left, the first thing I had done was to go in search of Dotty and Lou. I found them in Australia messing around with the wildlife there and bonding with them all the while. How I came to find them was a mystery to me. I believe that the Moon helped guide me, but I mostly followed my gut feeling. They loved hot climates. So when I found them, they welcomed me with open arms. The same night we grieved quietly for Mia, as she had also been their close friend as well as mine. We had simply sat on the sandy ground, joined by our hands, and closed our eyes in remembrance.

They had later told me about her act of bravery. The Moon had told her where to find them, and at the time they had been twenty miles away from Burgess, up north. She'd trekked for days, through harsh weather and without food, and when she'd reached them she was more of a corpse than a wingless fairy. She'd told them about the situation, and at first the two had declined, acting out of cowardice. But then she told them the same speech I had and that we needed to be stronger. Once convinced, Dotty carried her as they soared the skies searching for the others. And finally, once the task was complete, the Moon granted her wings back. After that, Dotty and Lou told me about her human life, something she never spoke of herself.

Mia had been a British girl as a human. She'd lost the accent over the centuries, but she had come from a high class family, the Cotton's family. She died in the Victorian Era, aged just sixteen. She'd grown sick with an unknown disease, and although she suffered for weeks on end, she passed on soundly in her sleep. I visited her grave east of London, lonely and un-kept. Her stone was scratched and worn, leaves burying it from sight. The least I could do was clear it, and I grew some flowers for her. Poppies, to be exact. Beyond her grave had been a great oak tree standing proudly. At the time, I'd been clutching on the globe, unsure of what to do with it. I had nowhere to put it, and I wouldn't be using it for a while. I wanted to stay in the human world, permanently. So I dug a hole at the base of that tree and buried it there, wanting to keep it close to Mia who I would visit for the rest of eternity. It was the only place that seemed logical to put it, somewhere meaningful.

I went home after that, on the outskirts of Virginia. My hometown was still standing, and there was a monument in memory of the fire one hundred years before. Names of the many that had died were engraved on it, naming every soul that had perished including myself. However, when I went to the graveyard in which the said names were matches to a grave, mine and Arthur's were a difficulty to find. But I eventually did, but the only thing is that our bodies were never recovered. We'd fallen from the bridge, crashed down boulders that had shattered our bones, and then ended up in the water. We would have been washed out to sea. Our grave stones were side by side, but the only difference was is that Arthur still had visitors come to his. Fresh flowers rested before his stone, where as mine was bland and forgotten. Of course, Arthur's family would have been carried down by his sister, who rested not far from him.

I left content, glad to know that he was still remembered.

After that, I just explored the world, and then I ended up back here. Dotty and Lou had insisted on accompanying me, saying that they were looking for somewhere else to locate, anyway. After all, they were still looking for their purposes.

"Faye?" called a voice. Dotty and Lou were gone in an instant, and below, Jack looked up at me with wondrous eyes. I grinned, a fresh wave of joy overcoming me, and he bolted towards me. His embrace was next to unbearable, but I rejoiced all the same and clung to him. I came home for a reason. As much as I needed to be free, I also needed to be with my family. The guardians were my form of family now, and I had missed them throughout my absence. So seeing him, here with me, I couldn't hold back and clung to him tightly, pressing my head to his.

Something in me stirred. A question, bouncing from Jamie's bond. It electrified me as it quickly turned to disbelief and then excitement, and soon Sophie was to follow. I looked and Jack and he looked at me, and we grinned at the same time. I sent an image of the children's roof to their minds, the message clear. Taking Jack's hand, we flew in that exact direction.

"Where's the globe?" Jack asked as we flew hand in hand. I smiled.

"Somewhere safe." I said.

When we swooped towards Jamie's house, the window on the roof began to push up and open. Jamie climbed out, Sophie on his back. It was late, and his mother would have been sleeping no doubt. I choked with happiness upon seeing them, having missed them with every fibre of my being. So I rose, planning to come up behind them as I let go of Jack's hand. I zoned in on Sophie, who was screaming my name, and then swooped her into my arms and pressing her back to my front. Jack did the same with Jamie, and together we took to the skies with our purposes in living. Sandy challenged us again, and we raced with them through the night while the children cheered with glee. Within me, happiness sparked from the others who were not present, and I could feel them stop what they were doing just to acknowledge my return.

Lou and Dotty came on either side of us, and we flew to the stars.

My name is Faye Cameron, and I'm a fairy. I'm not your fairy from the stories you've read, or the little pixies that couldn't hurt a fly. I'm more than that. I'm a guardian. And if you ever feel like you want to give up hope on everything, and have lost sight of who you are, remember something. If you feel a burst of hope in your chest, stop and wonder, and maybe, just maybe, you'll see a flash of colour from the corner of your eye. If you see that, that is all you will ever need.

You are never alone.

That's it! Faye's story's over *cries*! I want to say thank you all so so much for the support, this is the second most successful story I've done! Also, many of you have asked about a sequel, but to be honest, I think Faye's story is over for now as she has nothing left to tell. I've left the Faye/Jack up to your imaginations, since the majority was against the couple. I hope you all enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Until next time, adios!